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Xoticy®  Liberation Lounge Membership Knowledge  
An Xoticy
® Liberation Lounge Member is an Honest, Truthful, Respectful & Kind Person who is true to oneself & to All. Who is Confident enough to use Her or His own brain to think for Her or his self.  Who Respects & follow the Terms-Agreements of The Xoticy® Brand.  Who Publicly supports The Xoticy® Brand, Who is able to carry Love & share Love with others. Who is Not judgmental & or hateful toward themselves & or others,

Who is Brave enough to call out wickedness.

Xoticy® Material
Xoticy® Services & or Posted Material is for personal use only. Social Media Post can be posted with the mention of Xoticy® & or Xoticy.com And can Not be used for Profit, Credit, Show & or Studying usage outside of personal usage.

The Xoticy® Brand Community
The Xoticy® Community is a place where Members can post their Xoticy® related Pictures & videos on their Xoticy® profile for other Xoticy® Members to interact with one another from all over the Land. There is no soliciting any business, brands, people, products, & or reaching out to other Xoticy® Members outside of The Xoticy® Community for personal use. The Xoticy® community is NOT for stealing Members for Personal Gain. If you can not respect the terms of the Xoticy® community, have the respect to removing yourself far away from The Xoticy® Brand. We do not tolerate liars, Theifs, Copycats, Gasligeters, Fake Personalities, Manipulation,

Any kind of Evil & or Wickedness.

The Xoticy® Brand Perks 
The Xoticy® Brand Perks are for Register Xoticy® Liberation Lounge Members Only.

Xoticy® Perks are assigned to One person, per Registered Account.

Xoticy® Invite Only
The Xoticy® Brand Invite-only Events are for The Xoticy® Liberation Lounge Member

and one guest who fits the requirements of the Invite. 

Xoticy® Knowledge Blog 
The Xoticy® Knowledge Blog is Knowledge provided by Ms. Monica Wilson that gives a different perspective of the Truth for the growth of the Reader.

Tools For Your Growth  
A List of People is provided who are NOT qualified to teach a dance class on the Land. By taking the list of people dance class will stunt your growth of growing in any Xoticy® Service with

Ms. Monica Wilson. The list of names is to protect you from being taught incorrect techniques by self-taught, Who worked for who,  Friend of friends, Copy & Paste, Who know who, Thief's & none talented People who call themselves instructors because they thought that could do

Ms. Monica Wilson too, cause they thought that they can dance like Ms. Monica Wilson & Thought that they could provide what Father/The Most High/Lord Has craeted Ms. Monica Wilson, Who Can't & have prove that they can't. If you are a participant of Any of the listed names of people who have stolen from Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy® Brand, then you need to remove yourself from the Xoticy® Brand all together, because you will only cause yourself confusion... And confusion is Not what Xoticy® is about & or provide.

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