It's A Pleasure That You Are Interested in becoming apart of The Xoticy Family. Where Born & Living Women come reach New Levels of Greatness Together, in Xoticy Stylized 1 Of A Kind, Stylized Kind Of ways. Where we as the Xoticy Family Grow together. 


To Become a Xoticy Family Member, You must be a Honest, Positive, Truthful, Loyal & Respectful Born & living Woman who can stand on Your own two feet and use Your own brain to think for Yourself and make Your own choices, without the need of the influence of someone else & or Trying To Please Anyone Else. 


The Xoticy Brand does Not tolerate any Wickedness, Cliques, Groups, Lies & or Liars. We are a Family that grows together in a Peaceful, Joyful & Happy Matter. To become apart of The Xoticy Family, You must be a Xoticy Participant. A Xoticy Family Member supports The Xoticy Brand & Support each other in a respectful non business matter. 

The Xoticy Family is not Apart of Any Talent Agencies, Dance Industries, Communities & or Affiliated with anyone else. The Xoticy Family Stands & Operate in it's own Lane that is separated from The Wickedness & Wicked doers. 


The Xoticy Family Rules are as follows.

  1. Only Worship The Most High/Lord/father/Higher Source

  2. Follow The Most High/Lord/Father/Higher Source Laws & Commandments

  3. Respect oneself and others

  4. Be honest & truthful at all times

  5. No Wickedness of any kind

  6. Support & Respect The Xoticy Brand & Ms. Monica Wilson

  7. Follow The Xoticy Brand Participant Guidelines, Terms - Agreements

  8. Share The Xoticy Brand Love with others who are looking to reach new levels of their greatness 

  9. Participant in Xoticy Services

  10. Can Not support any other Brands & or classes who have copied the Likeness of the Xoticy Brand in any way. 

  11. No Fakeness Of Any Kind nor any two faced behavior

  12. No Gossiping 

What The Xoticy Brand Family Offer

1. 1 Of A Kind Stylized Services & Sequences

2. The Jammers Auditions

3. Career Opportunities

4. Live Performances From The Jammers 

5. Invite Only Events

6. Seminars 

7. Perks

8. Physical, Spiritual & Mental Knowledge For Growth

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Created by The Most High, Our Lord, Our Creator in Heaven.
Services & Sequences are provided & Taught by Ms. Monica Wilson.
Music Sold Separately. 

Xoticy®  is Taught for personal use only. Teaching, Studying, Showing, Taking Credit of Xoticy®, Receiving Profit for Martial, Sequences (known as the choreography) & or Mimicking Xoticy® likeness is prohibited for use.