Are You Aware That You Could Be Calling Good Evil & Evil Good?

Updated: May 19, 2020

Well, Let's Get Deep To See If You Are Unaware That You Could Be Doing Such Wickedness.

Have you come across a situation & or someone who is lying and you didn't say Anything, but you still watch, speak, hang & or support the human/thing that is a lie?

If so, Maybe you think by doing so shows that you're a "nice" human / "Minding Your Business" or their lies have nothing to do with you, so YOU allow them to continue to spread lies & deceive others.

Either way or however anyone wants to place their actions as to why they do what they do & allow lies to continue. By allowing the lies to continue and YOU not doing / saying Anything about it, is YOU calling Evil, Good.

Let's say you know the Truth and notice that there is someone speaking the Truth, So you decided not to say & or do anything but you still support the lies & or the one who's lying in public and or in hiding. By YOUR actions, showcases that YOU are calling Good, Evil.

Interesting huh? I know. Everything is a Test & by YOU allowing the lies to continue is YOU Failing YOUR test.

Start paying closer attention to YOURSELF & YOUR Actions. Cool? Cool!

I know many humans live in Fear and because of humans living in Fear, they apply their Fear to others & blame their Fear on others, to remove/deflect themselves from speaking the Truth. Due to being Fearful & thinking something is going to happen to them, because they are brainwashed & programmed & Manipulated to thinking that snitches get stitches, due to the enemy & the enemy puppets subconsciously brainwashing humans, with their repetition of saying snitches get stitches on TV shows, movies, commercials & just in speaking to an enemy who is brainwashing humans to do wickedly. All to place Fear in humans from Telling/Speaking the Truth. Due to not having a relationship with The Most High in Heaven causes Many humans to Live in Fear & hide from speaking the Truth.

What I have learned is that someone who lives in Fear will view someone who doesn't live in Fear as someone who is going to get hurt for speaking the Truth, when in reality the one who is going to get hurt is the one living in Fear. Why? Cause the enemy lives off of Fear. So anyone who believes that speaking the truth will get them hurt, is someone who is on their way to their death by feeding the enemy their Fear.

Do you see how the devil deceives humans? Many humans don't because they are unaware of the many enemies and puppets that are surrounding them that many call friends, family members, Stars & whoever. They look like humans but Nope, they're the enemy working for the devil to deceive, steal, destroy, lie & kill.

The Truth in plain sight. All folks have to do is stop listening to the words folks are using to manipulate humans and pay attention to folks actions. Now, keep in mind their words and actions should match. If they don't then there is a lie somewhere in their story & about them.

If anyone wants some advice, Ask The Most High to guide you to the Truth instead of going off of what you were taught. Why? Because more than many humans were taught by the enemies unknowingly and is living by the ways of the wicked ones.

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