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Maybe I can help many of you gain some knowledge if you are clueless & unaware. So we all know how to take care of a virus (Flu) correct? If not, someone around you know how to take care of a virus (flu) and keep others from being around the virus (flu) to not catch it correctly? Cool! Now what many humans are dismissing is that This is NOT a Virus we're dealing with here that has a funny name called the Co-Ro-na, THIS "Virus" is actually The Most High Wrath. If you read the Bible, this is the fourth horse & Hell (Burring Lake of fire) Follows behind it. (Whats to come next) Many of the wicked are confusing many humans to thinking that this is a "virus" so that humans can be treated & Fear, when NOPE. This is The Most High Wrath that will kill & destroy ALL wicked & Sinners. So if you are of wicked & you're a sinner then you will experience The Most High Wrath. You may die, You may just be able to live but have your share in the wrath for what you have done & or You won't feel or experience a thing from The Most High Wrath, if you are written in the book of life. Your Actions, your heart & Your relationship with The Most High & how you treat others is YOUR judgment of what you will experience during The Most High Wrath. If you have a relationship with The Most high then you know that You will be just fine from all the wicked who is trying to take from you, just so you can be full of Fear & get this Vaccination, Chip & or whatever camp the wicked is trying to will you into, to make you believe that they are helping you when NOPE, It's to kill you. Be Strong in the Lord (who is the Most High) & Don't be foolish. Cool? Cool! The choice is of course yours I'm looking forward to seeing what build The Most High is going to HIT first. I'm thinking the Denver, Co Airport because of The Wicked ones who are in war with The Most High. Who built their "City" (safe place) underground. Maybe that's where the war is going to take place between the Freemasons & The Most High. Hmm.. I'm looking forward to The Most High Tearing these wicked folks As$es up. Are you? :) .