Many People have been Deceived By Many Liars, Who are just Thief's, Who are Satan's Children, Who are Frauds. In this Case, the list of people listed below are People who Seeks Attention & Will/Has done ANYTHING to be apart of Satan's "Fame" The people listed below have Studied, Copied, Used, Performed, lied about & is Claiming what they have showcased to the Whole Land, is of theirs, When The Style of dance, Image, Stylized Sequences (Choreography) Brand Purpose, Mention Statement, Concept & Techniques are ALL Likeness of Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy Brand... As the people listed below, ALL have showcased that they are a Copy & Paste of Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy Brand who have lied to the whole Land. The Dance Studios listed below are responsible for allowing These Frauds/liars to host a dance class at their dance studio & or location to continue to lie to the whole land while profiting off of the lies & liars who are providing Stolen Goods.  So because We are given a Commandment by The Most High/Lord/Father to Expose the Wicked doers of Darkness... This list of people below is Exposing the wicked people of Darkness by their faces & Names, So that Those who are being lead, by these Frauds, who follow these Frauds/liars will get out of these Frauds Lies & Jump into the Truth to help themselves be led in the Correct direction to save themselves, from being Destroyed by The Most High/Lord's Wrath, that is for ALL Wicked Doers, Liars & Sinners, who are all Children of Satan.


Ephesians 5:11 "Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather Expose them."

Each & Every Fraud listed below are all dancing & or have a "Brand" that is just a wannabe copy of

Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy Brand. That is why Each & Everyone person listed below All look as if they are ALL doing the same style of dance. Many of them are, dressed in the same ways as Ms. Monica Wilson, That showcases that each & Everyone one of these "Instructors"  listed & or team have studied

Ms. Monica Wilson Styles & The Xoticy Brand Concept from Her posted Videos & or From participating in

Ms. Monica Wilson & Xoticy Brand Services, she host & Teach for personal use only. And or by watching

Ms. Monica Wilson in public.  Ms. Monica Wilson Brand Foundation of the use of Purple Lights, Stylized Floor techniques,  Thigh High Socks usage Concept, Brand & purpose Mention Statement, Ms. Monica Wilson Stylized Sequences, How she dance & Showcase the lyrics from the music & highlights the beats to the music in Her Stylized kind of ways, The Xoticy Brand Image, Students standing behind Ms. Monica Wilson as she showcase the Sequences on Xoticy videos, How Xoticy Services are Filmed, Operated, How Ms. Monica Wilson teaches, The Xoticy Tour, Ms. Monica Wilson Training Curses, Marketing & ETC. Ms. Monica Wilson has posted & showcased Each & Every foundation of herself, Her Services & the Xoticy Brand from the years of 2004 & beyond... before ANY of these Frauds listed below started to Mimic Ms. Monica Wilson & Take Credit, Profit & Teaching Stolen Goods that the Frauds listed below have studied, Copied & Stole from The Xoticy Brand & Ms. Monica Wilson. As these Frauds are telling on themselves Thru their actions. That is why Each & Every person listed below will be Destroyed by The Most High/Lord Wrath to their Death to Perish & a few will be placed to be the Last. For lying, Stealing, Trying to Destroy Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy Brand Purpose, Trying to Kill Ms. Monica Wilson Sequences by doing & teaching Her Sequences Incorrectly. & Trying to Destroy her Characteristics by lying on her and paint false pictures of her actions that were all done by a wicked person who lied and said Ms. Monica Wilson did what she did not do.. Now that you (the reader) know the Truth, & if you still follow these liars, who are listed below, You will be Destroyed & perish along with Each & Every Liar listed below & those Frauds who haven't made the list as of yet. These Frauds Listed below are the Blind, Who have led the blind to the incorrect direction that is to their destruction by Following The Frauds listed below who are Satan's Children.  

Matthew 15:14 they are blind guides. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit."

Babylon (that means All Liars & lies) is Falling & will be No More .So, Reader, Remove Yourself from These Wicked/Lying People who are full of Darkness, there is NO TRUTH within them. These Frauds have been Deceived by the Spirit of the Beast. That turned them ALL into Liars and Counterfeits of Myself & The Xoticy Brand. Just as their father Satan, who is A Liar & A Counterfeit of The Most High/Lord/Father.

These Liars have lied To the Whole Land & have Led Many people Astray into Darkness....

So, Remove yourself before it's too late. Share this Truth with Everyone so that others will get out of these Wicked people lies.... Repent to The Most High/Lord/Father for All Your sins if you don't want Any parts in The Most High/Lord's/Father Wrath.  


You are applicated  & You're Welcome.

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