TAUGHT BY INNOVATOR& Instructor Ms. Monica Wilson

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Created by The Most High, Our Lord, Our Creator in Heaven.
Services & Sequences are provided & Taught by Ms. Monica Wilson.

Music Sold Separately. 

Xoticy®  is Taught for personal use only. Teaching, Studying, Showing, Taking Credit of Xoticy®, Receiving Profit for Martial, Sequences (known as the choreography) & or Mimicking Xoticy® likeness is prohibited for use.


Where Humans

Come To Gain, In A Stylized, Rhythmic Kind Of Ways.



Ms. Monica Wilson

provides others a choice on reaching New levels of their Greatness, in Her stylized kind of ways, She titles Jammin' that She's Created To Share.

Ms. Monica Wilson was born & raised in the City & State of Detroit, Mi. She's a Single Woman, who's on this Land to showcase The Most High Glory through Ms. Monica Wilson Trail & Tribulations with many of the wicked ones among us on this land. The Most High has showcased their actions in the physical form as Ms. Monica Wilson testimonials. Ms. Monica Wilson is A Mother of two Born Males, who are living as Males who are as talented as The Most High created

Ms. Monica Wilson to be. 

Ms. Monica Wilson wasn't the child who wanted to take dance classes, Her parents put her in dance classes at the age of three years wise, due to Ms. Monica Wilson does Not, nor want to stand still when she feels a good Jam, or have creative moments.

Ms. Monica Wilson dance class training started in the year of 1982, where she has learned different dance genres such as Tap, Ballet, Modern & Jazz (Hip Hop dancing wasn't around at that time) on top of Ms. Monica Wilson Jammin' in Her Unique & stylized kind of ways that has and is showcasing Her Unique Greatness, when watching Her Jam.

Ms. Monica Wilson hobbies are Cooking, Roller Skating, Being Alone,  Archery, Outdoor Activities, fellowship & feasting with others. She absolutely loves sparkle things, the color Pink & black, Her personal moments with Our Lord/Creator/Father & of course, Jammin' alone & with others.

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Exodus 20:14 CEB)

Do not commit adultery

Matthew 5:28 (CEB)

But I say to you that every man who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery in his heart.


The Performance Foundation® is for passionate & Gifted Humans, who are created on this Land by The Most High (Our Creator) to share their abilities to Jam, in a Stylized, Challenging, Unique, Uplifting, Stamp On Your Memory kind of ways, In front of a live audience, with us here at Xoticy®. Gifted & Passionate Performers are selected through Performance Ready, the Let's Get It! Heels Xpeditions & during a hosted audition by Xoticy®..


The Xoticy®   STAMP ON YOUR MEMORY Tour is a 1 day Xperience of a Stamp On Your Memory. With Xoticy®  services, such as Let's Get It! Heels Xpedition, Performance Ready Xpedition, & The Xoticy® Xpedition. Taught by

Ms. Monica Wilson for personal use only. Save Your Spot by Purchasing Your Admission today.

Limited admission is available. 


 Xoticy® Self Recharge Seminar is for Xoticy® Service, students/participants to gain some unique Xperienced gems, to showcase a choice for the inner growth of  oneself to reach new levels of ones Greatness.  Join us at an upcoming Xoticy® STAMP ON YOUR MEMORY Tour Sliding to a floor near you.

Limited Admission is available.


Xoticy®  Michigan Xpeditions is available on the available

Scheduled Sunday taught by

Ms. Monica Wilson

Limited Admission is available


All Levels
The Participant/Student who...

  • has not participated in a dance class or up to very little dance class participation of any level

  • Have two left & or right feet (a none dancer slang)

  • Can hold their own weight

  • Can Remember the taught sequence

  • Will allow themselves to step outside their comfort & into the unknown, By following Ms. Monica Wilson Instructions

  • Able to keep the focus on oneself & not comparing oneself with others.

Intermediate +

The Participant/Student who...

  • Remember the taught Sequence on their own

  • Be able to pay attention to Ms. Monica Wilson stylized details to perform those details in return

  • Able to move at the speed of Ms. Monica Wilson while allowing oneself to push past their uncomfortableness. 

  • Allow oneself to be challenged into a new level of greatness by following Ms. Monica Wilson instructions, without comparing themselves or anything to anyone.

Xoticy Xpedition

Let's Get It Heels! Xpedition

Performance Ready Xpedition

Taught By Ms. Monica Wilson

You Carry More Than You Know.

Come Take A Day For Yourself With Us,

To Gain New Levels Of Your Greatness, In Our Stylized Kind Of Ways.



Day 1 - (Sunday)

Age Group: 18+


Day 2 - (Monday)

Age Group: 30+

Day 3 - (Tuesday)

Age Group: 18+

Day 4 - (Wednesday)

Age Group:30+

Day 5 - (Thursday)

Age Group: 18+

Day 6 - (Friday)

Age Group: 30+

Limited Admission Per Xpedition
Additional Dates are added to the Scheduled Location, Once Capacity Has Been Reached.
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When Gaining & Applying The Truth, The Most High Created You To Gain & Share. Now That's Taking Steps To Reaching New Levels Of Greatness.

​Participants/Students Perspectives From Their Xoticy® Xperience