1 point

  • $5.00usd

    off Transactions total

sale amount of $20.00usd & more


6 points 

  • $10.00usd

    off Transactions total amount of $30.00usd & more

9 points 

  • $15.00usd

    off Transactions total amount of $40.00usd & more

12 points + 

  • $20.00usd off Transactions total amount of $50.00usd & more

Accomplish Award Perks

Receive perks every time You, the Xoticy® Participant/Student, participate in a Xoticy® Xpedition Service, Such as... The Let's Get It! Heels Xpedition, Performance Ready Xpedition, & Xoticy® Xpedition. Once the purchased Xoticy® Service is completed, the Student/Participant will receive 1 point for each completed Xpedition.

The Accomplish Award Perks are for the use, of the participating student/participant for the completed Xpeditions.

 ~  The Accomplish Award Points can be used for the Accomplished Award Status Card for the perks per transaction Total.
Accomplish Award Perks can't be used for other interested & or returning students/participants purchases. Accomplish Award perks will be removed if the usage of the Accomplish Award Perks is being used abusively.

~ The Xoticy®  Accomplish Award policy/rules will repeat for every new student/participant. If a student/participant does not complete a Xoticy® Purchased Service, the student/participant will not gain any Accomplish Award points & or perks.


Points are subject to change in the future. 

Slide Over Perks 

As long as the student/participant is Jammin in an Xpedition earning points. Points will continue to be added to the student/participant account. Points are collected after the completed Xpedition. All points received will remain attached to the student/participant account & will continue to be applied per completed Xpedition.  

Invite-Only Events 

Active Accomplishment Award holders/Student/Participant will be invited to available Xoticy® invite-only events. Xoticy® invite-only events are for invited Xoticy® participants/students who are allowed to enter with a plus one (1) who is an equally yoked partner to come to Jam in another Unique Stylized Xoticy® Kind of way as listed on the Invite Only invitations.  

Start Collecting Points. 

Pre-register, Purchase & Complete your Xoticy® Xpedition when we slide near you.  


Accomplish Awards Policy

  • Awards are given to the participating student/participant, Not the purchaser. 

  • Discount Perks are only for the student/participant who received the Accomplished Award Points, for their accomplishments in completing their Xoticy® Xpedition Services.

  • Awards points can & will be removed if student/participants disrespects the policy of the Accomplish Award Points. 

  • Points are given once the Xoticy® Xpedition is purchased, However, points will be removed once the Xpedition is not completed. 

  •  Points are available for use up to 7 business days after the completed Xpedition.

  • For The Stamp On Your memory Tour Participation 


Making A Purchase Using Your Discount Perks.

Purchasers are only allowed to purchase Service Admission for oneself.


Discounts are available for use for transactions, starting at the required USD dollar amount, listed on each Accomplish Award description.






Receive a $40.00usd account credit for every NEW Student/Participant who apply your name, (as a referral) when pre-registering/purchasing. To receive the $40.00usd account credit. The NEW student/participant must purchase their admission ticket & complete their Xoticy® Service. Once the requirements are met, You (the Xoticy® student/participant,) whose name is applied on the
New student/participant pre-registration/purchase, will receive the owed $40.00sd account credit within 7 business days, after the NEW Xoticy
® Student/Participant completes their Xoticy® Service for The Stamp On Your Memory Tour Participation. 


New Student/Participant are humans who have never participated in Xoticy® Services before. Referral Account Credits are exclusive redeemed for Xpedition Admission Purchases Only.



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