Are you aware that Prophecy Showcasing Itself?

Why are we (The Most High Chosen & Select Ones) are warned to Not fight against flesh and blood? Because there are a large group of people... Meaning Sea's full of people... Who are being used to do evil. The sea's full of people whose flesh has been taken over by evil spirits, to where the humans can't control the evil spirits that live within them. Why? Because these people are living in sin and are doing wickedness toward others. So they were easy bodies for those evil spirits to enter into. These people are marked for destruction.

How can these people who were tricked into getting marked for destruction get unmarked?

Well, They have to build their personal relationship with The Most High. Turn away from all sin & all wicked doers & wickedness... Surrender their life to The Most High, walk in The Most High ways by repenting & turning away from sin... and turning into the Truth and being of Truth... They need to Stop worshipping and idolizing false gods and ONLY worship The Most High who is the Lord... before it's too late.

We are not to fight against these people who carry these evil spirits. However, we are to Expose them.... We are to speak, show & provide Truth, Always. We are NOT to Fear Evil. That goes for those evil spirits that live within these people who have been taken over. We are NOT to Fear them.

How do & will you know of these people who are being used by these evil spirits? Well, by their actions. Are the people around you, who you follow and or are related to... are they of Good... as in do they Speak & share Truth all the time. Or are they of wicked as in lie, steal, are counterfeits of someone else. Do they destroy & or try to destroy people and people things... & are they providing you with lies or are they distracting you with pointless things, stories and illusions, as well as trying to manipulate you on buying products?

You will know them by their actions, meaning by their fruits.

If anyone is lost of the knowledge that I speak, The knowledge that I have provided, and the knowledge of what I'm showing... That just means that person is not aware of the spiritual realm. Meaning that person is not aware of the spiritual war that we all, are apart of... that is between these evil spirits & The Most High in the spiritual realm.

In the physical realm, the war is showcasing itself between the people who carry the evil spirits and the people who carry The Most High light. Meaning a few people carry the spirit of light and The rest of the world carries the spirit of darkness. The clear picture of the wide road to destruction & the narrow road to The Kingdom is showcasing itself through our characteristics of who team we're on.

How is this war playing out? Us, The Most High Chosen and Selected people are providing Truth for those lost & clueless people in the ways we are created to do so. So that those lost and clueless people won't get caught up in The evil spirit's tricks, to be used by those evil spirits as the evil spirit vessels. The people who decided to be vessels for those evil spirits' by Choice... purpose is to Deceive & distract the lost and clueless people to be wicked and full of evil just as they are.

This is why those people who are being used by these evil spirits are assigned to provide distractions, trying to manipulate people into pointless things and feeding people with pointless stories about more people who are full of evil spirits... The people who are full of these evil spirits purpose is to keep people from gaining the Truth. This is why you don't see any of these platforms of these so-called "famous people" who are filled with these evil spirits speaking about The Most High Chosen and selected ones, as we are showcasing and sharing the Truth.

Those people who are full of evil spirits are pretending as if they don't see & or hear us (The Most High chosen and selected ones that is) showcasing the Truth and exposing all the lies & liars... Why? because if those people who are full of evil spirits were to say anything to us or about us, then everyone will gain the Truth and these people who carry the spirits of evil will indeed be Exposed. So, for these people who are filled with evil spirits, to keep guiding the lost & clueless people... who are filled with these evil spirits, these people who are filled with evil spirits just keep speaking of each other by painting a false picture of their illusions of looking "Famous". As if these people are "News" & or a must hear story... When it's ALL a big distraction to keep people dumb down and far away from the Truth & The Most High Servants.

This is why us, (The Most High Chosen and selected people) are sharing and showcasing the Truth. As those lost and clueless people last warning. And Those who carry the evil spirits are being counterfeits of us to cause confusion... By trying to turn others away from us who are speaking and sharing the Truth... by trying to mimic us... and is trying to come off as if they are like us. Why? Because those people who are being used by evil spirits purpose is to try and destroy people, by turning people into evil spirits to destruction to be destroyed to perish.

For Example:

The Most High has appointed the Servants to share the Truth and expose the liars. Well, because the people who carry the evil spirits are counterfeits of us Servants... They have cause destructions by trying to come across as exposing each other. To try and cover up the exposing that The Most High Servants are doing. This is why, all of a sudden there are these "famous" people supposed to be exposing each other... and these people who are being used by the evil spirits on these YouTube channels, as if they are bringing "true news" are distracting people with pointless stories about people who are apart of darkness. Why? because they are leading EVERYONE who follows them to destruction. That is their purpose. This is the spiritual war. These people will deceive So MANY People... However, EVERYONE will gain Truth on what they have been deceived by and who have been deceiving them. How? because that's The Most High's plan. That plan is happening Right Now!

As in, people are going to realize what they are watching, who they are listening to, what is being said and that all the lies & liars are showcasing themselves. Why? because Time is Up for All wicked doers. This is Prophecy. The world of darkness and all the people who are full of evil time is Up. There world is crashing down.

Many people who carry these wicked and evil spirits have brainwashed and programmed people to think that the Movies are fake and the News is real... When the News is actually Fake and the Movies are telling the Truth. This is how the Evil spirits have tricked and deceived All the people who are on their way to destruction.

The people who carry the evil spirits were laughing because The Most High have their minds thinking that they are winning. However, they are Not winning & did not win anything. The Most High set them all up to destroy themselves. This is why The Most High has the last laugh. All those people who carry these evil spirits are NOT laughing anymore.

To those people who want to break free and feel like they can't break free because they fear those evil spirits that's controlling them. Well, First they need to STOP!

They need to Be Still, Repent all their sins (ask for forgiveness) Stop listening to their so-called friends, Turn away from sin. Tune out those evil spirits and Seek The Most High, who is the Lord NOW!

Forget about how anyone look, think and or say about them... Those people don't matter. Stop Fearing Evil. One's Soul Matters. Save Yourself and Surrender to The Most High, who is The Lord....

I know I've cussed (not cursed) ALL of those people out for being so foolish by allowing themselves to even be vessels for these evil and wicked spirits. Who believed all those wicked and evil people lies about me, when The most High showed you who I am by your own personal experience. I cussed those people out because I was so disappointed in them for being so foolish for those evil spirits, Fake illusions and having love for pointless pieces of paper... titled money. Again Just because I cussed those people out, doesn't mean I hate them. I cussed people out because I share the Love within me, with others. Doing evil & participating in sin is Not Cool. There is No Hate in my heart and everyone already knows that Truth.

So, those of you who Want to break Free from those Evil spirits... I've just provided you the ways on how to do so.. And once you break free, Thank The Most High for forgiven you... Follow The Most High that lives within your heart and have Faith in The Most High to go get what your heart desires. that is Far away from Sin. Cool? Cool!

I've decided not to use cuss words in this PSA. because I didn't want anyone of foolishness to use my use of words as a distraction from gaining the Truth that I'm speaking. I know, many people are awakening spiritually and many have awakened even more to realize that All that I have shared with the Land, is All to guide people to the Truth... That's To The Most High... So that people will get out of sin and away from those people who carry these spirits of evil who's guiding them to sin & destruction.

The Most High is and has separated his people from those who carry the evil spirits. So if you were removed from anyone who you never thought you would have been removed from... Know that The Most High works in mysterious ways & removing you from those people, was in a mysterious way, to let you know that You were selected. However, if you stay with those people, you will be apart of the wrath that's coming their way.

I've been removed for everyone who was around me who is in sin. Who view me as the person of who I Am Not & who thought they they lying, stealing, manipulating ways & turning others against me was cool.

I'm one of those mysterious ways by providing The Land the Truth and guiding the people who can hear and see spiritually... and those who are trying to gain spiritual knowledge, to The Most High. That is My Purpose. That is one of the reasons why I was created and on this Land, in the physical realm. So if people don't want to listen to me & or believe me, That's cool with me, just continue to stay far away from me.

I know that this PSA will reach those who the Truth is to reach. How? Because this is All The Most High Plan that you're apart of.

This is Not the time to be trying to help people before helping yourself. Nor asking people for what they think you should do... If you do not have a personal relationship with The Most High, It's time to stop what you are doing and build that relationship NOW! Your relationship with The Most High has Nothing to do with going to anyone's church & or calling on Satan who trick people into calling him Jesus Crucified. You are the church and your body is the temple & The Most High is the Lord. Who is waiting for you alone. Repent and turn away from All sin and all wicked doers and seek The Most High. Cool? Cool!

I have videos on YouTube/MonicaTheSexyDancer that can help guide you to more spiritual knowledge & a few visuals that The Most High has given me that I've shared...

if you will like to gain those as well. I know this knowledge will fill those who The Most High wants this knowledge to fill.

~ In the Physical Realm, I'm Ms. Monica Wilson In the Spiritual Realm, I'm The Earthly Mother, Who Is Wisdom.

A Servant of The Most High.

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