Here's a visual for your knowledge so will no longer be deceived by these Frauds.

I want to provide a visual for you all who are Not able to see.... & who are deceived by... All these Frauds who Needed to study Me, Copy Me to teach whatever they thought they were teaching, that they Stolen from Me & The Xoticy Brand... Plus on each and every human in the dance industry.... who are against Me. Plus those who changed their whole damn appearance to look like Me & those who started to wear Xoticy look alike attire.

This video will showcase How these foolish ass frauds whos copying Me with their Knock off Xoticy Brands really are & what they THOUGHT I was going to allow them to control me, but Nope, They Failed it backed fired on their asses & they got exposed instead. These Frauds TRIED to destroy Me, they TRIED to destroy The Xoticy Brand, My Talents, My Sequences & My damn Character. But because I'm NOT Weak & or A damn weak ass Coward like they are... I Stood Up for myself, with Father/The Most High/Lord on my side, While the Whole Damn Land watched & continue to watch and allow this wickedness to continue and didn't & haven't done a damn thing about it.. As I Exposed ALL THEY Wicked ASSES & their Wicked A$S plans has Failed HARD on trying to destroy Me. All because they wicked asses... THOUGHT that a Large group of their wicked asses was going to break Me & Destroy Me & The Xoticy Brand, When Nope they Didn't, They didn't even get close to doing any of that toward Me. All they did was Deceive the complete fuk out of So Many of You on this Land with their foolish ASs lies, fake ass illusions & talentless & none creative asses...

So, press play on the video attached, so you can KNOW Why these Frauds made a choice to pick Me... out of Every damn body on this Land to try to Destroy, to copy & steal from & why when ALL they plans failed, how they Also failed at trying to fuk with Me. Who are they? Oh I listed All they Foolish Ass Names & most of their knock off Xoticy Brands for All to Gain Truth over at ...for you to know Who They Foolish asses are. It's over 500 of them as of now & STILL Counting... Plus their actions are telling on themselves in All their videos, music videos, tv shows, Tours & movies that are ALL posted after My Ass.

Now maybe you all who are deceived by these foolish ass frauds will Stop viewing Me from the lies that they have fed into your souls & the fake ass pictures that they have painted for you from Whoever. Before any of you even THINK about providing your foolish ass pointless as thoughts & or opinions on me speaking on this matter.. DON'T. Just Press play first, so that you will gain Why these wicked asses chosen Me to try to be & do, who Failed at trying to destroy Me Cool? Cool! You're Welcome for this TRUTH I Share with You



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