Do You Know The Ways Of A Witch?

Updated: May 19, 2020

Many humans view a Witch to being someone who wears all black & does VooDoo because that's the picture that is programmed to view a witch as. However, I'm speaking of the actions of a wicked witch, the actions witches don't want Anyone to know & or learn about.

How do I know so much about Witches? Well, I asked The Most High for Truth, Once I did that I've become aware of the ways & the humans who were/are around me who are indeed witches at face value.

What is a witch? A witch is someone who can be male or female. Their gender doesn't matter. Their characteristics are what to pay attention to. Their characteristics don't change. Maybe slow down, but never change, they tell on themselves all the time.

I'm going to list a few Characteristics of a witch, and you (the reader) try to figure out who have you ever come in contact with, that do these characteristics, so you will know who's a witch around you, who could be trying to destroy & or control your life behind your back unknowingly.

Keep in mind, being a witch is not a Good thing. Witches are wicked and The Most High Don't like Wicked to the point they will soon be destroyed and soon Perish.

The Characteristics of a Witch.

1. A witch Needs to be the center of attention. The witch will start a conversation with what if's, and or just to be seen & or heard by saying nothing that matters but everything about them, to bring the center of attention to themselves.

2. The Witch will try to make a joke by trying to belittle someone else.

For example, say there is three humans in a room and the witch doesn't like one human in the room, who naturally gets attention without trying. The witch will try everything in them to bring attention to themselves, just to ask the human who they don't like a question, that has nothing to do with anything just to try and make the human who the witch doesn't like, to being the center of the witch Joke. The witch will discredit the human as if whatever the human says is a lie, all because the witch doesn't want the human who they don't like to have any Good attention on them.

For another example, I was walking to a bar a long time ago and they had outdoor sitting, I'm minding my own business and these chicks who were sitting started to beatbox (you know the smacking of their teeth cause they mad that I have arrived) at me just to paint a picture to other folks who were watching them as if no one likes me, when they are the only ones who don't like me for their own personal no related to me reasons. But a witch goal is to paint a false picture for others not to like who they don't like. The spell of a witch.

If you are someone who dislikes someone due to someone else not liking them, & or you've heard second-hand information & or someone controlled you not to like someone & or hang/work around/with someone, then you are indeed under a witch spell.

3. The witch will point out any and everything on someone to make it seem as if the witch is so much better than their target. They say things like Look at her clothes, why she wears that, what he has on, why they doing that and then tell a story about them doing something better than the human who is minding their business, who the witch is trying to paint to be less than.

4. The witch will make a point to take all attention off of their target, such as Telling a complete stranger (who was not paying any kind of attention to the witch,) who the witch is to the human who is getting attention. Just so the witch can take the attention and start to spread lies about whoever is getting attention. The ways of a witch is to be the first to say their lie to make it seem as if their lie is of truth, all due to because the witch painted itself to being the first, to make their lie seem that their lie is truth. Just as a witch will show someone something first as if its of their own, when they copied someone else. But because the witch was first to the clueless human, the witch have painted the human to view them as the originator. When Nope, their the lie & copier.

5. Have you ever come across someone who said that someone is this and that and all they have is what they've heard? No proofs, no facts, no Truth, just what they heard? Keep in mind that human who is saying that human is this and that based off of someone else information is also a witch spreading lies, so be-careful.

6. A witch will make their target feel as if they are always wrong and the witch is always right. No matter if the witch don't know a thing of what they are speaking of, the witch will lie to make them feel as if they are right. Why? because the witch can't handle being embarrassed and or called out so they will make anyone uncomfortable to walk away, instead of calling them out. A witch loves painting false pictures to deceive others to eat up all the attention.

Witches don't like me, because I don't Fear them I call them out (spiritual battle) calling a witch out makes them embarrassed and they run. Call out the devil and he will flee. You get it? Witches are seeds of the devil.

7. The Witch will grab any random human to feed the new human with lies about whomever the witch target is, as if they are "helping" someone out, when in reality their destroying the human who believes their lies life & soul.

8. Many witches will walk behind their target and make ugly faces just so others will look at the human who the witch is looking at, as the human who is walking in front of the witch is a problem. By the viewer not realizing the witch is painting a false picture of their target just to gain attention for themselves.

Have you ever come across anyone who makes faces and shake their head as if the human who is speaking is not to listen too? if so, then you have seen a witch manipulate a situation to view someone to being a liar when the human is not a liar, the witch is, at face value.

9. A Witch will make anyone who they control to feel as if they can't be themselves because the witch made the human feel that the human can't do anything, of their liking because everything the witch doesn't like, the witch made it seem as if it's disrespectful & or rude, when nothing of what the human is doing is disrespecting anyone and or being rude. It's all because the witch doesn't want the human to do & be themselves and do & be what the witch wants them to do & be. It's a mind fuck that witches do if you are unaware of who is a witch and the ways of a witch & or being controlled by the witch.

10. A witch always want you to do, eat, want, have what they have. Always. It's like a force to make you do what they say. their energy suckers.

My Dating Experience

I've dated some really nice guys who we could have had a Beautiful partnership together, but out of nowhere, they started being weird and then blaming me from what they have heard from someone who doesn't know me, through their actions.

Pause... have you ever come across anyone who was told lies about you, and the human who believe the lies, just started acting funny toward you, as if they know something about you, that you don't know about yourself? If so, then you are aware of that dumb look they be having on their faces when trying to make fun of you, with lies that they choose to believe. Unpause....

I just shake my head and keep moving and grooving. Why? Because that human who is under the witch spell on believing the witches lies, will soon learn the Truth about the witches that are in their ear and, all the lies that were ever told about me, will come to the light and the Truth will be exposed. Who is indeed a witch that placed them under the witch spell not to like me anymore based off of the lies that were fed into them.

The Most High has placed me into a path that I was spiritually connected with a guy soul and the connection was so powerful that it was a Fact that The Most High hands were all in it. However, due to us having Free will, it caused things to move into a different direction, due to all the witches who came out and made sure that, the dude didn't like me anymore. The way he looked at me, How he paid attention to me in ways no one has ever done before, We never happened, & or got far at all because most of all of his friends are witches & all those human who claim to be my friend behind my back were as well witches. They made sure to keep him away from me by removing him from watching me. Everyone involved was told to not like me, so that the dude will stay far away from me.

How do I know this? Because I asked The Most High to show me what was going on with this dude.

There was this one time I made something for the dude as a inside joke between us. He then asked me to make his friend one, because she said it was nice. Now right then and there I knew this friend was a witch, who was turning the attention onto herself to take away from me and him. So I said No. Then he started asking me questions about where to get the app I used, to give to this chick whom he thinks is a friend. Now, I can see clearly what this chick/witch who suppose to be his friend is doing, however by his replies and asking me all these questions for Her, he showed me that he was long lost in Her spells. She has gotten so far in his head that he was no longer able to make his own decisions & has viewed the witch to being someone to protect due to being a "friend".

Then I'm being surrounded by male witches who claim to be his friend & or family who were turning me away from him with their stories about him as if he's this horrible human. Once I've realized what these dudes were doing, I removed myself & took a sit to view the whole picture of who is a witch and who is not. Then out of nowhere this dude flipped on me and I removed myself form his toxic.

Then a few years went by and I saw him again, and he was trying to touch me (as a friendly touch), and I moved away because I didn't want to be touched by someone who is being controlled by witches. Then out of nowhere, the DJ says the dude name and his girlfriend name whom I didn't hear, as his favorite couple. It was very pointless and random to where I knew it was said because I was there, and the witches wanted me to know that he was with someone. However, the witches don't know me at all, to know that I don't care anything about anyone who allows themselves to be controlled by witches, plus I'm not a envious & or jealous human. It was random and pointless as to why the DJ said what he said. The Most High then showed me that the DJ was too a witch.

I'm minding my own business and looked up to see the dude looking at me. He then takes his two fingers and does that whole I'm watching movement by pointing to his eyes and me. I just shook my head and went about my business. Then he made a big jester to let me know that he liked what I did right in front of the witch whom he is "dating" So once the event was over, I wanted to leave before even seeing him. Out of nowhere a random fight broke out that kept the dude away from me, so that I can leave & I Did. I brought that story up because he's not the only one on this land who has overlooked their blessing of The Most High Glory Gift by listening to & being controlled by witches.

Many humans are unaware that they're own parents, family members and friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, co-workers, even wives & husbands are indeed witches who are destroying their lives unknowingly. Many witches say things like they know folks better than folks know themselves, just to get others to dislike the humans and love the witch who is doing the lying. Those are a few tricks of a witch.

If anyone knows me, Knows that I will walk away from Anyone, if they are interrupting my peace & bringing drama into my life because they have shown me, that they are easily influenced to believe anything that is told to them, from a witch. If they knew the human they choose to believe is a witch or not. Those humans believed the lies without getting to know me and paying attention to My actions, characteristics & the xperience they've had with me on their own, to learn My truth. Instead of the lies from these witches. I'm not the one who lost here, they are, due to the witches they ,made a choice to believe. Now due to us asking The Most High for forgiveness for our sins, by Repenting and never doing them again and only speaking & Being Truthful, so that others won't following our wicked ways. Then I can forgive. Just make sure you are "Apology is as Loud as your disrespect" of me was/is & let those folks you've lied to, know the Truth. Cool? Cool!

Keep in mind, a witch will try and paint anyone to being a witch to take the attention of being called out off of them. You must pay attention and watch the actions of humans to learn for yourself. No one should have to tell you anything about anyone without you being able to learn the truth and facts on your own. Now that I have shared with you the basics of a witch due to many humans not knowing, now you can ask the Most High to guide you to who is a witch that is surrounding you. Keep your eyes open, because The Most High will show you through their actions. Once you learn their truth, you can make a choice of your own to walk away and or to stay and become a witch as well. The choice is yours. Just keep in mind witches are going to be destroyed by The Most High Wrath, if you are not trying to die, you may want to stay away from them.

Someone calling out a witch is not a witch. That's just someone calling out a witch to bring you knowledge so you won't perish with them.

A witch is a liar. A witch is wicked, a witch is empty, a witch is insecure, a witch is weak, a witch is controlling, a witch is evil. All witches are being destroyed and exposed as we speak.

I was clueless of the ways of a witch until I asked The Most High to show me the Truth of EVERYTHING to be able to see whos, who from The Most High perspective. I've received what I asked for & is very Grateful for learning & gaining the TRUTH!

Here's a funny one.

There are witches out here making fun of me on how I dance, by mimicking what they have studied from me, just so they can be able to dance/skate like me in front of others for the attention they seek. To keep themselves from feeling embarrassed, just in case someone says that they look stupid (because they ain't me & don't look as great as I) so they make me as to being their joke just so they can do me too. It's pretty sad and noticeable. Have you watched someone change from how they used to do things to doing them the way I do them by trying to say what they are doing is of their own creation & or ways? Well, congratulations you know who a witch is at face value now. The Most High, Always Have The Last Laugh.

You're Welcome, now go learn whos a witch around you Cool? Cool!

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