I'm going to be raw and hinest with you, so embrace the knowledge that I'm given you.

The reason that you are being bullied, is because you carry The Most High/Lord Light. You are created with a Purpose, Gifts & Confidence that those hwo bully Don't.

So to make themselves feel good about themselves they TRY and make you feel as if there is something of wrong with you. They will start to spread lies about you, just so others will view you, from the lies that they were told by those bullies. They will pretend to like you, just to get close to you & then as soon as they feel they have something on you, that will Hurt you... Those bullies who were pretending to be your friend, will turn on you. And then try and make you feel as if you are the bad huamn.

It's all a mind game to confuse you of knowing who you are and what you carry. Why? because the bullies want to be You. they want what you have and they Don't have & or Carry ANY OF IT!

Many humans who are cowards have painted a "Good" humans to being someone who turns away and go tell someone on the bully a sif that will make the bully stop. NO. It won't YOU have to stand up for yourself and call out the bully and all of their weakness. Bullies are weak. They run once you face them.

Let me share a story with you... So there is a group of humans who call themselves the dance industry. Who are envious of the Gifts that Father/The most High/Lord has created me with. They hate my Talents and they hate how others Love me. So what did they do? Well they turned as many humans against me as possible. How? With the lies that they have told. Many of them pretended to be my friend, so when they started turning others against me, they used the card, of used to being my friend. Not telling the truth on how I noticed their wickedness and removed myself before their plan happened. So they are going around lying about and on me juts so others will hate me, they way that they do. The disappointing part, is that there are so many humans who believed their lies, even though Father/The most High/Lord has been showcasing my TRUTH to the whole land and has been exposing their lies through their actions. So the dance industry tried to cover me up, by stealing my material and bullying me through their dance videos... That's why everuthing they did was from my dance videos... They even stole my wordplay. I mean they went all out trying to destiory me and to get others to hate me and view me as if I was their wicked ASSes, when I'm NOTHING liek them.

Story 1

So this one time this girl who acts as if she was so broken, where she went around acting as if she had low self-esteem and hated her skin color. So, she came to me for help. I'm speaking came to where I was staying to asking me about God... Crying over a dude, Ask me to do her chair because she was broke. Asked me if she can take my class because she had no money. Now, because I did all of that for her, for some silly reason she THOUGHT I was weak. So this one day, her car broke down and I asked her if she needed help. She said no. I said do you need me to call a tow truck? She said no because she had insurance. I said well, do you want to go eat up the street until the tow truck comes. She said no. That she wanted to stay in her car. I went to go eat and while I'm eating, she tweets that her only friends were her friends in Philly and that her Atlanta friends were nothing like her friends in Philly. I overlooked what she was saying because she wasn't talking directly to me. So I continue to go about my business. From that day forward she started to treat me as if I did something to her. So, I dismissed her & cut her off. Maybe two weeks later, she called me saying that I know you don't want to talk to me, but I need your help. She goes on to say that she wants to kill herself. That she was going to take some pills and kill herself. So I said well, that is not the answer to your issue and that I'll pray for her and got off the phone. Then the next day, I was at a rehearsal and one of her friends got a call from the girl, saying that the police came and knocked down her door and took her to the hospital and she had to get her stomach pumped because of the overdose of pills. So, the girl's friend asked me to go to the hospital with her to see what was going on. So, I went to the hospital with the girl's friend. Once we got there and asked to see the girl, There was a Code (i want to say Red or Blue) that was called over the hospital. So the girl and I were sent to the back. Once we got there the girl friend did all the talking. She asked where was her friend... The doctor says that she was just given a shot for being disruptive... So, the doctor said that she came in for asthma medicine. I said that is not what we were told. The doctor goes what were you told... So the girls friend told the doctor the story and come to find out, that the girl lied about EVERYTHING. So, the girlfriend & I drove by her apartment to notice that her door wasn't kicked in... So After that I removed myself from all of her friends. Maybe about two weeks after that. I was chilling in the house that I was staying in with one of my roommates at the time, and he goes do you hear that? I said to hear what... He said listen... So I stopped what I was doing to listen and it was about 10pm maybe... I heard a voice say MONICA WILSON, COME OUTSIDE... I looked at my roommate and said oh so I have to kick this Girl ass today... Well, let's get it! I went and put on my shoes and took my ASS outside. She was wearing all black and was walking in the middle of the street. I said come on. You came all the way over here to fight me, so let's get it... So goes, I'M NOT STUPID, I"M NOT COMING ON YOUR PRIORITY. I said no worries I'll come to you. So I started walking toward her and she ran around the corner, got into her car, and drove off. As my roommate at the time is a witness. Then she goes on twitter to make it seem as if she came over to my house to fight me and made it seem as if I was the one who runs from her. SMH maybe about two weeks after that she made a twitter account named h8monicawilson... She tried to tell my business, but because she doesn't know my business that page didn't last long. Then she went to go add someone to make it seem as if I was having sex with the girls boyfriend whom I never even knew. So because that woman wasn't buying that girl lies her wickedness of trying to paint me to sleeping with folks boyfriends didn't work either.

Story 2

More of those wicked ones in that dance industry went so far as to study my videos and then copied what they stole from me and then had the nerve to teach what they have stolen from me. But get this, their actions have told on themselves and also showcases the wickedness that they carry. Now, That's The Most High/Lord/Father having the last laugh. And get this, there is a sea full of those wicked ones who are lying to the whole land.. want to learn who they are? Click the link... to find out who they are.

All because they ALL are Envious of how Father/The most High/Lord Created me to be.

The reason of me sharing those stories with you, is because so many humans are witness to the Truth that I speak who have to answer to Father/The Most High/Lord for being apart of that wickedness of trying to destroy me. Just as those who are doing the same to you. Keep in mind that Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, Says the Lord." So no need to worry about those weak ASS, foolish ASS, Cowards. You're in the nest hands EVER. The hands of The Lord. Cool? Cool!

Now go reach new levels of your Greatness by doing & being You.

Always Stand Up for yourself with Truth & facts. Not with flesh & blood. You Got This.

You're The Chosen One, Not Them... That's why their so pissed at you and want to be you. :)

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