I Forgave everyone who has ever done anything of wickedness to & toward me because you all have to answer to Father/The Most High/Lord for your wicked ass ways toward me. However, I made some choices to rather just be without you & not have you in my Space of anything.

If Your name is on the List of Frauds who are on who tried to destroy me by stealing & copying from Me & the Xoticy Brand... FUCK... YOU! Keep your Narcissistic, Lost, Foolish, Wicked & Lying ASses far TF away from Me, The Xoticy Brand & Anyone who is affiliated with Me. You are NOT Welcome. You have showcased Your wicked ass To the Whole Damn Land With your Weak, Broken, & Coward & none confidence, none creative, talentless Asses.. You did all of this to your damn self's with your sick, mental Asses. You have NO Power, Never had power. Cause if you did None of you will be trying to do & be & look like my ass. You are forever forgotten in my mind. Sad pieces of shit. Cool? Cool! Game Over. I Won. :)

For those of you who were deceived by these Sick Ass Frauds, be aware of their actions to come, So you won't be deceived by their wicked & sick Asses moving forward. These sick ass people will always be sick as TF Cool? Cool!



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Services & Sequences are provided & Taught by Ms. Monica Wilson.

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