Have You Gain The Knowledge Of what Bitter or Being Bitter Actual Is?

Updated: May 19, 2020

Bitter is listed as being "(of people or their feelings or behavior) angry, hurt, or resentful because of one's bad experiences or a sense of unjust treatment."

Many humans who are doing the wickedness are the ones who call those who's being bullied to being Bitter, because the one whos doing the bullying is too weak to say what they really want to say to the human who they are afraid to say whatever too. So due to the wicked human being wicked & weak, they paint the human who speaks up for themselves as being Bitter, the deflect from their wickedness. Those who are brainwashed & programmed will just hear the word bitter, look at the human who is being called bitter and choice to dislike the human based off of the much lies that they have been programmed and brainwashed to believe by the wicked one.

So what is the big issue of someone who has been mistreated by someone, who is handling the much wickedness that has come their way, have to be viewed as the one who is "Horrible" "Negitive" or a "bad Human"?

Have anyone ever took a moment to ask themselves, why is the human who is being bullied/ who is being called "Bitter" is the one being viewed as the weak one instead of the one doing the bullying and the whole cause of a human as such to being "Bitter"?

Are you able to notice how the whole brainwashing & programming, to view someone based off a word someone who is of wickedness choice to use to mislead others work?

Due to many humans not being able to notice the difference, between someone who is of wickedness and someone who is standing up to the wicked ones, Many humans just believe anything they hear. That's why it's so important to Listen, to the words humans speak. Listen to what they are saying, Why they are saying what they are saying, the purpose and point of what is being said, Why they have involved you into their conversation about someone being of "Bitterness". Listen! Because you could be in the middle of the wicked one trying to brainwash you. Humans tell on themselves all the time Unknowingly by their actions and words never matching.

Have you ever heard someone say That Bitter Ass Bitch before?

Now if so, I want you to pay attention to the human who has/is saying that someone is a Bitter Bitch. Pay Attention how the human who says words like such is clueless to what Bitter is and is using that word Bitter to misplace how they really feel about the human who they are speaking of, that's why the words Bitch is mentioned.

Pay Attention to how the human who usually is the one calling someone bitter and or a bitter ass bitch is the one who is actually Hurt, Mad and or whatever at nothing. That wicked human just want to express their wickedness onto someone who actually did nothing to them. That's why you may hear so many wicked ones all up in other folks business and judging folks off of their life, because the one who is calling the human bitter is the one who just envy and need an outlet to express their hate for themselves, that is just blaming the human who they envy to being a Bitter Bitch, when their actually speaking of themselves.

Are you able to see the wickedness of the wicked one who is around you, that call folks bitter or a bitter bitch?

So next time you hear someone calling someone else Bitter, make sure they are expressing that the human is dealing with an attack that is placed onto them, by wicked ones & not viewing the human who is being called bitter, to being a negative & or mad human. Never allow someone to brainwash you into thinking that by calling someone Bitter is trying to belittle someone and discredit someone due to the one being wicked, is too foolish to gain knowledge of the words that they choice to use.

Pay More Attention to humans who are in your space or who you pay attention too/follow. Make sure they are not to mislead you, lie to you & paint lies about others to manipulate you, to like them Cool? Cool!

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