TAUGHT BY INNOVATOR& Instructor Ms. Monica Wilson

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Services & Sequences are provided & Taught by Ms. Monica Wilson.

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Servant of The Most High to the Land & Queen to The Most High Kingdom, Ms. Monica Wilson Carry Good Fruits. a Few are, She's loving, Respectful, She Cares, She's Loyal, Kind & Others. With a sense of humor that will fill Anyone's Soul with Joy. Queen Ms. Monica Wilson ability to assist others to reach New Levels of Their Greatness, is a Gift The Queen is created with from The Most High. In the physical form, She's a Teacher, Leader, Innovator, Mother, Instructor, Friend, Performer & a Soul who shows the Actions of Pure Love from within to Others.


The Most High created Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson to guide Humans into the Correct Direction, that is to Only to Worship & Follow The Most High. Who is our Lord, Father & Creatpor. Queen Ms. Monica Wilson is a Super Hero who has Unique Spiritual Supper Powers to Uplifted, Recharge & Speak Life into Others through the Gift of Glory from The Most High & Many, Many More. She wears Her X on Her chest with Honor of being a Servant of The Most High. Queen Ms. Monica Wilson fought many spiritual battles in the physical & Spiritual form with wicked witches, who are trying to deceive others to lead others into the incorrect direction to be destroyed to perish. By trying to fool others by using Queen Ms. Monica Wilson likesness & Purpose to do their deceiving as those Foolish & Wicked Ones has showcased their wickedness, threw their actions.


Queen Ms. Monica Wilson only can help those who want to be help & to Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson Disappointment, She has learned that Many humans are choosing to Not want to be given the correct knowledge to Not perish. However, Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson will continue to be Obedient to The Most High by doing the Assignments that are given to Servant & Queen Ms,. Monica Wilson as She continue to Jam in Her Purpose & Lane.

Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson is a Very Talented, Gifted and A Pleasure to watch, be taught by & Jam with. As well as being in Her presents. Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson is Fun, Funny, & is able to bring Music to a New Level of Greatness with Her stylized Sequences & just Jammin' as She tittles Freestyling. Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson has the Gifts to take a human who think they can't dance to jammin' in just one of her Services, due to her Purpose on this Land that Many Humans view as Earth or the World. Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson a soul many have never come in contact with & those who have, has Gained The tools to Grow into a New Level of their Greatness. If those tools were used correctly.  Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson is indeed, Unique & Loving. She's A Gift from Father/The Most High. 





Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson has interesting Testimonies on how Father, Lord, The Most High allowed Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson to see what the music/dance/movie industry is all about on this Land, to allow Her to see in the physical form onto why She is Not to be apart but to expose the wickedness & wicked ones. The Most High Created Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson Her Own Lane for Her to Lead those who's have the passion to Jam in the Correct Direction to Embrace, Jam and Share their Gifts with others, in a Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson (The Most High) Stylized & Peaceful Kind of Ways. With Artist, Singers, Dancers & Musicians who are created on this Land from The Most High selected by Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson to share their Gifts with Our Brothers & Sisters. Who are of Good. From the year 2020 Xoticy Services music selection are of Good Humans who carry Good moving forward. 


Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson has been fighting a spiritual battle, in the physical form for the Land without many knowing, up until now. Many have laughed at Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson as She's been trying to express Her Assignments for/from Father/The Most High. Her Purpose on this Land. Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson Calling Out The Witches & Providing Truth for others, for others to get out of the spells of the wicked. Even though many humans won't allow themselves to listen to Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson to gain Truth. Many Humans carry heavy  stubbornness who has lead themselves & others Astray. Many humans, has asked The Most High for a unique Gift and when Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson was presented. Those humans overlooked Her all together because, Many Took Her Uniqueness for weakness & took advantage of Her. Many weren't paying attention to The Most High but following the wickedness & wicked ones to control them, who were wicked to Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson Many Bullied Her (in secret, Never to Her Face. Why? Cause Their Cowards) Many Called Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson belittling names (over the internet) spread lies about Her. Lied to Her. Spoke negative about Her appearance (body shame) & Energy. Many Misused Her, Disrespected Her, Drug Her, Broken & Destroyed items that belong to Her. Many have Stolen from Her. Many have Took advantage of her privacy,  Many Abused Her kindness, Discredit & Copied & used/shown Her Talent & Artristry. Many has lied to/on Her. Many have Blamed HerTried to poison her, Stole from Her, Painted her to be a joke for the synthetic happiness from insecure humans who lack love, Tried to keep her from learning who she is, set her up to create false pictures & copy her, took her choice away from her, used her purpose & Brand for the seeking of their attention for their need of lust, Money, & Wordly fame. As they're deceiving others & leading others in the incorrect direction, as well as turned lost/blinded humans against Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson.  This is all researchable & The Glory Of The Most High is Showcasing itself & the Truth is revealing itself, through guilt. The Glory of The Most High, Who kept Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson safe & protected without a scratch on her. Through The Most High transforming

Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson into Her full Purpose, Her Supper Powers has been Activated. Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson knows who She is. She knows what she carries & how to use her Powers. The Greatness of All, She's able to see in ways of The Father, The Most High






The Most High Sense of Humor is showcasing itself during

Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson journey of Life into The Kingdom. The Creation of Xoticy is The Most High stamping the stamp of The X Gene of Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson for The Land To Know, Truth & who Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson is & what She carry & Her Purpose. She's been giving Warnings, Showing Proof & Providing Facts on who She is. That is The Truth of The Most High. The Truth is being revealed and The Truth of Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson Stands in The Most High Glory! Starting a war with Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson is waring & starting a battle with The Most High. Prophecy is happening as we speak in front of Everyone. Fear No Wickedness & or wicked ones, but Fear The Most High.  

Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson Purpose is to teach others on how Not to wrongfully judge. You never know who The Most High is Using to Showcase Truth & to teach to be & do Good, as Father did with Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson

A Few Prophecy of Ms. Monica Wilson

  • Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson was given the knowledge in the spirit that one of her parents was going to die. 6 months later, her dad died.

  • Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson was going out with one of Her brothers, and was stopped in the spirit to stay home. She listened to The Most High & stayed home. Her brother was murdered that night.

  • Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson is shown the Truth to each and ever human who she has come in contact with, through the spirit to know what they carry. Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson stayed longer in a few situations than she was assigned to, due to really wanting humans to reach New Levels of their Greatness. However, Many Humans Never allowed themselves to reach Any New Level by turning into wickedness, Listening to wickedness, that caused

Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson to depart from those humans. 

  • Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson was given a clear visual that each and every human who are witches, who are copying her, bullying her in private, (cause no one is doing that to her face)  picking @ her in secret/behind her back, being/has been wicked to Her, lying on her, to Her & to others about her, will All burn & perish, even the ones who know the Truth, who think The Most High doesn't see them & or know what they know, that is keeping others to go astray from keeping the Truth within. 


 The wickedness of the wicked showcases itself. So when the wicked ones who are doing wicked toward The Most High Chosen Ones, (who is in this case Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson) those humans will be destroyed & perish. You will know the knowledge to why they are no longer existing on this Land. Only, If you are one who The Most High is going to Save to be a witness.  

Servant & Queen Ms. Monica Wilson uniqueness comes from Her personal relationship with Father/The Most High. Who is A Servant on The Most High, who's created to carry The Most High Power to use on the land & The Queen of The Most High Kingdom. 

The Most High Always Have The Last Laugh.