Do You Know What A PSYOP Is? Are You Aware That There Are PSYOP's Being Done On Us?

Updated: May 19, 2020

If you don't know anything about a psyop & or that you are involved unknowingly, then Luv you may want to learn something NEW today.

"the definition of PsyOp (which literally stands for psychological operation or psychological warfare), is basically a way to influence someone else’s behavior, emotions, thought processes and objective reasoning". In other words, Satanic Magic / Lies.

What does this mean? Well, it means that Most of all the news that is being shared to us on the Devil Box (TV) / social media is a psyop to feed the enemy with the energy that is applied to the lies that are believed by those who are clueless to what's actually going on around this world by the wicked ones.

Have you ever wondered why the news show stories that is of wickedness, someone getting hurt, all kinds of news that are pointless but is to affect you on a depressing level? that's because it's used to trick you into believing the lies to take your energy without you knowing because the enemy is the "devil" and the "Devil" only knows how to lie.

What's the point of the enemy to do this to humans? Well, look around you. How many humans do you know that take what they hear from the news, as if its Real news and when you/someone tell them it's fake news, those humans who are brainwashed & programmed to trust & believe those who are lying to them, are ready to fuss because they will rather believe the liars who have been feeding them lies all these years than someone who is trying to awaken them out of the sinking place that they have been placed into, due to believing the lies.

It's easy to fool someone than to show someone that they have been fooled. The whole point of why the Fake News & all these Psyops of fake people dying and etc. Just to deceive you to believe their lies to energy suck you.

So many "Stars" are Psyops themselves and are playing along to trick others into believing them when they have sold themselves out to fool their own kind and those who follow and support them. It's a set up to take your energy. Be careful who you like, support, follow and trust. Many humans have sold themselves (their souls) for Wordly Fame, The Enemy Money and to be controlled just to LOOK as if they are happy when Nope, their not. To LOOK as if they are winning, when NOPE, they already lost. Their just trying to trick others into loosing just as they have.

Who are they? Those who are lying to you. It's your job to pay attention to see who they are. If you want some advice, I say ask The Most High to show you the truth of who they are, so you will no longer be deceived by the enemy that is after you to kill you.

It's really horrible and just pure wickedness in this world. However, due to so many humans who are deceived and blinded from the truth, they are stuck in the lies and are clueless to what is going on, who are being lead to their death for not listening and learning the actual Truth that faces them in plain sight.

If anyone is Fear and scared of anyone and anything, that's because your relationship with The Most High is non-existing. The enemy feels your Fear. Just like a dog who knows a human is fear of it.

There is so much that is going on in this world that so many humans don't even have a clue to knowing, due to trying to keep up with these "stars" and being distracted to kill you. These "stars" don't care about Anyone but themselves. If any of them actually cared, then they would be teaching you about what's going on, then continue to distract you from learning what's going on. Also they wouldn't be apart of deceiving you to believe lies by trying to make their lies look as truth.

I've tried to awaken folks and as many humans have been a witness to, have seen how those who are clueless attacked me because I know something they don't. so instead of gaining the knowledge that is shared, they attacked me. SMH That's why The Most High said that many will perish due to lack of knowledge. At this point, it's their fault.

I did my part & will continue to do what is assigned to me to do, regardless of those who chose not to listen. When you know the Truth, you don't have a care for anyone that doesn't want to listen. That's their choice and fault.

Keep in mind the News have to add a very few true stories into the mix however more than most is fake news & distractions to keep many from learning the actual truth to save themselves, as in their souls in the spiritual form. A church won't help save anyone. Only the relationship with The Most High will save.

If anyone knows how to read the enemy's language (through their google images, Colors & numbers) Then you will be able to decode The enemies' lies & plans as The Most High has provided me the ability to learn and do so, just by me asking for the Truth.

We are living in The Most High Will and it's indeed being done right in front of us. Many humans are sad because their favorite "star" is dying without knowing the human's relationship with The Most High to why they have died. Also, the enemy kills their own. Have no one put all these "Stars" death together and noticed all these vehicle accidents?

Also, it's interesting how in each and every vehicle accident that included the enemy puppets, it is always blaming the driver or someone else when in reality it's a psyop. And as we all look around, many humans are under the spells to believe the lies of the enemy.

Have anyone ever notice how so many humans apply their feelings to a situation that has nothing to do with them and if someone says anything that is different, than what they believe, that human who is under the psyop spell, gets so defensive and is ready to argue you down? Well, that's because that human is being controlled to pysop spell their under.

Keep in mind these "stars/celebrities" job is to deceive you, and lead you to the enemy. They don't love you or The Most High, they love the devil, who they call god & have fooled everyone to call on that false god Jesus through their movies, tv shows and etc.

Just Pay Attention to EVERYTHING! Ask The Most High to guide you to the TRUTH. Cool? Cool!


To those who have decided to sell out, & sell out their own kind for Fame and Money. I want you to know that you made the Worst Mistake of Your Entire Life. You have turned on The Most High. SMH The Most High Don't Love Everybody, Why Do You Think The Most High is Coming With Great wrath? That's for all of you who have killed someone you suppose to have love to reach some level of fame you so badly want Someone who carry any amount of love in their heart, Don't Kill. Think about that.

I wasn't expecting this post to be this long, however, it's on my heart to speak this to you all who have turned on The Most High & who is lying and feeding humans your wickedness, who may not know of your own wrongdoings, due to being blinded by the "Attention/Clout" you seek. By You (the one who turned on The Most High & who is lying to others) Are you aware that the devil is a liar? like you participating in a lie, is YOU lying just as clear as the one who planed for you to lie. Are you aware of that? Are you aware that The Most High is Near? like NEAR! SO MANY humans are manipulated into calling on Jesus instead of The Most High, who is brainwashed to THINK that Jesus Crucified is The Most High who "died" for our sins, so we don't have to be held accountable for breaking The Most High Law. Think about that for a minute. Does that make sense to you? Nope, because it's a lie that has been taught and has been added into the book the Bible. If you believe that this "Jesus Crucified character" who showcases his truth in the Bible of who he is, going to save You, then you will learn the hard way when the Most High comes with Great wrath. Listen, if you sold out and want to do right & be truthful, then you need to tell each and every human who you have lied to/ deceived and what you have done in full details, so that those who believe YOUR lies, can save themselves and stop following in the ways of the lies that you have showcased. To the Right thing/Action by allowing humans to save themselves and remove themselves from believing your lies. The devil has you by your neck and The Most High is going to destroy you with all the wicked ones. The Most High never took your choice away from you, so why do you feel the need to take someone else choice away from them with your lies? The Most High wrath is going to DESTROY. Just trying to give that very last warning. The very last warning. SPEAK TRUTH!

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