Floyd George Death is a lie, that is just another distraction to deceive the Land.

Due to Many humans being distracted, brainwashed & programmed. Many humans only know what they know & dismiss the Knowledge of what they Don't Know. That causes those who think they know everything to miss the Truth. With those who don't have a relationship with Father/The Most High/Lord who are lost & clueless of the actual truth.

Many humans are clueless of the much deceptions that is surrounding us & the many puppets of Satan who are doing the deceiving & filling many humans heads up with lies.

So, Listen to Receive. Not to compare & or discredit because this is New knowledge that many humans don't & or didn't have a clue about knowing. Listen to Receive what you don't know. Cool? Cool!

Ask Father/The Most High/Lord to help you gain the Truth from this video. Just Press Play & pay attention. Allow yourself to receive.

A psyop is a Lie/

You're Welcome



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