Spiritual Perspective  

In The Spiritual Realm, The Battle Is Between The Good Spirits who are The Lord Angels & The Dark Spirits who are the Spirits of evil. 


The Spirits of Good are The Angels who does the Will of The Lord by Protecting Others, so that others can reach new levels of their Greatness. The Spirits of Darkness want to be in Control. By using their evil to try and control & Rule by being a counterfeit of The Good Angels to Deceive Others of the lies that Those Evil Spirits are showcasing



The Lord/The Most High/Father/Higher Source only gave The evil spirits a little time before The Lord Spread his spirit on The Land, to be able to see the evil spirits, so that no One will be deceived by the evil spirits anymore, & The Evil Spirits will be no more because those evil spirits will be exposed and no one to deceive.


The Spiritual Battle is The Physical battle. The Spiritual Battle is Between Good & Evil.


The Lord/The Most High/Higher Source Always Wins.


The Lord & The Angels Expose The Evil * Wicked Spirits

We are in the Awakening. 

Everything That Happens In The Spiritual Realm, Happens In The Physical Realm.


Read Each Perspective To See How They Both Perspectives Connect With One Another.

Physical Perspective  

In The Physical Realm The Battle Is between The Good People who were clueless of The People who carry the Dark spirit of Darkness who are Narcissist. 

---------------------------------------The People who are of Good are doing The Will of The Lord that showcase thru their actions. To where others have and are gaining New levels of their greatness and learning & Growing, While the people who are of Evil are trying to control others, manipulate others, lying to others, Turning people against each other & causing confusion

---------------------------------------People are and Have awaken To Realize That they have been abused & Deceived by people who carry the spirits of Darkness & Evil, who are known as Narcissist. The Lord allowed these Narcissist to do evil/wicked. As shown that everything that they have done and everyone who have been abused by these Narcissist are now aware who is who. Now that The Lord's Spirit has been placed on many people, Many people are aware & are able to see that they have been deceived & abused by people who are Narcissist. Due to The Lord Spirit of Truth being Placed all over The Land, People are able to see The Narcissist because They have had experiences with them & every Narcissist actions are the same & Noticeable.  


The Physical battle Is The Spiritual battle. The Physical battle is Between Good people & Evil/Wicked people. 


Good Always Wins


The People who are of Good & The Lord's Chosen Ones, Expose The Evil/Wicked people doings for All to gain True Knowledge

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