Do You Know How Agents Operate?

Well, I'm here to breakdown on how Agents operate so that You won't be Deceived by their wickedness, on trying to Trap & Devour You. To turn YOU wickedly like them.

So, Let's start with, What is an Agent?

An Agent is a Person who has an agenda, to trap & devour people. Agents get to a picking disagreements, Arguments, looking to be confrontational. Just so that they can manipulate their target to do as they say, to turn the human who is their target to being controlled by the Agent.

These Agents are Bullies, Narcissist people and just flat out Evil people. Who are always trying to bring another human to getting into a unpeaceful situation with another. They purposely will do whatever they can, to get whoever Pissed off to where the Agent can manipulate the situation to try and Blame the human for doing something that the human has never done.

An Agent Comparing to a Movie.

Like the Movie Man in Black.... However, the movie Man in Black showcase agents who go around killing the evil.... In our Reality, The Agents of who I'm speaking of, are People who are evil, dressed as Family Members and whoever else... who job is to bring Confusion into other people life. They will separate their target from others and start off with a smooth cool conversation and then the Agent will guide their target into talking about a subject that will try to make a human feel some kind of way of uncomfortableness. Their goal is to get the person Pissed off and upset. Why because

1 Peter 5:8 8"Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour."

That means trying to turn you away from The Truth and trying to lead others astray & fill others with lies.

The Agents who are on this land, Will do as those who have been trying to destroy me. They Lie, They Pretend, They Steal, They Kill, They Destroy & They are Counterfeits. And once those Agents have succeed with devouring their prey, The Prey becomes an Agent. And that person is now of the Wicked. And all wicked humans have the same mindset. Revelation 17:13-14 13 These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast. 14 These will make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them, for He is Lord of lords and King of kings; and those who are with Him are called, chosen, and faithful.”

Agents Attacking Me

The Spiritual Gift that I carry of being The Earthly Mother, who is a Light Source... Who carry the DNA of The air we breathe... Whom I tittle to being The Most High/Lord/Father. That is why I was being attacked by Many Agents, Because I'm No Coward and I Exposed their asses. Those Agents Thought that by grouping together, and devouring those who Loved Me, Who were being lead in the correct directions and those who were growing to reach their new level of Greatness with Me... Who has been turned against me... was trying to destroy me. But NOPE. They have Failed. Even though those Agents tried to detract me from my purpose (they have never did) I still stood up for myself While still Doing My Purpose. However, because Many humans were clueless of those Agents attacking Me & Me standing up for myself... While STILL Doing My Purpose & keeping my oil Full in my lamp... That caused much confusion to many people who never took the time to read My Replies to those people who were attacking Me (Agents). Many people was turned away from reading my post, because they were deceived by those Agents who wrote in my & other people comments. On how many words I used to showcase the Truth... As if the length of the Truth was too much for Many people to read. So, because many people decided to be lazy & not challenge themselves to read more than two sentences, those people have became prey for the Agents to try & devour. All because they didn't read my post. That caused many humans to believe that lie and become lazy to not read the Truth of what I have been sharing, So that Others won't be devoured by these Agents.

Picture this....

A group of wolfs who are looking to bully & devour a pack of sheep. So to fool the sheep, the wolf dressed like sheep to guide the sheep into the incorrect direction to the sheep own destruction. That is the wolf devouring the sheep. These Agents are the Wolf and the Sheep are the people who don't have a clue to knowing who those wolfs are... and what those wolfs are plaining to do with those sheep. Matthew 7:15- 16 "They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16 By their fruit you will recognize them."

By their fruits

Their Fruits are their Characteristics. Do they bring Goodness & are of Truth. Or Are they full of Evilness and bring lies? You will know them by their Behavior toward you & others.

So because I'm The Light Shinning in the Darkness of evil, They are now Exposed and More and More People are learning the Truth of those Agents, who are the wicked ones, who carry Evil, Who many are know as Demons. Who look just like People who many call family, friends & others.

Agents & Religions

Do you know anyone who will try and get you to join their Religion?

If so, Then you have been involved with an Agent.

The Religion & the a cult of Jehovah Witness, who go door to door, interrupting folks peace to try and wheel people into their Religion... by pulling out the lies from the Bible as if they have discernment to knowing the difference between the lies that are in the Book, from the Truth that is covered up in that same book, When No, Jehovah Witnesses Are trained to teach the lies. Because that's all they know, is the lies. Many are Agents. and if they are not an agent, they are prey from those who are within their Religion, who the Agents are training to be devoured. This goes for All Religion. I just highlighted Jehovah Witness, because they are the main ones, who go to interrupt other people Peace & took others choice away by even ringing & or knocking on someone else's door, trying to recruit more lost & clueless sheep to becoming Wolfs, trying to make it seem as if they are doing the Will of The breath we breathe. Who they know as Jehovah.

My Personal Xperience with an Agent Who tried to Devour Me

I'm A Light Power Source that the Agents want to break down to try and destroy.

So, I was chillin in a house I was staying at because I was kicked out of the house my dad bought before he passed/was murdered... because I asked My Mother, who has lied about my Dad Will, for over 22 years... if I can see my dad Trust Agreement that is mentioned in my Dad's Will, that she has lied about for over 22 years. So, because I was asking about The One Thing she was Trying to keep away from Me... She had to push me away from Her and paint me to being a problem, as she has my whole life. All because she don't want anyone to see my Dad Trust Agreement. I was at my younger sister's apartment for a minute and Her and her wife started to blame Me for their mess that they were making and basically trying to push me away.... And they did. I then went to my dad second wife home, where my nephew & his mother was also there. My brother & I was together, going through the same things, side by side. So, my nephew went out of town for three months, after a week of my brother & I arriving to that house. So my nephew came back on May 23, 2020. As soon as he came back, he asked if I could go out side with him. So we went out to talk & so that he can smoke. Then he ask if we could take a walk. I said sure. So I went to take a walk. We were just talking about random things. It was about 10pm. Now mind you he's guiding the walk. Meaning let's go this way and let's go to the back yard. He saw some people on their front door step & walked his way over to them to held a conversation about cov-19 & when they were done. We walked to the back yard of his grandma house, so that he can drink his beer. FYI, He drinks ALOT. So, we went to the Backyard to speak on the Spiritual Realm. So, as we're speaking, I'm receiving Visuals (as I always do) So, then I noticed the conversation was going in a direction of him feeling as if we were disagreeing. But the conversation we were having had nothing to do with a disagreement & or Agreement. So I asked him, Why was he taking what we were speaking of as a disagreement? He says because I don't want to agree with you. He then changes the subject. So then I received a visual & got excited and started dancing. My Nephew goes, what are you so happy about? I said because I just received a visual and I get excited when I receive visuals. Now I've been trying to share my spiritual gifts & my relationship that I have with The Most High/Lord/Father with him & others for A LONG time. But because they don't want to believe, they view me to being "Crazy" So... My Nephew ask if I can share the visual with him. I said No. He said why not? I said because you won't receive it. He says "yes I will. Can you share... Maybe I want some of that on me" I said well the visual that I've received showcased that Him & I, were on two different roads, going in the same direction and there is this Large island in between us. He said what does that mean? I said we are not the same. So he goes, so you saying... that we are on the two different roads & we are on two different sides & there is a separation in between us? I said Yes. So he then try's to reach into my jacket to try & pull out the lighter. I said, Dawg.. What are you doing? He said I'm getting the lighter. I said you can't ask? I said I don't reach & pull on your clothes, So why are you reaching & pulling on my clothes. He start to get loud & says DANG! I'm just trying to get the lighter. I said but you all up in my personal space without asking me. I don't do what you are doing to me, so why do you think its cool for you to do what you are doing to me? He then goes, can I see the lighter. So I gave him the lighter. He light his Black & then hands me back the lighter. So He then start speaking on how people perceive me. He goes, Maybe people don't want to hear what you have to say. I said then they can turn the other way & not listen to me. I said I'm in my own lane, Posting on my accounts. If whoever slides by & is receptive of what I speak, They receive what I have given to gain to grow. To reaching new levels of their greatness. And those who slide by my accounts & read my post & start applying how they feel about me, against the Truth I'm sharing... then they can keep going. I said, they don't have to read shit I post. They don't even have to like it & or like me. They just need to keep moving away from me & go where they want to go, where they don't feel the need to pick me apart all because they don't want me to show the greatness that I carry.

So he goes, But is what you are saying with scripture? I said yes.. He goes then let's go to some scriptures then.. He got louder and goes WELL, LET'S GO TO SOME SCRIPTURES Then. I said, what is going to some scriptures have to do with you learning if I use scriptures with what I'm saying? I said why don't you just go to my accounts and read what I wrote, so that you will see for yourself that I back up what I speak with scriptures... Us going to some random scriptures is not going to do anything, when you trying to see if what I speak of, is backed up with some scripture that you are trying to take me to. I said, why don't you read my post and then we can return to this conversation. He said Why do I need to go to your post and read? I said because you clearly don't know who I Am. You don't know me. So by reading my post, you'll get to learn about me and plus you can see that I back myself up with True scripture that speaks the Truth. He goes... I'm not interested in what you have to say.. I said, say that again... He repeats himself.. I'm NOT Interested in what you have to say. I said One More Time. And he repeats himself. I said then I'll stop speaking. I asked him to repeat himself to make sure that he heard what he was saying to me. Because He is always the one who is trying to talk to me and asking me questions but then he says that He is not interested in hearing what I have to say. To the point he will rather try to argue with me about what I Post, but he haven't read my Post. So he ask me questions to get me to speak and then use that as to why he gets pissed & Angry. When He is just not interested in what I have to Period about anything. The sound of my Voice pisses him off. So clearly someone is in his head who read my post and clearly is twisting what I say, who he will rather believe then actually go learn the TRUTH for himself. So he start to turn around and walk away all heated and getting loud as if he needed to walk away from me, before he hit me. The look in his eyes told me what he wanted to do to me. He was turning red in the eyes. So, I received another visual... So he comes back toward me and ask me what was Gods name? (Another Question) I said What? He Said WHAT IS GODS NAME? I said well, the air the we breathe is the breath of life. Many people have given the breath that they breathe different names, I said I use The Most High/Lord & Father. And others use what they us to identify the Higher Power. He then goes so those are Tittles? I said Yeah... He goes THATS WHAT IM SAYING. I said No that is Not what you are saying. You asked me what was Gods name. That's when I was given the visual of him trying to trap me to devour me. But because I carry the Light of Truth & I saw him for the fruits that he didn't carry. He was loosing. So, I walked away and said, you are so mad to the point you want to hit me, so you keep walking away form me as if we're in a disagreement when No we're Not... Well, I'm Not. So he then tried to blame me for the way that he placed himself of being. It was like a wolf who was right next to his prey who he THOUGHT was weak... And then soon realized, no matter how close he was, he wasn't going to be able to touch me... So it just kept pissing him off that everything he put out, wasn't coming to him in the way that he wanted. So I walked in the house.

So, I was resting on the sofa for three months and when I learned he was returning that day, I moved all of my things away from that sofa, so that he can have his spot back before he even returned. So, when I walked into the house, his son was on that sofa already ready to rest. So I took a sit on the single part of the sofa. So My nephew comes in the house and asked where was I going to rest. I said where you and your son is not. He said so where are you going to rest? I said where do you want to rest? He said that he will sleep anywhere. I said Well I'll take the purple sofa. So he walks away... Then he comes back & smacks his son on his feet & told him to get up & go on the purple sofa. I said I picked the purple sofa... He goes, SO WHERE DO YOU WANT TO SLEEP MONICA? I was pissed that I fell for his Bull Shit again. So he goes in the kitchen where his grandma was & made a bigger deal about where who was going to sleep and manipulated her to believe the lies that was coming out of his mouth. So I walked in the kitchen and asked what was the issue? He said just sleep where ever you want. I said You asked me where I was sleeping, and my reply was where ever that you and your son is not. So then I picked the purple sofa... Then you told your son to go sleep on the purple sofa. So now I'm asking where are you sleeping because after we decided on who's sleeping where, you came and changed all of that and told your son to get up from where we was already comfortable to go sleep, where I said that I would rest. So, he started to get watered eyes, and pissed because what he told his grandmother wasn't want I just explained of what happened. So I asked, why are you so upset? He said you real confrontational... I said how? I'm not pissed at you, I don't want to fight you, as you do me.. I'm just confused on what you are trying to do. So, he goes I just got back here and he tried to make me to be the problem so he can paint a picture for me to be kicked out all because he didn't want me there. So, once I was given a visual of What his plans were. I asked Father/The Most High/Lord to remove me out of that whole situation & far away from anyone who don't want me around. So, I was guided to get started to make that move. I stayed up most of the night. The interesting part is that, While he was away, the streets were peaceful, The night he came back & did all that he showcased.. There were folks shooting guns throughout the night. So, the next morning... The Grandmother informed his mother what happened but she gave her the story that he put into her head. Then when his mother asked him what happen, Him & his grandmother story matched. But no one asked me what happened. I was cool that they didn't ask me because I was supposed to see why I was being moved from those people. They really didn't want me there anyway, all they did was talk about me behind my back and "smile" in my face. So Father/The Most High/Lord removed me from them that next afternoon (Father moved Fast) & I will never look back.

When someone believe the lies of others because that's their child & or family member & or someone who they place above others, Who they THINK won't lie to them because of whatever reason... then The Truth won't be seen & or head by anyone who believed the lies. I'm not a stay in touch with you because we family kind of chick. I'm a I want to be where I'm wanted, not talk about me behind my back, pretend to like me just to make yourself seem as if you are nice & or anything outside of Wanting me & respecting me. If I'm not wanted, I'm gone. Period. & folks don't realized that their actions speaks louder than they words & how they words & actions don't match... on how I see them.

So, Be careful because these Agents are people who are the closet to you, who are trying to devour you for you to lose the Gift of Life.

The Agents who are trying to destroy me. I've Exposed many of them on Ephesians 5:11 “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.”

I wear the Amour of Father/The Most High/Lord, Now that I know how an Agent Looks and what their Agenda is... They Flee from me. When Expose they asses. So be wise and make sure you are not being trap to be devour Cool? Cool!

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