Do You Have Any Idea What Confidence Is & or what Confidence looks like?

Updated: May 19

Before we get into the details of what confidence is & what confidence looks like. We're going to share what confidence is Not first. Cool? Cool!

What I Personally Come Across.

Due to the Xoticy Brand Purpose being apart of Recharging women's confidence, Many females who are insecure / lack confidence has viewed Myself & the Xoticy brand as being Negative when speaking the Truth about what The Most High has shown me, when it comes to many Humans & their lack of confidence. Many Humans started to view myself and the Xoticy brand as being Arrogant. Many viewed us as being "Thinking we're Better Than others" all due to their lack of self appreciation. When outside of their point of view is Not the case at All. Due to many humans not being able to view themselves from how they feel about themselves from within, They tend to point all their insecurities onto the human(s), who they are threaten & Envious by. Instead of looking at their issues and all of what they dislike about themselves and try working on those self issues their suffering from, Those kind of humans, like to blame others due to their lack of confidence and self-worth. A lot of pointing fingers and none self checking & taking accountability for their actions.

What Confidence Is Not!

I've been told by a female that her mother told her that she has confidence. So because Her mother told her that she has confidence, the female now has manipulated herself into thinking that she has confidence. Many humans feel due to them being able to say the word confidence, they have manipulated themselves into thinking by saying the word confidence, means that they have confidence when Nope, that's untrue. Many females feel because they wear tight clothing, or less clothing "Think" that means that they have confidence or shows that they have confidence when Nope that's untrue. Many humans apply makeup on to "feel" confident., when Nope, that's untrue. Many humans need a partner to feel confident, when Nope, that's untrue. Many humans need material things to feel confident, when Nope that's untrue, Many humans feel when they get their hair done or nails done that gives them confidence, When Nope that's untrue. Many humans need to control others to "feel" confident, when Nope that's untrue. Many humans feel because they are copying me & what I'm doing gives them confidence, when Nope, that's untrue. The list goes on & on. When in reality, all those things are just cover ups & Add on's to the cover ups. None of those that are listed gives Anyone Confidence. It's all a manipulation that many have manipulated themselves into believing. That happens when their is lack of confidence.

Ms. Monica Wilson

In Xoticy, I wear my booty out. Due to me like wearing my Xoticy Attire to Xoticy. However just because my Booty is out in Xoticy, doesn't show my Confidence. It just shows that my booty is out. Now, by me Jammin' the same and loving myself the same from whatever size I decided to allow myself to get to, is what shows my Confidence. Not the clothes I choice to wear, Not my Hair styles or hair, Not the way I Jam, Not my footwear, Not Makeup or Anything else or Anyone. My Confidence shows from within out. It's Organic and Unchanging because the root of my confidence comes from how I feel about Myself from within. As we all can see, I love me some Me.

By The Most High creating the Xoticy Brand and using me as the operator is clear to why I have the position that I have when it comes to Recharging women's confidence. If I didn't carry My Confidence or appreciate The Most High creation of me, The Most High would have provided someone else to have the Gifts that I have. However, I was chosen and Love showing Humans ways to get to their Ture Confidence from within themselves.

I don't have the power to give Anyone any Confidence. Actually, No human has that power. Only The Most High has that power to do such Spiritual Investments. However, I do carry some Greatness of Gifts to assist others with recharging their confidence & or even finding their confidence for the first time. My actions speak louder than my words, However, my words & actions match each other.

So What Is Confidence?

Confidence is the Comfort of oneself as far as, Ones natural Appearance, organic Characteristics, Aptitudes, Love one has for oneself, The ability to depend on Oneself, Able to think for oneself/Able to make their own decisions, Able to have & share genuine Love, Able to love oneself in its Bare & Not be ashamed of oneself. Just to list a few.

How can one gain Confidence?

I'll get to that, first Check this Out... Many humans, people watch just to compare themselves and belittle others. Why? Because an insecure human has manipulated themselves into thinking by belittling others will take the attention off of how they Hate themselves. When in reality their actions speak loudly on why they feel the need to do such wickedness just to "Feel" what they have called "Good".

So, How can One Gain Confidence? By starting to pull themselves from judging others on their appearance, how they walk & or whatever else and use all that energy onto Loving every bit of themselves that the insecure human Hate.

How Can You Notice If Someone Has Confidence?

1. Someone with Confidence doesn't belittle Anyone, However, Uplift others & only speak Truth.

2. Someone who is comfortable with who they are and how The Most High Created them to look without pretending to be Anything/Anyone.

3. Someone who is consistent with each and every human they come in contact with & or when alone. Their the same Happy Human all over, all the time, with Everyone.

4. Someone who is not looking for something and or someone to feel a void.

5. Someone who is Honest, Truthful, Loyal, Respectful & is full of Joy, genuine Love & Happiness.

6. Someone who is a Natural Leader to assist others to reach Greatness with Correct Tools given by The Most High.

7. Someone who speaks Highly of others without any fakeness, lies & or nice nasty-ness involved.

Just to list a few.

How Can You Notice If Someone Doesn't Have Confidence?

1. Someone who doesn't have confidence will speak negatively about others with stories that no one can track to see if its the Truth or not, due to the human without confidence spreading rumors just to belittle someone to "feel good" about themselves by painting false pictures of others who don't know the individual to ask if what is being said is true or not.

2. Someone who feels the need to do as others because due to them not being able to love themselves, they apply others onto them and pretend to be someone else and lie and Act as if that's their "true" Characteristics.

3. Someone who just says what they think others want to hear, due to not being comfortable of being able to just be themselves and say what they want to say. So to cover themselves up, they fed others BS just to sound as if they know what they are speaking of or even care when they don't.

4. Someone who has to lie about Everything & to Everyone

5. Someone who is cocky, rude, angry and disrespectful

6. Someone who feels the need to compare others

7. Someone who can't handle hearing Great News about someone

8. Someone who body shame others (body shaming is someone speaking on how someone else body looks, as if the human who is doing the shaming body "looks better")

Just To List A few

So what is Confidence?

Confidence is when someone has accepted, appreciate & Love their physical appearance to the point they don't need to change, hide or cover up their natural appearance. Confidence is when someone loves how they feel about themselves to be able to embrace others. Confidence doesn't need to impress. Confidence doesn't live in Fear. Confidence is one's True self.

Someone With Confidence.

Someone who doesn't need anything or anyone to validate the good qualities of oneself because humans with confidence already know their Qualities, that are Good. Someone with confidence doesn't need to compare themselves to anyone, doesn't need to be like anyone else or feel they can do someone else too & or better. Someone with confidence doesn't need anything or anyone to make them feel any kind of way. Someone with confidence only know how to Love. Someone with confidence can spot a human with zero confidence at face value, no matter if the human is pretending / faking the funk.

How To Gain Confidence?

Start believing in yourself, start to accept your natural appearance, Love everything about yourself, Use your own brain to think for yourself, Start standing up for yourself, start speaking for yourself & Remove Fear & All Hate about yourself & others.

Just To List A Few



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