I Share For A Reason, For Your Benefit.

Updated: May 19, 2020

First off, when you gain that how I move is not for the attention of others & for the teaching of others, then the perspective of me will be received the way that it's shared. With that being said, I share my side of the stories cause all my life there have been wicked narcissist A$s folks who would go spread lies & paint false pictures about me to destroy my friendships, relationships & Me providing my greatness with others due to their jealousy of me & hate for themselves. For example, Say i'm digging someone, There are these Wicked humans who has gone to other humans to push the human I'm digging away by trying to get with them to get pregnant or feed them lies about using that they know me card. Ex-girlfriends of folks who are narcissist trying to destroy True Love & Things like that & much more I've experienced in my life. I grew up with the vessel who brought me into this world bullying me, lying on & to me, turning family against me, hating me & just being her narcissistic self. So my experience with narcissist abuse has been very noticeable by the actions of others. I'm just one who noticed it & realized that their actions & behavior had nothing to do with me, they just blamed everything on me to paint them a wicked picture of me as if drama just follows me, when their the drama messing with me & my life trying to destroy it. Why? cause they don't want me to be happy. & those kinds of wicked-minded humans think their wickedness stops my happiness when it doesn't. It just shows their true colors of going against The Most High & folks choices. That's why I can spot a wicked human. So because I know how the wicked ones move, I'm able to showcase their lies & ways. Those who are Narcissist Hate me cause I can see right through them & their lies. That's why their goal is to keep everyone they know away from me to hate me. Why? cause they need attention from others they feel I need the same when Nope, i'm a loner. I like to be alone. I am nowhere close to being anything like them. So if you ever wondered why I share my side of the stories, It's because I see how there are so many wicked humans spreading lies on me just to get others to believe their lies. So to help you stay from their lies, I share my Truth. By doing that, allows whoever who has heard any lie about me to be able to see the truth from the lies. Why do I have to deal with wicked humans as such? Well, if you carried what I carry, You will have clear knowledge to why. I don't let it get to me. I just don't want anyone to get caught up the lies of these wicked folks when it comes to me. Cause doing so, will cause a Blessing to be missed & that's not cool to allow a wicked one to destroy anyone from gaining Greatness. It's not me explaining myself as the wicked be saying, it's me sharing the Truth., to help you with confirmation of what you need to know to get away from these wicked humans whos controlling you with their lies. . Cool? Cool!

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