Are Required To Follow Inorder To Participate


Shared Knowledge, Taught Sequences & Material are between The Participant & The Xoticy® Brand

and is prohibited for use outside of personal use.


To be the Born & living gender of the Required Service & or event. Who shows, and carry Goodness that is shared throughout with others. Who is True, Honest, Who Loves from within, & shares love throughout. Who carry no hate, who doesn't have negative vibes & or attitudes toward anyone. Who can respect all & allow themselves to being Lead into Greatness without Comparing, Competing & or Wrongfully passing Judgment onto others. Who has the strength to step out side of the unknown to follow direction & apply corrections, to gain new knowledge & be guided to a New Levels of Greatness.




The Xoticy® Brand & Ms. Monica Wilson Love, & Love to share Love throughout with others. The Xoticy® Brand & Ms. Monica Wilson also respect the Free Will The Most High (Our Lord) has given us All. However, because The Xoticy® Brand & Ms. Monica Wilson and affiliated Xoticy® Brands are Guided by The Most High (our Lord), The Xoticy® Brand offered services, that are for required born genders per selected Xpedition. Where The Participant live as their true selves (their born gender). Xoticy® operates & follows the laws created by The Most High (Our Lord). No Exceptions.


Lying about one's gender is a sign of being control by the spirit of Darkness.

Keep in mind, The spirit of the Darkness/Devil provides confusion & The spirit of the Devil is a liar.

Being a Transgender causes confusion & provides a lie. 


Don't Pretend To Be the Opposite Sex.... Deuteronomy 22:5 (CEV)

"Women must not pretend to be men, and men must not pretend to be women.

The Lord your God (The Most High) is disgusted with people who do that."



Xoticy® Sequences are very stylized that fit the natural movements of Ms. Monica Wilson. That she's sharing with others for personal use during The Xoticy® Brand services. Ms. Monica Wilson's Stylized sequence relates to the Mental, Physical & Spiritual consciousness of the participating Participant to embrace their voluptuous self on reaching New Levels of their Greatness.


Xoticy® sequences taught during any Xoticy®  Services can be used, to have some stylized Xoticy® kind of fun, by practicing and Jammin' by oneself, in the privacy of one's home & or to show to an

equally yoked partner for personal use only.


Xoticy® Sequences are Not to encourage lust & or for the seeking of lust for Anyone. Lusting over others or needing to be lusted over is the responsibility of oneself. Each individual should be following the commandments of The Most High (Our Lord) to control oneself from lusting over the flesh of anyone & or trying to be Lusted over from others.



​Using any of Xoticy®, Ms. Monica Wilson & or affiliated Brands Material, Concept & or likeness outside of personal use is prohibited for show, credit, use & profit. To Hire Ms. Monica Wilson for Profit, Credit, Performance, Sequences, Awards & Etc. Contact Xoticy®.


To be inspired by someone is to be Respectful to all not to copy.


Exodus 20:15 "Do not steal."

Exodus 20:17 "Do not desire to possess anything that belongs to another person not a house, a wife, a husband, a slave, an ox, a donkey, or anything" That includes Ms. Monica Wilson &

The Xoticy Brand Likeness

Heads Up!

Using the energy of watching someone live in their purpose & or sharing their Gifts, doesn't give anyone the right to study, copy & present someone else's material as their lie/credit/profit.

That's stealing with a twist.


To be inspired is to gain strength to reach one's own greatness, by being inspired by someone else reaching their own Greatness by doing & being oneself, not being a copy & a horrible paste. of someone else & or Something else.




Participating in any Xoticy® Services gives Xoticy® & Ms. Monica Wilson & affiliated Brands the right to use the participant personal image for Xoticy® promotional use. When a participant wants to share their XOmonial. The Xoticy® Service Participant XOmonial speaker is giving Xoticy®, the permission to use the speaker, image, Voice & Wordplay to share with others, as a Xoticy® XOmonial

Xoticy® XOmonial are Testimonies from Xoticy® Participated Participants Xperience.


Xoticy® Participants are respectful of themselves and of others. 


Xpedition Characteristics

Once the Xoticy® Service Xpedition starts, all conversation & pointless yelling & screaming is to be placed at a tone of zero. This will allow other participating participants to learn, gain and grow from

Ms. Monica Wilson's instructions, so the participants can reach new levels of Their greatness without being interrupted & or distracted.


Participating Participants must remove themselves when asked to leave any Xpedition in a peaceful matter, for not following directions & or for being disruptive. There will be No transferable credits, account credits or refunds given. No Exception to participants who are asked to remove themselves

from any Xoticy® Service. 


There is a moment for everything. Those moments will be given by the direction of Xoticy® Representative & or the Instructor Ms. Monica Wilson, before/during/after each Services for directions,

questions & concerns.


Giving up & stopping in the middle of any Xoticy® Xpedition for nonmedical reasons is not allowed. If participants feel the need to rest, participants must allow themselves to complete the purchased Xpedition and not give up. Participants are to ask Our Lord (The Most High) for strength & Have

Faith to continue.


If a participating participant decides to remove themselves & not return to participating in the purchased Xpedition. There will be No transferable credits, account credits or refunds given. No Exception.

Interviews are not allowed before, during, after & or between any Xoticy® Service. All none related questions can be asked by completing the contact form located here on

If participants need to use the restroom during a Xpedition, the participant must leave the xpedition quietly and return quietly. If a participant leaves the xpedition, the Participant must Not ask

Ms. Monica Wilson & or a participant to reteach the missed sequence. The participant must learn the missed sequence, on their own or wait for the repeat of the sequence from Ms. Monica Wilson.



Xoticy® registered participating participants is available to enter into the Services/Events that is the required age group of the born & living gender of the participant to participate. 


Arriving To The Purchased Xpedition

Arriving at least 10-15 mins before the required check-in Xpedition time, leaves room for parking, changing of the clothing, and time to check-in into the Xoticy® Purchased Services. No refunds, transferable credits & or Account credits will be given to purchased admission tickets for the participants who don't show up. (No Shows/latecomers). There will be No Entry into any started Xpedition.

No Exceptions


Participants must not arrive at the purchased Xoticy® Service location dressed in Xpedition attire. However, Xpedition attire must be on & ready to Jam before checking into the

purchased Xoticy® Services. 


Checking- Into a Xpedition

When checking into any Xoticy® Services, The Xoticy® Participants must have their Printed Xoticy® Admission Service Ticket, Photo registered & Active State Identification Card/Passport to present at check-in. The Active State Identification Card/Drivers Licenses/Passport, full name must match the participating Participant Full Name listed on the Xoticy® Admission Ticket. No Exceptions.


Xoticy® Service Participating Participants are responsible for Printing the Xoticy® admission ticket & Signing their Own name on each provided sign-in sheet, for the entry into any purchased Xoticy® Xpedition Services. ​Interested participating Participants must read & follow the Xoticy® Terms, Conditions, Policies, Waiver & Agreements before purchasing an Xoticy® Service admission, &

participating in any services with Xoticy® .



Purchasing any Services with Xoticy® is provided online through

Online Admission Only.




Xoticy® Participants with a purchase admission must arrive at the Purchased Xpedition location covered in streetwear. During the Xoticy® Services, Xpedition attire must fit the participant comfort (no nudity).


Oils cannot be applied on the body, five (5) hours before participating in any Xoticy® services

for the safety of the participant.


Distracting items hanging from the participant clothing & or worn in any Xoticy® Service is not allowed. 


No Outside Logo's Can Be Worn & or shown

Outside logos are not to be worn/shown that are logos outside of The Xoticy® Brand & or Xoticy® affiliated Brands for promotional usage & protection.


Xoticy® Xpedition Attire

No Bare legs or Bare feet are allowed. Socks are a MUST & shoes are Not allowed

during a Xoticy® Xpedition.


Let's Get It! Xpedition Attire

Supportive, none platform personal heels (of any color) are allowed for the safety of the student/participant. Platform Heels are not allowed.


Performance Ready Attire

Comfortable. No Nudity, Supportive Flat Shoes/Boots (Heels are not allowed)


Lap/Chair Xpedition

Comfortable Attire, No Nudity, Supportive none platform heels, flat supportive footwear,

Socks are welcome.  





Restroom and or Changing areas used by the Xoticy® participants must be cleaned after each use,

by the Xoticy® participants using the area before leaving the area.



The Xoticy® participants are allowed to bring small none odor foods for in between Xpeditions breaks. 


No gum chewing & or candy sucking is allowed during any Xoticy® Services Xpeditions. Xoticy® Participants' mouths must be empty of items, food & etc. during any Xoticy® Services,

for the participant safety.



Xoticy® Participants are Not allowed to bring any Alcohol & or Soda beverages in or surrounding the Xoticy® Service location & Xpeditions. 

Water must be in a Spill Proof Water Bottle.

Xoticy® Participants should be sober When participating in any Xoticy® Services.


Xoticy® Participating Participants Must be hydrated before & during any Xoticy® Xpeditions.



Xoticy® Rights & Request

Xoticy® Participants participating in any Xoticy® Services give Xoticy® and affiliated brands (Xoticy® Xpedition, Let's Get It! Heels Xpedition, Performance Ready Xpedition, Lap/Chair Xpedition & other approved Brands/companies with Xoticy® ) permission to use the Xoticy® Service participant image for promotional use for The Xoticy® Brand promotion, Marketing & Internet posting.


Voice/Video Recording & or Streaming of any kind from any Xoticy® participants/Guest is prohibited during any Xpedition. Without a written request & approval by Xoticy®. 



The Xoticy® Brand, Style, Image, Sequences & Purpose, is Not to be Idolized & or Worshiped. However to be Respected & used for it's personal use purpose. The Most High (our Lord) is

who is to be Worshiped ONLY.



Participating in any Xoticy® Service,

The Xoticy® Participant, as well as participating Professional Athletes, are responsible for their own cost for injuries, lost, damaged & or stolen items. Xoticy® , Ms. Monica Wilson & affiliated Brands & Representatives are Not responsible for any Lost, Damaged, Stolen items & or injuries caused before, after & or during any Xoticy® Services & or responsible for Any cost.

Participating in any Xoticy® Services is of the responsibility of the Participating participant. 


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Created by The Most High, Our Lord, Our Creator in Heaven.
Services & Sequences are provided & Taught by Ms. Monica Wilson.
Music Sold Separately. 

Xoticy®  is Taught for personal use only. Teaching, Studying, Showing, Taking Credit of Xoticy®, Receiving Profit for Martial, Sequences (known as the choreography) & or Mimicking Xoticy® likeness is prohibited for use.