For Those Who Want To Gain Spiritual True Knowledge.

Here's the break Down on The Spiritual Realm and What is Going on Around us TODAY!

The Spiritual Realm

First, we need to start at the beginning with The Most High/Lord/Father/The Creator/The Only Savior, who many humans view as God, Who Created EVERYTHING & EVERYONE. Now, Let's move over to Satan/The Devil. Who is Darkness & Evil. There is no comparing the Two, because of The Most High/Lord/Father/The Creator Created Satan/The Devil as well. That is where most of the many human's confusion comes into place. There is No One and or Anything above The Most High/Lord/The Father/The Lord. Due to Many humans not knowing & or are aware of the Spiritual Realm. That leaves those humans to be targeted for The spirit of The Devil/Satan to enter into their souls and take over. Without Many even knowing. Many of Top of Many humans are unable to see the Spiritual Realm. And a few are able to see the Spiritual Realm. Many humans who are not able to see the spiritual realm, are quick to dismiss anyone who is trying to teach them knowledge of what they can't see. It's not an easy task to do, because when a human is hardheaded and don't want to gain True knowledge, that human has made a choice to be lead astray & be a vessel for the spirit of darkness. So, The Most High/Lord/Father Spirit is of Light & full of Goodness. The Devil/Satan Spirit is Darkness & full of Evil. Each Spirit carries its own characteristics & are noticeable through humans actions. The Spirit of Light that is Full of Goodness, carry Respect, Kindness, Honesty, Love, Genuine, Care, Loyal, Trust, Good, & Truth. The Spirit of Darkness that is full of Evil, carry Disrespect, Dishonest, Hate, Fake, Steals, Destroy, Blame, Disloyal, Lies, Discredit, Evil & Illusions. These are Spirits that can't be seen, however by someone Actions & how they carry themselves and what they Characteristics are.. Is How you can spot out who is of Goodness & who is of Darkness.

The Spirit of Envious & Jealousy

The Spirit of The Devil/Satan is Envious of Those who carry The Most High/Lord/Father Light. The Spirit of The Devil/Satan wants All of what Father/The Most High/Lord has created as if it's his own. Why? Because The Spirit of The Devil/Satan wants to be The Most High/Lord. That's what makes The Spirit of The Devil/Satan a Counterfit.

Have you ever been a witness to anyone Trying to be someone else?

How about copying what someone else has done as if its their own and dismiss the human who they are stealing and copying from? How about noticing how others who is a watcher of the counterfeiter, who make excuses on why it's ok for the counterfeit to be doing Evil?

If so, then you are/have witnessed someone who carries the Spirit of Darkness that is full of Evil, that is the Spirit of Satan/The Devil.

What are you to do when you see someone who carries the Spirit of The Devil/Satan? Ephesians 5:11 (CEBA) "and don't participate in the unfruitful actions of darkness. Instead, you should reveal(expose) the truth about them."

So, if you have been seeing me speak on the wicked ones who carry the Spirit of Darkness, who are full of Evil.... Who has been studying, stealing & Copying me, teaching remixed of My Artistry, Sequences & Style... That's because Those humans are My Enemies. Job 27:7 "Let my enemy be exposed as wicked! Let my adversary be proven guilty!" The list of those wicked ones who have stolen from Me & is Teaching my Artistry who are lying to the Whole Land is listed at

Those who carry The Spirit of Light

There are only a few Humans on this Land, who carry the Spirit of Light, that is full of The Most High/Lord/Father Goodness. Who have Good hearts & Does Good things and Speak nothing but the Truth. Anyone can notice who those humans are by their actions of who they are... Even when being attacked by the wicked ones. The Ones full of Light, Shines No Matter what the situation is. Those who are full of Light are not Cowards, They're Brave. They Fear No Evil and They do the Will of Father/The Most High/Lord. My Actions have showcased how bright my Light Shines from within Me. Just as each & every other human who carry Father/The Most High/Lord Light.

Those who carry the Spirit of Darkness

There is a Wide Road of humans who carry the Spirit of Darkness on this Land who are on there way to their own destruction. Who has Hatful hearts & who are full of Evil & wickedness. Who speak nothing but lies & twist the True. Who are cowards, that speak behind folks back & Never able to speak what they say behind someone back, to the human who they speak of face & or @ them & or talk to them human. Anyone can notice who those humans are by their actions. The Wicked ones Always tell on themselves by their actions and words never matching each other. They deflect from answering questions that are asked to them. They try to confuse others from learning their wicked ways by placing blame on others... They run away from the Truth and always trying to play the victim when they're the actual villain. However, no matter how much they Lie, The TRUTH always showcases their lies & wicked * Coward ways.

The Lost & Clueless

There are humans who are lost & clueless about Those who carry The Most High/Lord/Father Light & Those who carry Darkness/No Light at all. Who are the ones to follow the large group of humans, THINKING that a large group of humans is the Truth when NOPE. That Large group of humans is walking on the Wide Road to Their own destruction due to lack of knowledge... Who are all full of darkness. So, because the Lost & Clueless are Lost & Clueless, they are like Sheep. Who just follow whoever without knowing where they are going. So when you have someone like myself who is guiding them into the correct direction, Those lost & Clueless ones will rather follow the Large Group than to gain the Truth, that is the way to their Salvation that is far away from Destruction.

Those who made a choice to walk in Darkness

Many on Top of Many humans who Love Money, have made a choice to allow The Spirit of darkness to enter into their souls for the "Worldly Fame" who job is to deceive & distract the Lost & Clueless ones to follow them into Darkness to fall into their own destruction. Those ones who are full of darkness, are known as Satan Puppets. Why? because they take orders from The Spirits of Darkness that is Named Satan/The Devil. Those who are full of Darkness Lie, Steal, Kill, Destroy & Hate... who are just counterfeits of The ones who carry The Most High/Lord/Father light. All to deceive the Lost & Clueless to believe every lie that the ones Full of Darkness provide and showcase. The ones who are full of Darkness, Who are known as Satan Puppets, who is As a group are the Wicked ones... Their job is to Steal what is of the ones who are full of Light, & be a counterfeit of the lights ones just to wheel the Lost & Clueless ones into darkness. Now, Get This...

Satan Puppets, Even have Puppets. Have you notice how there are random humans who talk about Satan Puppets (Famous Humans) all damn day long... As if these "Famous humans" are of a Higher level than others... Telling the Land Satan Puppets, pointless business on who is dating who, on how much stuff and money these puppets have... just Pointless & Worthless information? If so, then you are a witness of a Puppet of the Spirit of Satan/The Devil Puppet who is getting paid to speak on Satan Puppets, just to keep the Lost & Clueless ones walking to their destruction.

Someone who is full of Light is able to see the TRUTH. However, the target of the Spirit of the Devil/Satan that is Darkness is of those who is Lost & Clueless. Who is following Satan Puppets, who idolize Satan Puppets, Who spend their money on making & keeping Satan puppets rich with the stolen Material that Satan Puppets are showcasing.

Have you been a witness of groups of humans who call themselves Beyhive & or Cardi Gang & or whatever else groups are out there who are puppets of Satan Puppets? Well, Those groups are the lost & clueless, who are Puppets of satan Puppets, who carry the Spirit of Darkness who are leading those groups of lost & Clueless ones right to their own destruction, while those who are apart of the groups are leading others into the same damn destruction.

The trick of The Spirit of The Devil/Satan

The Spirit of Darkness knows it only has a Little time & knows that time has come to its end. So, because we are at the time where the Tricks of Darkness is no longer working and the Land are awakening and Many humans are removing themselves, from being lost & clueless Ones, to coming to the Truth and seeking The Most High/Lord/Father to gain their Light to be full of Goodness... The wicked ones are falling and falling hard & Fast. Along with their groups of Puppets, who have been deceived by those who carry the Spirit of Darkness. Many humans are learning that their Pastors where just a spirit of darkness who lead them to serve & worship false gods and idols who taught them lies...

Many humans are learning that their teachers, instructors, Favorite dancers/choreographer & Artists are just humans who carry the spirit of darkness who have been lying to them this whole time. As many humans awaken....

The more Wicked ones are being exposed. That is the sign of Father/The Most High/Lord Glory showcasing itself.


In order for Father/The Most High/Lord to transform the Land into His Kingdom. First All of the Lies and Liars & Wickedness & wicked ones must be Exposed, Destroyed, and removed from the Land. This whole COV-19 is just a coverup of The TRUTH.

The Truth is, if anyone whose name is not written in the book of Life, is Dying off the Land. The Wicked ones don't want the land to know the Truth of Father/The Most High/Lord Wrath, so they covered up the Truth with this whole COV-19 mess.

No one can escape the Wrath of The Most High/Lord. Not even wearing a mask & or gloves can protect anyone from The Most High Wrath. The wicked ones still have to obey Father/The Most High/Lord Orders, however, they are still trying to cover the Truth of Father/The Most High/Lord Wrath. Yes, we are to go into our homes and shut the door... However, the Wicked ones are keeping the Truth of why this is happening from the Land... You see, COV-19 is The Wrath of Father/The Most High/Lord.. Isaiah 26:20 20 "Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by."

The CEO of these Large Companies owned by those who carry the Spirit of Darkness are Not stepping down from their own companies for no reason... The reason they have given is a Lie. They're stepping down Thinking that they can go hide from The Most High Wrath, However Amos 9:3 Though they hide themselves on the top of Carmel, there I will hunt them down and seize them. Though they hide from my eyes at the bottom of the sea, there I will command the serpent to bite them. Amos 9:4 Though they are driven into exile by their enemies, there I will command the sword to slay them. “I will keep my eye on them for harm and not for good.”

So, all of you who lack Knowledge of The Most High/Lord Truth. You don't have much time to fill your souls with Light.

We walk among the Wicked, who is full of Darkness, whom many humans on this Land, can't see... Who is walking with no protection & or Light to be able to see the wicked ones & their wickedness.

You're physical Body is the Lamp.... Your Oil, is The Most High Most/Lord/Father. Matthew 25:3 3 The foolish ones took their lamps but did not take any oil with them. Matthew 25:4 4 The wise ones, however, took oil in jars along with their lamps.

If The Most High/Lord/Father Wrath has your name on it... Then it's over for you. There is no escaping

Those who turned away from the Truth. ​Many humans have to discredit me, Belittled me, Lied on me and view me as being who I Am Not, all because I'm providing them with Knowledge of the TRUTH that they had no clue of knowing. Not realizing that I'm helping them out from being destroyed.

2 Timothy 4:4 4"They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths."

As we all can be a witness too, So Many humans have done just that to Me & Many other Truthers who are just providing the Truth to the Land. So the Land won't be decieved.

The Lies

Just because someone tells you to repeat after them, doesn't mean that is what your heart believes. Those who don't carry Goodness pretend to have it and will do things like say, Repeat after them. Just because someone tells you that you can do it too... It doesn't mean you were created to do whatever it is, someone has tricked you into believing that you can be & do someone that you are not. Just because someone is a Boss, doesn't mean that you can be one too. If you are not created to be a Boss, then pretending as one, will only lead yourself and others astray. Speaking the Truth is Not being negative. No matter how it's spoken. No School, Education & or Tittle, Outshines the Glory & Purpose of The Most High Lord & or Creation & or Purpose. Ephesians 6:12 12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

We Are Not To Fight Against Flesh & Blood because many humans are being controlled by the Dark spirits of Evil. However, we are to expose them.

So... Get to exposing the wicked ones. If you have realized that you were of darkness, SEEK Father/The Most High/Lord and Repent your sins and turn away from wickedness, the wicked ones, and Speak Truth & be Truthful.

And that is where we All Stand Today in the Physical & Spiritual Realms.

~ Ms. Monica Wilson

I'm Looking Forward To Jammin' With You Once The Kingdom is Open.



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