Do You Have Any Idea What Confidence Is & or what Confidence looks like?

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Before I get into the details of what confidence is & what confidence looks like. I'm going to share what confidence is Not first. So, I'll provide what I've experience within the break downs below... Why? Because due to so many people passing around lies on and about me, I want you (the reader) to gain the Truth from Me. Cool? Cool!

What I've Personally Came across during My Life journey & purpose....

Is that many people doesn't have a clue to knowing what confidence is and or what confidence looks like. I've seen Many people lie to themselves and then pretend to live the lies, that they've told themselves.

Meaning there are Many people who manipulate themselves and brainwash themselves on trying to manifest their lie of having confidence, when confidence is nowhere to be found in those kind of people. Their emptiness and cockiness is what showcases itself, and those kind of people call their cockiness & emptiness, Confidence.

Those kind of people are full of confusion & lies & bring illusions to anyone who view those kind of people emptiness and cockiness as confidence, astray.

Due to the Xoticy Brand Purpose being a tool of Recharging women's Confidence. Many females who are insecure & lack confidence has viewed Myself as being a Negative person, because I speak, show and provide the Truth. And how My confidence showcases itself without me doing anything and or saying anything. The light of The Most High shines through me for all to see & those who are empty & lack truth... run from the Truth, don't want to hear the Truth & try to hide the Truth.

Many of these people who lack confidence and self awareness started to showcase their emptiness by trying to paint me to being someone of who I'm not... By saying that I "Think I'm Better Than others" when I don't think that way... all due to their lack of self appreciation of My confidence and not being able to embrace me for who I Am. So, instead of these people focusing on themselves, they will rather try and cover up the fact that they carry no confidence by trying to distract others with lies about me, where their lies about mw doesn't showcase itself on me. The Truth of Me, speaks louder than anyone lies of and or about me will ever be.

What Confidence Is Not!

I've been told by a female that her mother told her that she has confidence. So because this female mother brainwashed this female & manipulated this female at a young age, into speaking lies to herself, has caused that female to walk around life lying to herself due to what her mother brainwashed her to believe. When NO! That's Not having Confidence, that's just lying to oneself, by believe a lie from (in the female case) of what her mother taught her to do to bring on a fake picture of confidence.

Many females feel if they wear tight clothing, or less clothing "Think" that means that they have confidence or shows that they have confidence, because they are "comfortable" of showing themselves. when Nope! that's untrue.

Take me as an example,

I'm a human who will rather be naked than to wear clothes... Why? because I like to be Free. What I wear has NOTHING to do with my confidence. What I don't wear have NOTHING to do with my confidence. My Confidence comes from within Myself, by knowing who I Am. How I move & by using my own brain to think for myself. My Confidence is My Foundation of Myself. So when anyone see me in Xoticy with my Booty hanging out and my Legs showing, My arms and back are showing, that's because I like to be Free and because I had to cover up my belongings, what I wear in Xoticy, is what you see.

Here's a picture of me as a child in a look alike Xoticy attire. With my black leotard, black tights & thigh high leg warmers. Logo on the left chest & logo on each side of each sock. The Most High plans for me. I was being prepared once I came into the physical realm as Ms. Monica Wilson.

Many humans apply makeup on to "feel" confident. Many people have brainwashed people that if they wear makeup, makeup will make them look, feel and be better... when Nope! Those are all lies. How? because make up is not to change how The Most High has created anyone to look. There are people who wear make up who change their whole appearance. So, when they take their make up off, they look completely different. When someone put on make up and the make up change their natural look, that is called providing deception, and deception's are lies.

My Personal Journey on wearing Make Up

I've been raised to wear make up as a child due to performing on stage, due to lights washing my natural face out and make up provided my face in a natural way when stage lights are hitting my face. Then when I got on the Professional basketball team, they tried to brainwash me to wearing make up all the time, because I had to always be camera ready... Once I realized that people were taking pictures & videos of me without my permission in secret, when I'm out in public, I just started wearing very little make up so that their camera flash... wouldn't show my face looking dry.. Now, I just don't wear make up at all anymore.

Many people feel that if they wear weave, that the weave will provide them with confidence. When NOPE! That's a lie. Covering up the natural hair and adding in someone else's hair as if the hair is ones own for the purpose, of trying to look and or feel better than ones natural self is deception and deception, again is lies. Wearing wave does not provide confidence to & or within anyone. It's just another cover up on showcasing how someone dislike themselves.

My Personal Journey on wearing Weave.

So, from 1999 to 2017 I wore weave because when I Jam, I sweat in my head first. During those years I was jammin almost every day and was sweating everyday. So, doing my natural hair have became too much and damaging to my hair. So to protect my hair and to save me time, I added weave in my hair that match my natural hair. I wore straight weave when I permed my hair and once I left the perming alone... and went natural is when my big curly hair came into place in the year of 2000. That is my reason to why I wore weave. Now, I don't even ware weave anymore.

Many humans need a partner to feel confident. When feeling the need to being with someone is the reason to having "confidence" is NOT Good. That's a lie. Anyone who feel as if they need someone to feel good, is someone who likes to control others to doing what they want, all because that person who is acting as if they need someone to feel happy, is a person who is not happy from within themselves. Why? because that person doesn't know themselves well enough to not need anyone to be happy. So, a person like so, is a person who doesn't take accountability for their actions and or care about anyone else... All they care about is making themselves happy and a person like such... will do anything to getting what they want and when they get what they want, it's never good enough. Why? because nothing can make anyone happy. The person need to find happiness within themselves in order to be happy.

My personal journey on being with a partner.

Well, because each and every partner I've been with, in my past has always been about themselves and how they tried to control me & or destroy me. I haven't had a genuine partnership with anyone to be honest. Now, keep in mind, this was before The Most High showed me ALL of The Truth of people. Now that I can see the Truth that lives within people, I'm at Peace being alone. I'm a loner anyway... and I love being alone. So, needing a partner to make me happy, has never been something that I've looked for in anyone. Why? because I'm a happy Soul All the time. Nobody can break and or destroy my happiness.

Many humans need material things to feel confident. Thinking that what they have makes them a better person, when NOPE! Their still empty deep within. Those material things is just a cover up for what they don't have from their root of themselves.

My personal experience with material things.

Well, I'm an Artist and I appreciate The Gifts of others. Meaning I have expensive taste. However, I live within my means and I purchase things due to them being of what I want, that has NOTHING to do with anyone else. I'm not the woman who will get with a guy due to what he has... As many have seen the dudes I've dated don't have much and was still covering up their truth with what they had. So when it comes to material things, That's not what's important to me.... I'm more of a genuine, thoughtful, purpose and just because without anything in return... kind of Woman. I'll rather get what I want, myself. I don't like people throwing what they have done and or did for me in my dace due to them not doing what they did genuinely. You feel me? Cool!

Many humans feel because they've studied me & are copying me will give & or show that they too have confidence... and for some reason they think that they can help others with gaining confidence. When Nope! that's NOT true, cause they Can't. All those people who are counterfeits of me, who have lied to each and every person who believe their lies, on being and or having and or supposed to be providing confidence.... are just liars. Those people using my style, trying to be me, using my sequences and Brand to try and come off as me and or the Xoticy Brand are just people who are showcasing how they carry NO confidence at all. That means, that they can't help anyone with anything because they are empty souls, being counterfeits of Me & The Xoticy Brand. Using the word "inspired" as their excuse of stealing, coping, trying to destroy and guide people to their destruction by believing their lies.

What do I know about these people who have lied to so many people and led so many people astray?

Well, Because The Most High showed me their true colors. I know that they are empty of the protection of The Most High. I know that they are vessels for evil spirits who are showcasing themselves by their own actions of stealing, trying to destroy, lying and trying to kill my reparation, by lending those who believe them into destruction to participate in The Most High Wrath for all wicked people and sinners. I know that no matter how many people they turn against me, I'm still protected and on the side of Righteousness. I know they lose and I win. I know that I'm Truth and their lies. Our actions showcase that truth for All to see.

The Most High has given us the foundation with Confidence. We all have a choice to be of Good or to be of Evil. When you are of Good you carry confidence and you're comfortable with yourself. When you are of Evil, you carry Zero confidence, that causes those people to always compare themselves with someone else and or try to be and or be "better" than someone else. Like I said, our actions, that is our fruits tell on our selves on who side we are on. What are the sides? Oh, I'll share... The side of Good (The Most High) or the side of Evil (Satan).

I don't have the power to give Anyone any Confidence. Actually, No human has that power. Only The Most High has that power to do such Spiritual Investments. However, I do carry Greatness of Gifts to assist others with recharging their confidence & or even finding their confidence for the first time. My actions speak louder than my words, However, my words & actions match each other that showcase and has always showcased the Truth I share and speak.

So What Is Confidence?

Confidence is the Comfort of oneself as far as, Ones natural Appearance, organic Characteristics, Aptitudes, the Love one has for oneself, The ability to depend on Oneself, Able to think for oneself/Able to make their own decisions, Able to have & share genuine Love, Able to love oneself in its Bare & Not be ashamed of oneself. Able to hold oneself accountable... Just to list a few.

How can one gain Confidence?

I'll get to that, first Check this Out... Many humans, people watch just to compare themselves and belittle others. Why? Because an insecure human has manipulated themselves into thinking by belittling others will take the attention off of how they Hate themselves. When in reality their actions speak loudly on why they feel the need to do such wickedness just to "Feel" what they have called "Good".

So, How can One Gain Confidence? By starting to pull themselves from judging others on appearance, how someone walk & or whatever else The Most High created someone as and use all that energy onto Loving every bit of themselves that the insecure human Hate about itself.

How Can You Notice If Someone Has Confidence?

1. Someone with Confidence doesn't apply names to Anyone that doesn't apply, However, Uplift others & only speak & shoe Truth.

2. Someone who is comfortable with who they are and how The Most High Created them to look without pretending to be Anything/Anyone & without changing their appearance.

3. Someone who is consistent with each and every human they come in contact with & or when alone. Their the same Happy Human all over, all the time, with Everyone.

4. Someone who is not looking for something and or someone to feel a void.

5. Someone who is Honest, Truthful, Loyal, Respectful & is full of Joy, gives & have genuine Love & Happiness.

6. Someone who is a Natural Leader to assist others to reach Greatness with Correct Tools given by The Most High without wanting anything in return.

7. Someone who speaks Highly of others without any fakeness, lies & or nice nasty-ness involved.

Just to list a few.

How Can You Notice If Someone Doesn't Have Confidence?

1. Someone who doesn't have confidence will speak negatively about others with stories that no one can track to see if its the Truth or not, due to the human without confidence spreading rumors just to apply names/words to someone that doesn't apply to "feel good" about themselves by painting false pictures of others who don't know the individual to ask if what is being said is true or not.

2. Someone who feels the need to do as others because due to them not being able to love themselves, they apply others onto them and pretend to be someone else and lie and Act as if that's their "true" Characteristics.

3. Someone who just says what they think others want to hear, due to not being comfortable of being able to just be themselves and say what they want to say. So to cover themselves up, they fed others lies just to sound as if they know what they are speaking of or even care when they don't.

4. Someone who has to lie about Everything & to Everyone

5. Someone who is cocky, rude, angry, miserable and disrespectful

6. Someone who feels the need to compare others & themselves

7. Someone who can't handle hearing Great News about someone & or the Truth

8. Someone who body shame others (body shaming is someone speaking on how someone else body looks, as if the human who is doing the shaming body "looks better")

Just To List A few

So what is Confidence?

Confidence is when someone has accepted, appreciate & Love their physical appearance to the point they don't need to change, hide or cover up their natural appearance. Confidence is when someone loves how they feel about themselves to be able to embrace others. Confidence doesn't need to impress. Confidence doesn't live in Fear. Confidence is one's True self.

Someone With Confidence.

Someone who doesn't need anything or anyone to validate the good qualities of oneself because humans with confidence already know their Qualities, that are Good. Someone with confidence doesn't need to compare themselves to anyone, doesn't need to be like anyone else or feel they can do someone else too & or better. Someone with confidence doesn't need anything or anyone to make them feel any kind of way. Someone with confidence only know how to Love. Someone with confidence can spot a human with zero confidence at face value, no matter if the human is pretending / faking the funk or whatever .

How To improve ones Confidence?

Start believing in oneself, start to accept your natural appearance, Love everything about yourself, Use your own brain to think for yourself, Start standing up for yourself, start speaking for yourself & Remove Fear & All Hate about yourself & about others.

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