There was a moment where I was Distracted by knowing the reasons why I was placed in many people's life. By me being distracted onto why I was placed with many people, I dated those who I wasn't to date. I became friends with those who I wasn't to become friends with, I've supported those who I was just to help learn how to support themselves & much more situations as such. As moments went on & I've learned from being taught by Father/The Most High/Lord onto why I've made my own mistakes & onto why I was placed in many people's life. It took me making those mistakes to be aware of My Purpose, Thanks to Father/The Most High/Lord for being patient with me and allowing me to make those mistakes so that I learned what I needed to know, so that I can Grow fully into my Purpose on being Father/The Most High/Lord Servant, of who I Am.

As a Servant of Father/The Most High/Lord, For Every cause I've been placed in someone's Life... is to help others learn what is blocking those people from reaching a new level of their greatness. So, if anyone has ever wondered why I can see all the lies & all of what many people try to hide from themselves & other people. Due to how Father/The Most High/Lord creating me to see right through people, is why. That's a Gift I carry to be able to help others reach their greatness because I can see them from their roots.

My Xperience

So, Because many people try to hide who they really are, from themselves & from others... Where many people try to distract people by trying to impress others of being someone who they are not. By Lying about who they are & what all they don't carry. When I'm created with the Gift to be able to see All of what many people try to hide and cover up & lie about.

Because of My unique Gift. Those who try to hide who they are, try to use me being in their space to try to impress me. So, when they learn that nothing that they do impresses me, They start to blame me for things and ways that are not of me, all because they are still trying to hold on tight from me learning their true colors when I can already see them from their root out. So, instead of that person listening to gain from me, they have viewed me to being less than them and deflecting from listening to me, of me showing them of who They are so that they can get out of their own ways that are keeping them stuck from growing. So, because many people are not able to accept themselves, and have never come across anyone who can see them through all of what they have placed on themselves that many other people are not able to see, they run from me, they try to turn others away from me, they try to blame me & or try to distract me.

Because I'm able to see the Truth of people, many people who hide & try to impress others. Have viewed me in a negative way, as many have spread their lies of thinking that "I think that I know everything," when No. I only know what Father/The Most High/Lord has shared with me to know. By me being a Servant of Father/The Most High/Lord is for me to share what is given to me with others for their Grow & benefit. It's up to the person to make a choice to reach a new level of their greatness. The thing is, because many people don't accept themselves, and are too busy trying to hide who they are and too busy trying to impress others and get others to view them in ways that they are not. Those people are not able to accept Me, who Father/The Most High/Lord has given & sent to them to move them out of their own ways, that is stopping them from growing. Those are the people who don't take accountability for their own actions and always blaming someone else for why they are the way that they are, when they're the way that they are is because they are not being true to themselves & or to others. Their words and their actions and their thoughts don't match each other.

In Order for someone to make a choice to grow

The person must first face their truth. Stop trying to impress others, Stop trying to hide who they are from others, Stop trying to be someone of who they are not & Stop playing a role. Many people are this way, because they feel that no one will like the real them. Not realizing that they've taken someone's choice away from even getting to know the real them by hiding their real self from everyone. Then have the nerve to blame others on maybe not liking the real them on someone else, when they are still not taken accountability for themselves. When the real reason is, all because they don't like themselves. That's only because they haven't allowed themselves to get to know themselves because they have always placed a pretend version on top of themselves to try and hide from their true self to impress others.

Those kinds of people don't realize how foolish they are painting themselves to be. They're loud just to be heard and seen, they like to be around other people who have great qualities just to benefit from the attention that is given to the one who has great qualities. They dress to gain attention to get compliments, To do things just to be looked at, They go out of their way for people to look at them. They show off all the things they want to be & to look like the person that they have created. They hold on to people for their benefit to match the Popular person image that they want. While falling and falling more and more into the trap of not growing. Everything they do is for the attention they seek. So, when someone who carries the Gift that I carry, who is able to see what they are doing, why they are doing it & the reason of why they are doing what they are doing... They want to try to push me away because I can see them. Instead of realizing that Father/The Most High/Lord placed Me in their life to show them that all of what they are doing is pointless... and taking them nowhere. To show them that they haven't gone anywhere, that they haven't grown, that they are stuck in the same spot living the same lies and me being placed in their life is Father/The Most High/Lord Gift of showing them that it's time to make a choice. A Choice To Stop being Fake, To Stop Lying, To Stop Trying to Impress others and to Stop being someone who Father/The Most High/Lord didn't create them to being. Because Father/The Most High/Lord had enough of all their lies, pretending and Deceptions.

Or to make a choice to stay being Fake & showcasing deception.

So, by me being placed in the life of others is their last warning from Father/The Most High/Lord. Cause if the person doesn't make the correct choice to decide to grow to learn who they are and be who Father/The Most High/Lord created them to be, then there is no point to allow someone who is full of deception to live on the Kingdom of Truth.

My Purpose

I'm not placed in anyone's life to bring confusion. I'm to bring Truth and that's all I've brought to every person that I have come in contact with. The choice they've made is always between the person & Father/The Most High/Lord. I'm just a Servant doing my Assignments given by Father/The Most High/Lord.

I See You, for who You are. I also can see all the deceptions that you have showcased. I never judged you, I never hated you. I just guided you to the Truth. I wanted you to know that I see all of the colors many people don't have. It's one of the Gifts Father/The Most High/Lord has given me as a Servant to know so that I can guide you correctly.

Always Get The Know the Truth about me, from Me First.

Many people who are full of deception, use me of being in their life for my assignment as their lies. When I'm just here to complete my assignments given by Father/The Most High/Lord. So many people has lied on me and about me to try and make themselves look and seem of good to fit more of their deceptions... when it's not what it is. So because of the much lies that has been going on about me, I want the Land to know, that I'm single & have been for some years now. Why? because many people who I'm placed to assist are males. Who find me to being a Gift from Heaven for them. And that I Am a Gift from Heaven... Just not in the ways that they want other people to think. I'm a Servant, I have n assignment to complete & that is helping others Grow to getting out of their own ways. The women who I'm created to assist are participants in Xoticy Services & whoever Father/The Most High/Lord has placed me to be in contact with. I don't like confusion and want to be very clear to the Whole Land. Cool? Cool!

~ A Servant of Father/The Most High/Lord | The Earthly Mother | The Queen of Father/The Most High/Lord Kingdom, Ms. Monica Wilson

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