Where can I purchase Xoticy thigh high socks?

The Thigh High Socks will be available once the Xoticy Boutique store reopens.

Does 70+ wise woman participant in your Services?

Yes, women of all ages from 18+ come to jam, as long as She's able to hold her own weight, follow directions and apply corrections.

Do you have a certification program to where instructors teach your sequences and or Style of dance?

No! Xoticy does not have a certification program & has Never had a certification Program where anyone was able to teach & or host any classes or anything using Xoticy likeness and or My (Ms. Monica Wilson) Artistry.

The Xoticy® Brand Is Hosted By Different Motions Performance Studios®



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Xoticy®  is Taught for personal use only.

Teaching, Studying, Showing, Taking Credit of Xoticy®, Receiving Profit for Martial, Sequences (known as the choreography) & or Mimicking Xoticy® likeness is prohibited for use outside of the teaching of Ms. Monica Wilson.

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