Frauds Holding Classes To Keep Deceiving The Land.

To You Frauds,

The fact that you Frauds are holding online classes... SMH Is A Proof Of The Truth I Speak... Thank You Wicked Foolish Ones, for Telling on yourself through all of you Trying to Teach Like Me as you're teaching remixing of My Sequences you all stolen from My Xoticy Videos.

Father/The Most High/Lord showed Me that the Land is starting to Awaken from the curse and the Land can See Your Lies. LOL SMH Your Fault...

Thank You Father/The Most High/Lord for Awakening The Land to be able to SEE & Know The TRUTH... While exposing All these wicked A$Ses Lies.... Thank You Father. Glory is Yours Father.

Congratulations To you all who are awakening and are given Truth to be able to SEE All The Lies from All these wicked A$S Frauds/Liars. I've been trying to show You... This is Going to be the talk of the Land for a Good Minute... Let's Get It! Show The Truth....

Thank You for Showing The Truth Spirit of Father/The Most High/Lord..... So, I've been doing all this sharing and No One wanted to talk to Me... Many of you are scared to even follow Me & or like any of my post in public... SMH So when the awaken ones on the Land, started speaking the Truth that I've been sharing & giving me my Credit... & Respecting Me... And start sharing their genuine Love with Me, By Following Me, Leaving their respect for me in my comments & pressing The like button & Reposting/sharing My Post to inform others & share Father's Glory from Me... Those of You, who are scared to speak to Me right Now, who know the Truth... And The Truth I Speak... Don't ask me no questions... & or Act as if You have always been supporting Me... & or genuine Loved Me, when you have showed that you haven't been.

Those who were lost & Deceived get a fair Chance... You who see the Truth & Have turned away from Me... Listen... Just receive the Truth that I provide to You.... Cool? Cool! Follow My Lead.... I don't need nothing from You.. You can keep All of whatever you have to say, just as you are doing right Now... Cool? Cool!

Nope, I'm Not Fake & or Have I changed... I Just See Right Through You & Your Fakeness. I Am Not & Never was Fake & I won't start to be now... Cool? Cool!

I don't Act... I'm Not an Actor & or Actress... I'm too Damn Real, Honest, Truthful & Real for All of You Fake AS$ses… I know you see the Truth that Lives within Me... That should have been a clear sign that your wicked A$ses was NEVER Going to "Win" on Trying to Destroy Me & or Beat me at being & doing Me. Father's Light... Shine bright within Me... & Darkness is showcasing itself that lives within in All of you wicked A$S wannabe dancers whos Teaching & Doing what your Fake A$Ses Stole & copied from Me & Xoticy Videos... That your untalented A$Ses look foolish trying to do.

Just like Satan, trying to be Father/The Most High/Lord is just Foolish.

LOL You THOUGHT You were going to Beat Me, by TRYING to do Me... LOL. Nope. Your foolish A$ses still Lost. Horribly At That. YOU Failed.

Now, You just showing the whole damn land, How Foolish & Wicked you Silly A$Ses really Are... Thanks for proving Father/The Most High/Lord correct... Thank All of You wicked ones for doing Your Part. By showcasing Father's Prophecy coming to reality.

The Wicked is Done... The wicked are falling & Falling Fast..

The Most High Plan is showcasing itself.... I'm so excited for Father To destroy the wickedness & wicked ones… That is Already Father's Plan on the wicked...

Here's a list of you Wicked A$SES who THOUGHT your AS$ was going to get away with Stealing from me & The Xoticy Brand to fool & Deceive the Land. Just Click the link to gain who these wicked ones are.

I'm So Ready! So Ready! Have a great one Land...



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