Do You Know What/Who is a Narcissist?

Updated: May 19, 2020

A person who has deep Hate for themselves who will replace their Hate and put their hate onto others.

A Narcissist:

is someone who doesn't know themselves and will apply someone else onto themselves, as if the narcissist carry their target characteristics, to seem to be a better human them their true self. The Narcissist will study their target & try to become their target to the fullest. The Narcissist try to hide their true self & try to live as the human who they are obsessed with, who is their Target. The Narcissist will study the ways of their target by trying to speak, walk, move, be as their Target. When the Narcissist is confronted by the narcissist Target, the Narcissist will pretend as if the Target is Crazy, delusional, lying, don't know what they are talking about &, etc. All to deflect from others learning the narcissist lies. Why? Because most humans only believe what they hear, instead of watching humans actions for themselves. More than most humans don't do their research to learn the Truth nor do most humans seek the Most High for truth these days. So Most folks just believe whoever & whatever they hear first. In these days, folks followers, likes, comments, subscribers numbers & paid for blue checks give off a fake "truth" to many humans who are blinded by the narcissist lies. Many Humans Don't realize Most humans are believing the Narcissist Lies & Illusions unknowingly.

When Dating A Narcissist:

The Narcissist will place themselves in a position to make it seem as if they are the only one who has their Target's back. The Narcissist will place themselves in a position to seem as if they are always there for their target by painting a false picture, so when its time to play the victim, the Narcissist can start to control the target & make the target feel obligated to stay with the Narcissist. Why? because the Narcissist makes it a point to be the one to do so much for the target. The narcissist will slowly isolate the target from the target's love ones & surround the target with the Narcissist family & friends as if the Narcissist family and friends are better. Once the Narcissist has the target right where the Narcissist wants the target to be, the Narcissist belittling name calling & or disrespect starts, the Narcissist controlling starts, the Narcissist always unhappy starts, the Narcissist blaming starts & soon after the narcissist starts to get whatever the Narcissist wants. Why? Because now the target has lost all self morals, values, self-worth & strength. How? Because when the target has been surrounded by a Narcissist behavior & isolated from their loved ones, family & Truth, the target unknowingly has allowed the Narcissist to control their mind by manipulating them to put the narcissist first in their life. When the narcissist places their target last in the narcissist life. When a target is controlled by a Narcissist that they are dating, the target feels like the best thing to do is to just give the Narcissist what they want & do what the Narcissist wants them to do, just to keep the peace. Not realizing they are now fully controlled by the Narcissist and doing Everything as the Narcissist has planed for the target to be & do. Once the target gets to this point, the target starts to feel as if the way the Narcissist has transformed them to be & feel, that their new way of thinking, that in a box with no self-control. The target usually feels as if there is no way out because the Narcissist has programmed the target to think that way.

Working with a Narcissist:

There are many ways when it comes to working with a Narcissist. Many times a Narcissist feels as if the Narcissist always has to be over someone by controlling others, or in a position to feel as if they are better than others. Why? because deep down inside the Narcissist has zero control over itself, the Narcissist only carry hate & only can think for itself. Everything about a Narcissist is to get ahead of their target. Who is the Narcissist target? Their target is anyone whom the Narcissist thinks is better than them. So when working with a Narcissist, the Narcissist will make the most loving & caring human to feel as if they have to do whatever the Narcissist says when the Narcissist carries no power. Such as telling others who to hang with, work with, talk to & etc. A Narcissist has to control their target & those surrounding the target & the Narcissist with lies. That's the only way a Narcissist can operate is by illusion & lies.

Being Raised by a Narcissist:

When being raised by a Narcissist is the most dangerous way to be raised. Why? because the human being raised by the Narcissist can either become a Narcissist or able to see the Narcissist and learn their ways & motives. The Narcissist will always paint their target (in this case) their child or a child as if they can never do anything correctly. The Narcissist will always complain about the child as if the child is the problem. Why? because the Narcissist doesn't know anything but how to please themselves, so caring for others is not the goal for a Narcissist, it's a headache. A Narcissist pretending to care for others is like a human whose goal is to be rich, who end up doing whatever it takes to get "rich" (money wise) and all of a sudden all their "riches" (money) is taken away. What I mean by that example is that a Narcissist can't see pass itself just like a "rich" (money wise) human can't see themselves being without money. In some cases, the narcissist will paint false pictures of anyone who will listen and believe the narcissist lies about their child/children. To where humans who believe the narcissist will feel the need to tell the child/children that the narcissist is a nice human when the child knows that the narcissist is actually the devil in human form.

Being Controlled by a Narcissist

The narcissist would do things that will make the target look as if the target is the issue, and as if the narcissist is the "victim" by the narcissist making it seem as if the target is "always" in need of the narcissist. When the narcissist is the one who is always wanting to do things for their target. Just to be able to tell others what the narcissist has done, as if the target asked for the narcissist help.

Keep in mind the target who is still being controlled by the narcissist doesn't know that the human who they call friend/ love one & or whoever is a Narcissist.

If the target does ask for the help, the narcissist will make a big issue about helping the target, as if the target is always asking for the narcissist help & or get on the narcissist nerves, when Nope that's not the case. The narcissist is always wanting to do something for their target just to paint a false picture to others about their target, just so the narcissist can play victim or look like a "good human".

The narcissist always tell on themselves when they start complaining about what they did for their target to others. The narcissist is unaware & don't realizing by complaining about what they did for their target means that whatever was done from the narcissist was never genuine in the first place. They always tell on themselves, just listen.

The Narcissists with a few dollars will buy the target things, Put the target in situations out of the target knowing, and then play the "Hero" of getting the target out of the situation (the narcissist placed the target in) just to be able to say what they have done for the target, as if the narcissist is this "great human" of helping someone in need, when the motive behind the narcissist was to paint a false picture to anyone who believes the narcissist lies & to set up their target to fail.

Most time humans who are unaware that they are being controlled by a narcissist, & of the narcissist painting a false picture of the target with the narcissist lies, Most targets are programmed & brainwashed to "feel" obligated to stay around the narcissist because of the fake picture the narcissist has painted for the target to view the narcissist as. By the target being unaware of the narcissist painting lies to seem like a nice human, when the whole reason of the narcissist doing, is to make itself "look" good to others by destroying their target in secret by pretending to be the target friend, love one & etc.

Pay Attention to those who are around you, you could be friends with a narcissist who is controlling you, or a family member/someone you're dating/ someone you're married to / or whoever, who is controlling you secretly & playing you, just to spread lies about you to others, when you're not around & to steal from you & to TRY to destroy you.

Narcissist are miserable humans. They're goal is to make everyone around them miserable just as they are. They're empty and full of pretending, false pictures & lies.

The narcissist spread lies about others by using the things and ways of itself and then say they know humans like their target, when the human their speaking is themselves.

A narcissist is a seed of the devil who only knows how to lie.

A narcissist will cause issues between others with their lies and false pictures. Just so the narcissist will remove all family, friends & or whoever is close to the target away, so the narcissist can completely control their target to its fullest to get whatever the narcissist want to destroy their target, to uplift themselves by destroying someone else. The motives of a narcissist.

Be careful because many humans are friends/dating/married / being taught by / family with narcissists unknowingly. Who are being judge by others, as if they're like the human who is the narcissist based on the actions of the narcissist that others know about.

If you are someone who judge humans based off of who they hang around & or whatever. STOP! Get to know humans on your own, because more than most humans are unaware of the kind of human who they call friend, family, dating & or married to. Now, when the human start becoming as the narcissist, that's when you walk away.

Pay Attention, Cool? Cool!

Being attacked by a Narcissist:

A Narcissist can only view everything from its own perspective. Meaning how the Narcissist approaches others, the Narcissist can only see others approaching the Narcissist the same way. Why? because a Narcissist only can view itself. So when a human response to the attack of a Narcissist by providing Truth & Facts, the Narcissist will try to respond by using the replier (the one being attacked) characteristics on the replier & deflect & overlook the important questions & truth from the replier. Why? Because a Narcissist only knows how to be a copycat & only know how to run from the Truth & from being called out. A Narcissist has no originality what so ever. A Narcissist can only see what they want to see, how they want things to be, who they want folks to be & will paint whatever picture they need to, just to make them (the Narcissist) feel good about themselves, on manipulating itself to think it's "winning". Evil & wickedness makes a Narcissist "happy".

Almost all the time the Narcissist is kicking someone else down just to feel good or "look good". The Narcissist are bullies of all ages. The grown Narcissist just never grew up. Narcissist feed & live off of picking at others. They have no foundation to stand on when faced with their target truth. For example, a Narcissist's goal is to make others who don't know their truth to view them as the nice, sweet, innocent & loving one. When others don't realize that the Narcissist has stolen those characteristics from their target, just to fool and lie to whoever believes them. So the Narcissist gets a group of clueless humans or more Narcissists to believe their lies, to fight the Narcissist battle so the Narcissist can seem to be a victim. So the Narcissist do things to "Act" as if the Narcissist doesn't know the human their copying when asked. Even though the human who's doing the asking can see the truth, not realizing a Narcissist is a liar & lies about Everything. So to paint a false picture, the Narcissist will do something just to get a reaction (no matter what kind) from their obsessed target just to gain attention.

My Personal Attack From Narcissists:

That's where I messed up. I gave all of these narcissists who are out here being their true Narcissist self, my attention. What my actions did was create a division for the Narcissist to look as if they are "winning" because a Narcissist feeds off of what the Narcissist think "winning" is. A Narcissist think being good at doing & trying to be someone else is the Narcissist way of "winning" why? because a Narcissist can only be a copy of whoever the Narcissist is studying. A Narcissist is empty inside.

So all these Narcissist out here trying to look like me by wearing a look a like Xoticy® attire, who are trying to dance like me by remixing my sequences (choreography) sliding all over these floors doing all Xoticy® signature floor techniques that the Narcissist has studied from Xoticy® videos over at youtube/xoticy & youtube/monicathesexydancer & remixing my sequences (choreography) and breaking the Xoticy® sequences into "steps"/"moves", and calling the steps the Narcissist has copied from me, as "just dancing" By the Narcissist trying to teach & mimic Xoticy® whole template & even trying to mimic Xoticy® pictures & the way Xoticy® Xpeditions (classes) are filmed. Many Narcissist is even remixing my words on how I speak to my participants as if they know what they are talking about or uplifting anyone when Everything these Narcissist are doing & saying, is just a copy of Xoticy® & myself. The sad part is that they even have folks standing behind them in each of their videos to look as Xoticy students standing behind me as I show them the full sequence, that I just taught my students.

So when humans who don't realize (in my case) I'm exposing the Narcissist, Humans who don't know the ways of a Narcissist or don't know that they too are a Narcissist, will/have/are view the Narcissist as if the Narcissist is just being "inspired" & then try to defend the Narcissist. The outside humans who are blinded by a Narcissist lies. basically will start to look at a situation like the way the Narcissist want others to view things, which are the Narcissist's way by believing lies. What many humans don't realize, is when a human just believe whatever & whoever lies & illusions, the human don't realize when agreeing with a Narcissist, the human will start calling Good (those who stand up to Narcissist & call a Narcissist out) evil and call evil (supporting the Narcissist & defending the ways of a Narcissist) good. So when there is someone (like in my case, myself) who is providing Truth & Facts to a Narcissist & others who have allowed themselves to be involved, the outside viewers are not paying clear attention due to the lies overpowering the Truth & more humans believe lies than gaining Truth. Due to many humans not able to read more than two - three sentences these days, to learn the Truth, Many humans call anyone standing up for themselves these days a Narcissist, to be a Negative human or a human with bad energy. (many humans who are lost & blind & Narcissist have called me these things all because I'm trying to help others see the ways of a Narcissist) So because Many humans are ignorant (lack knowledge) of the ways of a Narcissist when they attack their target, Many are fooled by their lies & illusion & end up believing the narcissist.

The interesting lesson I've learned is that folks who say that they don't know who I am, call themselves give me the benefit of their doubt, have the nerve to call me a narcissist. Not realizing that their actions are showcasing their true narcissist behavior. If anyone knows what a narcissist is and actions are, then someone who says that they don't know who I am, shouldn't be talking about me correct? Also, if someone has to give me the benefit of their doubt, it means that they heard lies about me and believe those lies and then call themselves giving me a chance to do what?..... When they suppose to don't know me and or have heard of me. Hmm... The ways of a narcissist is to paint false stories and just say words they don't know meanings too. The silly part is someone actually came my way with this mess and didn't realize that they showcased their true narcissist self. Interesting huh? I know. They tell on themselves all the time.

Have anyone come across anyone doing a reaction video to my Xoticy skin video? Why that video hmm, your guess is as good as mine. Actually why any of my videos? I say that because the videos that I have watched of these lusting males watching my videos say out of their own mouths that they don't know who I am. So why are they watching me? They say their subs asked for them to do a reaction video. If that's the case then is it necessary for them to say, they never heard of me in the video, but then compare those folks who they react to, who copying me, to me? That's not a coincidence, that's a plane failed to bring attention to those who are trying to look, be and dance like me in a "reaction" video of me. It's that noticeable of their narcissist wickedness. So not only are those who are copying me showcasing their narcissist selves, Those who are doing he "reacting" are showing their narcissist selves as well.

All folks have to do is just pay attention to folk's actions & words not matching each other.

The Truth Is Unchanging. & is showcasing itself.

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