Ms. Monica Wilson

Ms. Monica Wilson is Not your ordinary Woman. That is why she's misunderstood by many humans on this Land. Because Ms. Monica Wilson is able to view Life from the Perspective of How Father/The Most High/Lord has created Life to be for us.


Those who are not able to view life in such a way... View
Ms. Monica Wilson in ways that she is Not. When all she's doing is providing the Truth to the Land for the Land, to reach New levels of their Greatness to learn the TRUTH, and remove themselves from the lies.

Even though Ms. Monica Wilson knows how ignorant (Lack of knowledge) many humans are and won't allow themselves to gain the Truth that is shared with them.
Ms. Monica Wilson doesn't and has Not changed who she is, for the comfort of Anyone. She doesn't take anyone's choice away, She teaches others that they have a choice to make.

Personal Knowledge
Born & Raised: Detroit Mi
Relationship Status: Single
Hobbies: Roller Skating, Archery, Cooking, Exercising, Driving,
Dream Vacation: Activities, Peace, Romance, Surprises, Laughs 
Favorite Food: Sushi, Pasta, Soups, Seafood, Vegan Dishes, Salads, Pita Bread, Cake,
Favorite Music: I'm All over the Place
Favorite Fashion Style: Depending On My Mood
Favorite Flower: Exotic Flowers

Favorite Action: Helping Others Reach New Levels of their Greatness, Jammin', Performing, Sharing My Gifts & Purpose, The Xoticy Brand & Teaching Xoticy Services








Ms. Monica Wilson has been getting wrongful judge all her life. From how she dresses, to how she dances, to how she talk, to how she wears her hair & whatever else she does. It's like she's never able to just be herself when it comes to others. She has been attacked by insecure humans many times throughout her life. However, No One has been able to Stop

Ms. Monica Wilson from showcasing & Being Her Greatness. 

You see, those insurance humans are clueless of the fact that Ms. Monica Wilson is placed on this land to actually Help others to reach new levels of their greatness. But instead, those people don't feel & or know that they need help. So they continue to TRY and belittle someone who is full of Confidence and Knows what they carry to get others to feel the way that those humans do. However, because Ms. Monica Wilson carries a Gift of knowing what others carry from within, to see their Truth from their Core Root. Ms. Monica Wilson is able to brush their toxic away from  her and show those humans what she is able to see within them to be able to point out their lies & Wickedness that those humans have within themselves.  Ms. Monica Wilson is Hated by Many & Loved by Most & she Keeps on Reaching New Levels of her Greatness in her stylized kind of ways.  

Don't Allow My Booty being out Confuse You.

I Like My Booty being out in Xoticy. There is so much More that comes with Me, Than just My Booty. So, Think past my Booty Cool? Cool! 


~ Ms. Monica Wilson 


Not To Encourage Lust

In The Physical Realm

Ms. Monica Wilson is known as the Talented Performer, Instructor, Loving, Carrying, Honest & Truthful Human she is.  Who obeys Her Assignments as The Most High/Lord/father Savant. To provide the Land with the Truth & guide the Land to the correct direction to Father/The most High/Lord. No matter how Anyone views and lie on her & about her.

She has shown herself approved. 


In The Spiritual Realm

Ms. Monica Wilson is The Earthly Mother who is full of Wisdom. Who is alsoThe Queen, of The Most High/ Lord/ Father Kingdom.


My Short Story

by Ms. Monica Wilson

I was created by Father/The Most High/Lord to Jam & with many other Gifts to assist others in reaching new levels of their Greatness. My Passion is Jammin'. As a child of the age of three years wise. I would (& still do) have visuals of a full Performances. I would awaken from my rest and start Jammin before I went to school in my head. As I still do today just randomly. My Dad got tried of me jammin in front of his TV, so he guided my mother to find a dance studio for me to attend... and she did. Once in dance school, I was taught the dance genre of Tap, Ballet, Jazz & Modern. However, I still loved doing what Father/The Most High/Lord has given Me, that was different from those dance genres that I was assigned to participate in, from the age of three to nineteen years wise. After my dad died in 1997, I knew I was on my own, when it came to supporting. My mother never really liked me genuinely, only when she wanted to impress others. Those who claimed to be my friends & family were never my real friends. So, I kept myself busy to stay out of her way & everyone elses. I worked at a few places at once, while still jammin on the side. In the year of 2000. I wanted to try Topless dance. Why? Because I was told all my life that I Dance too "sexy" so I figured that my style of dance will fit well at a Topless Club. I'm not a shy woman, nor am I embarrassed by how I'm created to look, So why not. I didn't topless dance for the money & or attention. I topless danced for the release of myself. Before my dad died I wanted to move to Atlanta, GA because The Land, made it seem as if being a "professional" Dancer, either Los Angels, New York & or Atlanta.Ga was to place to go. So, I picked Atlanta, Ga. But of course, by my dad passing away and having 10 other children, That move wasn't in the books for me at that time. I was apart of a group of dancers in Detroit, MI whom I knew were out to get me & were against me. But because folks who have been around me, my whole life, who were out to get me & against me. I really thought at one time that that's just how folks are. Until Father/The Most High/Lord showed me differently, that everyone doesn't carry the same spirits. Many humans carry the spirits of the Devil/Satan and a few carry the Spirit of Father/The Most High/Lord. Once I've learned that I was surrounded by the wicked ones, who carried the spirit of the Devil/Satan, I've learned to move in different ways after getting caught up in many human's wickedness by lying to me and guided and trying to  lead me astray. Who I THOUGHT were of good, but are Not at All... I was just being set up to look wickedly due to those wicked humans and their wicked ways.


  After learning about the many lies that are told about me, the many humans who were guided to move away from me, due to the lies that were/are passed around about me, I've learned to lean on Father/The Most High/Lord for answers and safety. I thought being on a professional NBA dance team was a release to break free from the wicked ones.. when NOPE. There were more wicked ones who are full of envious and jealousy who surrounded me and pretended to like me on that team. When, they were just there to try and harm my character with lies that they have speeded around to others about me. I stay to myself most times. I don't ask anyone for anything unless I really need it and that is not much at all. However, humans like to come my way.  I'm not a stuck up human. I like to be around others who are genuine, honest, truthful, loyal, kind and Respectful. It's just that once folks show me their true colors, I depart myself and never return. I'm an open book, because of the much Lies that are passed around about me & on me from those wicked ones. I'll rather for others to know and hear the Truth  about me & of me from Me, then from someone who is full of lies & wickedness who is trying to destroy me. I've been attacked by many wicked ones, who like to paint false pictures of me to others, just for others to view me, in ways that I Am Not. I've learned that humans will rather believe lies, than actually learn the Truth. Many humans are programmed to believe that more humans who think the same way, must be telling the truth... When Nope. A Group of humans who all know the same lie and believe the same lie, are just a group of liars, spreading the same lies. And then there is Me... alone, sharing and showing the TRUTH, that it seems as if the wicked ones, has turned many humans wickedly, by those lost humans believing the lies that those groups of wicked

ones has told, spreaded and lied about.


The Dance/Music/Movie Industry. Many of those wicked ones knew who I Am, before I even met them & or even was placed in the same room as them & even before I moved to Atlanta, Ga. The interesting part is that, no one even tried to get to know me for who I Am. They just ran off with the lies that was told to them about me & then started to treat me as the lies that they believed, as if they know more about me then I know about myself. SMH That's what kept me away from those wicked ones. Once those wicked ones learned that I'm Nothing like them, That's when many of them really tried to "destroy" me & my purpose. Why? cause those wicked ones Think that I'm  better than them & then those wicked ones blamed me for their way of thinking, when I never Thought that way about myself toward anyone. I won't go into full details because I've done that already... and those details are placed on my social media accounts for all to gain. It's just that humans are so blinded from the Truth by the lies that they have believed, that they refuse to even read more than two sentences to gain the actual 

Truth that is provided for then, for their benefit.


My Goal in life was never to be famous. My goal in life was never to be Booked on gigs. My goal in life was never to be known by the Land. However, Father/The Most High/Lord plans are much different than mine. My Purpose requires me to be placed where I Am, doing what I'm doing, providing the Truth and sharing my Gifts with the Land. To be attacked by those who has attacked me... All to showcase Father/The Most High/Lord Purpose & Will, that is being done. I'm a living Testimony of Father's The Most High/Lord Will being done.  


It's interesting on how the Land will rather believe the lies and dismiss the Truth is just how Father/The Most High/Lord said the Land will be.  How the Land follows False idols, who are showcasing that they are false gods & puppets of Satan... Instead to Following and gaining from The Most High/Lord/Father Chosen Ones to the Truth for their salvation. How some fake and paid for social media numbers, Paid for verified checks and illusions and lies of Satan Puppets who are "famous people" has taken over the brain cells of Many from gaining, learning and seeing the Truth that is facing the Land, right in front of EVERYONE to be able to see the TRUTH. It's interesting how I've showcase the Truth, How I've shown side by side footage of the lies & liars of the counterfeits who have studied, copied & have stolen from me... How I've STOPPED teaching Xoticy Services for a about three years, showcasing my assignments given by Father/The Most High/Lord to the WHOLE Land to gain Truth... and how so many humans Attacked Me for doing so. Belittled Me, Discredited Me, Dismissed Me, Lied about me and painted me to be some human with a fake illness. All because I'm doing Father's Will & Sharing the Truth & Exposing the Wicked ones. So Many Humans on this Land.... have showcased themselves telling on themselves on how brainwashed many Humans are, with their belief of lies about Me. When their actions speaks value of the mental illness and lies that those wicked ones actually carry. That showcases how those humans carry the Spirit of the Devil/Satan, who are full of Darkness.... Mark 13:13 "Everyone will hate you because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved."


Father/The Most High/Lord created Xoticy for born & living women. So Many woman has come and gained and grew from within by participating in Xoticy Services & being in my presence.  And Many of those SAME DAMN Women, has turned their back on Me & the gift of Xoticy that is provided to them from Father/The Most High/Lord, due to believing the lies from those who carry the spirits of the devil/Satan who are showcasing the spirit of evil... that those women has allowed the spirit of the Devil/Satan to overcome them to do and be wickedly, right along with those who carry the spirits of the devil/Satan. Where the Whole Land is a witness to seeing the Truth that I speak that is showcased by those wicked ones I've exposed.  I'm able to see why the road is wide to those humans destruction. Because they have made a choice to dismiss the Truth and Father's/The Most High/Lord Chosen One to follow and believe those lies & liars that has blinded them from seeing and knowing the Truth to turn away. Those humans who carry The spirit of the Devil/Satan fake view of "famous"  has really turned many on top of many humans astary, Far away from their own salvation.


Even though damn near the whole Land turned away from the Truth I speak & the Gift of Xoticy that Father/The Most High/Lord has provided for the Land... I wasn't created to be a coward and have showcased that I'm No Coward, nor do I fear any wicked A$S Anything & Anyone. So, Being attacked by the wicked ones, Being lied on by so-called friends, having so-called friends stealing from me, being treated disrespectfully by relatives, Being set up by relatives by them picking at me & when I reply they used my reply to them, as me being confrontational & or full of some drama when I'm Not.  Co-workers who tried to get me fired because I apply 100% at whatever I do, Dancers/Choreographers sealing from me and blackballing me from Working with others, Envious humans trying to destroy my romantic relationships. Being vullied by Many because they don't like how I'm loved by many & so much more... None of that & or those humans is going to stop me from doing my assignments given by Father/The Most High/Lord. And it hasn't as we all can see. 

Now that all of that is showcasing itself and the TRUTH is shinning brighter than it has ever before. I'm just chillin in the spirit of The Most High/Lord/Father, Ready for the Kingdom of Truth to Open.


Thanks for reading my short story, Seek Truth, so that you won't be lead astray by those wicked ones who carry the spirit of the devil/Satan who are stealing from Me, to lie & deceive you to do & be wickedly that is guiding you to your own destruction. Cool? Cool! I'm just here doing my assignment and that is to provide You the Truth.

It's always better to get to know someone for yourself, because from my personal experiences, There are Many liars out there who are Deceivers & Blockers of Greatness who will do anything to cause misery in anyone's life, due to their wickedness. The Love of Money has showcased that humans will disrespect any damn body, Set whoever up & Spread all kinds of lies on whoever. Those humans who has made a choice to love money, who are wicked toward others... Has just shown how Evil their hearts really are. 1 Timothy 6:10 "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the

faith and pierced themselves with many griefs."


Many Humans tried to destroy me & failed to realized that I'm A Chosen One. 

So Thank you for getting to know Me on Your own.

I'm Looking forward to Jammin' with you soon, Luv. 

~ Ms. Monica Wilson


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