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I'm aware that many people feel that I should stay with only providing dance videos & teaching My Sequences & Services, Who those people don't want me to provide the Truth for their Soul to have everlasting life. Who view me as being "unprofessional" to deceive many to turn

away from me.

Those kinds of people feel that I should stay with one thing.

That's because those people are ignorant (lack knowledge) of how I'm created & what I'm provided to Share with the Land &

what My Purpose is.

Those people are brainwashed to only view others as those who they follow.... Meaning, many people follow the Wicked ones, who only can provide what they have stolen from someone else. Who don't carry the Truth within themselves. Who have programmed many people to think that people should only do one thing, because those wicked ones are not able to do what others are created to do.

The Most High/Lord/Father has created a Few Chosen Ones (like Myself) to be able to provide more than one gift to the Land. The Most High/Lord/Father has created many selected ones to be able to provide a Gift to the Land & The Most High/Lord/Father also has created the wicked ones, who only know how to steal, kill, lie & destroy

who don't carry any Gifts at all.

Those who carry zero gifts, who are of the Wicked have deceived many people on this land to THINK, that Someone like myself can't provide more than one Gift. Due to their need to deceive others with their lies. So, because many people are lost & clueless and believe that lie from those wicked ones. Those people are the ones who are trying to turn others against Me, & The Xoticy Brand because they THINK that I should only provide dance videos and teach classes

when My Purpose carry more than that.

My Lane that I stay in, comes with The Talents that I share, My Gifts that I Provide that is Me Jammin' & Teaching, along with My assignments of leading others in the correct direction. So, if anyone has ever tried to make you feel as if I'm doing Too much... by doing what I'm created to do & assigned to do. Keep in mind, that those humans are lost & clueless and don't have knowledge of what they are speaking of, who is trying to guide you into the incorrect direction, due to their ignorance.

Many people are awakening now and are able to see the Truth that I have been providing to the Land for Years for their benefit. Many people are awakening to realize that these people who they were listening to, who have turned many people away from me & against me, learned that they were being guided in the incorrect direction by the wicked ones. Many people have awakened and learned that, I have never lied to them and that those people who painted me to be who I Am Not, were the ones lying & deceiving them. Many people have awakened to realize that Father/The Most High/Lord has guided them to me, to learn, gain, receive, grow and be lead by Me to be guided in the correct direction. Many People have awakened and realized that we actually are living in the spiritual realm, just in the physical form & realm. Many people are awakening to build their relationship with Father/The Most High/Lord. Many people are awakening to realize that religion is Man-made, and is of the wicked & is the reason why so many people are lost & clueless & separated & Brainwashed. Many people are realizing that there are More than Many Frauds/liars & illusions out there than there are Those of us who are Original/True & Honest. Many people are awakening to realize that those who they called friends & family & or whoever are actually those who are of the wicked, who were guiding them into darkness, who are the true enemy. Many people have awakened to realize that there is no one who anyone has to go through to get to Father/The Most High/Lord, who have been deceived to call on The Spirit of the Devil, instead of just going straight to Father/The Most High/Lord Only. Many people have awakened to realize that the Church is Father/The Most High/Lord People & not a building. Many people are awakening to realize that They are not Black people, and have gained knowledge that they are the people of Israel, who are Father/The Most High/Lord Children. Many people have awakened to realize that Father/The Most High/Lord doesn't like & or Love Everyone. Many people have awakened to realize that their favorite celebrity is just Puppets of the wicked, who carry no truth within them, who are leading others in the incorrect direction. Many people have awakened and realized that Father/The Most High, is Lord. Many People are awakening to realize that they were puppets in someone's wickedness on trying to destroy others. Many people have awakened to realize the much envious & jealous of those around them. Many people have awakened to realize that they have been playing on Satan's team for a long time unknowingly & have repented of their wicked ways. Many people have awakened to realize that they were calling Good, evil & Evil, Good. Many people have awakened and realized that no one died for their sins and that they will have to be punished for their own sins. Many people have awakened and realized that just because opposite attract, doesn't mean that opposite belongs and that unequally yoked is not a match. Many people have awakened and realized that Father/The Most High/Lord sent them my way to gain, receive, and be lead in the correct direction away from the lies, illusions, and Frauds. Many people have awakened and realized that we don't walk away from evil, we expose evil. Many people have awakened and realized that we don't love everyone, who stay far away from evil & wicked doers. Many people have awakened to realize that we don't Fear Evil. Many people are awakened and realized that Father/The Most High/Lord

Hates Cowards,

It's not easy being a Servant for Father/The Most High/Lord. Because it's Me against The World. And there is only a very few people who walk in Truth. So, you can only imagine the much attack that I've had to deal with. I've watched people gain Truth and then turn away from the Truth just to follow the Large crowd to destruction. I've watched people start to grow and reach new levels of their Greatness, to just be deceived and throw all of their greatness away just to fit into a crowd of wicked doers. I've watched people commit sin by stealing and deceiving others by calling their stealing being "inspired". I've watched the Lost & Clueless, who are just sheep being lost & clueless and when given and shown the Truth, they just kept going in the incorrect direction. I've watched people turn away from the Truth all because some paid for numbers on social media, a paid-for verified check & the illusions that are now clear to see that are all fake. I've watched people try to destroy me and try to shut me up, and try to paint me of having some fake ass mental illness just to deceive others to follow them into the incorrect direction, right into darkness. I've also watched people who knew the truth of me, turn against me and decided to believe those lies from those wicked ones. I have watched people hand over their souls to the wicked. I've watched people become brainwashed, deceived & Blinded by those who waved money in their faces, who dismissed every piece of Truth

that came their way.

So, as you can see, being a Servant of Father/The Most High/Lord is not an easy job, because the whole world is against you. The whole world Hates You because of Father/The Most High/Lord. All because My assignment is to guide the Lost & Clueless to the correct direction that is to the Truth. And the wicked one's job is to turn as many lost & clueless people in the incorrect direction, right into darkness.

There is more wicked ones on this Land, than us Chosen ones & Selected Ones. That makes it's easy for the Lost & Clueless sheep to be lead astray.

Try to imagine how sheep move. They just follow the Crowd. So, you can kind of see how Those Lost & Clueless people are just following the large crowd of the wicked ones right to their destruction.

Many people are selected, but only a few are chosen.

You following me and gaining from Me, means that You are a selected One, who are placed to be guided by a Chosen One (Me).

So, Congratulations on being selected by Father/The Most High/Lord to be able to gain Truth & to walk into the Kingdom.

I'm Looking forward to Jammin with you soon in an Xoticy Service, once Father complete the transformation from this wicked world

into His Kingdom. Until Than I will continue to provide Truth.

I just wanted to slide by and share this knowledge with you. If you want to gain more knowledge of the Truth and or what you haven't been awakening to, just click the Knowledge button below and gain all there is to know. I get personal with you, because I'm a living testimony. This is My Story, as well as learning tools & New Knowledge for you.

Thank you for your moment of reading this email. If you like, go ahead and share this knowledge with someone who is seeking Truth.

Either About The Xoticy Brand, My purpose of how Father/The Most High/Lord created me, On Who I Am & or Knowledge that they just may not have known. Cool? Cool!

Heads Up

Father/The Most High/Lord is coming with Consuming Fire

Hebrews 12:29 "for our God is a consuming fire"

That means that people will be burning from their souls. So when you start to see people roll around, screaming, crying in Burning pain. Know that, They are burning from their souls out.

I receive visions of what's to come & each vision that I've received have come to reality. That's a Gift that I'm created with. Here's a video of a vision that I had that is starting to showcase itself and is a heads up for you on what's to come.

I'm aware that Many people tried to use me sharing what the wicked ones have been doing to me & The Xoticy Brand, as if I'm some kind of Bitter & or Mad & or negative. When Nope, Those people are very incorrect about me. I'm just showing those who were clueless of the actions of the wicked ones of what they were doing, so that Those who were not already deceived by those wicked ones, wouldn't get caught up in the wicked ones lies about Me & or The Xoticy Brand. So, Nope, I'm Not Mad & or Bitter. I'm just exposing the wicked ones just as Father/The Most High/Lord has guided us to do so. The wicked ones are just spreading lies to deceive others to believe their lies because they are being exposed & their time is up. That's All.

We are at the end of the Spiritual War.

That means The End of the World, of the Wicked Doers.

Now, that's Exciting!

There is Knowledge that is available for upcoming Xoticy Services. So, go ahead and check out the Site & get used to

knowing where everything is.

~ Ms. Monica Wilson

The Earthly Mother | The Queen of The Most High/Lord Kingdom

Do You have Any Questions?

I don't mind answering any questions that will provide knowledge for your growth. Just complete the contact form.


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