Well, Here's a video to explain What a Gangstalking is... So, you will know what these wicked A$Ses, who's fuking with Me are doing & because it's a large group of them, they THOUGHT they Tried to Make Me "seem" as if I had a :"mental Illness" All so they Gangstalking can Try and play out that fake A$S illness they tried to place on Me, as many of them have told on themselves...I know these wicked, Foolish A$Ses watch me all damn day long... Cause they Can't Not Watch Me.. So, check this video out on what are these foolish A$s, Wicked Ones are Actually Doing & why their fukin With Me.

Now, listen to this video to gain, why these wicked A$S, Foolish A$Ses are even apart of GangStalking from the Spiritual realm…

These Wicked A$Ses are just some Stupid A$S Stockers... Who "Job" is to try and Make my life miserable... They Tried to paint Me to "seem" crazy when Exposed Their Wicked A$ses… So because it's so Many of them... 500 & still counting of Frauds who Stealing from Me, lying on Me & Trying to paint me to being who I'm Not. That Group of Wicked Ones... is just a group of wicked A$S. Foolish A$Ses who want to Act as if they have some damn power, by Watching & Following My A$s... When THEIR a$Ses are just "professional" A$ses who are envious that They Foolish A$Ses is Not Me... So they waste their whole damn life on trying to be & do Me & Try and destroy me at the same time... but Nope, That won't happen, cause Any Weapon Formed Against Me, Won't prosper.

As we can see. Father/The High Lord is Showcasing That these wicked A$Ses Have That Those who are the Blind, who was lead by the blind... Have Fuked With Father/The Most High/Lord Chosen One & How, Doing their Wickedness just destroyed themselves......... Right.... About..... NOW! No Power... None. Their Fake A$s Kingdom has fallen... All of There wicked A$S lies are Showcasing Themselves.... All of those wicked ones, who gangstalked Me, Know They Know Who I Am. Father/The Most High/Lord just provided those ones, who didn't know with the Truth... While the others are trying to Run & hide... Many didn't get the memo & feel that they won't Perish, so they're trying to hold on to their Fake A$s fame.. Who is going to be the first ones to get caught & then those ones will start telling the Truth on the others & Each & every gangstalker will be exposed & will destroy themselves... As they are doing At This Moment. The Wicked Are No More.... Destroyed

That Fake A$S power they Thought they Wicked A$ses had, is No More. Fall Wicked Ones, Fall... Return All of what You've Stole, Give back all that does Not Belong to You, Share the Truth of the lies Your have shared & Stop Watching Others.... NOW!

Or Father/The Most High/Lord will do it for You....

I Don't Have No Illness of Any Kind... So Save that Weak A$S Lie & or lies about Me... I'm just Exposing the damn Wicked & The wicked ones... Who Lost their game on Fukin with Me. Their actions just destroyed themselves.

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