Looking for a Stylized Unique & one of a kind performance for your live shows? Well, you've came to correct place. Ms. Monica Wilson Stylized Sequences are created & personalized for the selected songs. While The Jammers provides a life-changing Xperience for your audience to view as they Jam & provide Greatness for all to

want to get up & Jam to your Music. 



follow tHE requirements below 

Based Location is Detroit, Mi

The Jammers are Passionate, Gifted & Talented Performers who are hand selected by

Ms. Monica Wilson, To provide your audience with a unique Performance. The Artist must be ready to Rehearse with The Jammers during a 6 day, 8-10 hour rehearsal per song. To Hire The Jammers For 5-9 songs, be prepared for Three months of Prepping. 

Once all requirements are met, An Audition for Jammers will take place for the upcoming Hire. Once the Jammers are selected the Rehearsals will start. Allowed a 4 week head start for room to

host an audition. 

The Jammers fees will be provided once your knowledge have been received. if the knowledge match The Jammers requirements and or is close to matching, An Agreement will be created

to move forward. 


Ms. Monica Wilson is in full control of her Performers Selecting, Sequences Provided &

Costumes Selections. 





To Hire The Jammers, The interested Client must be able to hire for a full 2 hour show or more, of at least 5 -9 songs or more with at least 8 Jammers, performing 100 shows & or more. The interested Hire must agree & provide the Requirements on Hiring The Jammers & Ms. Monica Wilson Sequences.


The Jammers Rider, Customs, Per Diem, Lodging, Transportation & other is included separately from the Rehearsals, Sequences, Teaching & Performance fees.

In The Hands Of

Ms. Monica Wilson

Working with Ms. Monica Wilson is a life-Changing Xperience right into a New Level of Greatness and pushing oneself past their comfort, to provide more Greatness & Goodness to the Land. While sharing The Talents & Passion one has from within.

Be Prepared to be Challenged in a

Ms. Monica Wilson Stylized Kind Of Ways.

So Get Mentally Ready To Jam.





Fair Policy

Ms. Monica Wilson does NOT go by the

"it's all about who you know" & "Who worked with who" systems.  She goes by, who can provide the Skills, Talent & Passion needed to Perform Her Stylized Sequences. Ms. Monica Wilson does not apply favors & or Hook ups nor does she do cliques. If the Artist is a Performer as in Jammin', Then The Artist will be Challenged into reaching a New level of Performing with The Jammers, to provide a Performance that is a

Stamp on the Lands Memory. 







Ms. Monica Wilson operates in the ways of

The Most High/Lord/Father that is Far, that Provides Peace & is All about helping others reach New Levels of their Greatness.

So, Welcome to the Lane of Ms. Monica Wilson. 

If you're Ready to Jam, Then Let's Get Us Some!









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