If you are someone who is looking for The Most High Chosen Ones (144,) This is for you.

Updated: May 19, 2020

Those of you who are calling yourself a chosen one, this is for you as well. Those of you who don't know what I'm speaking of, Well, You get to learn something new today. Let's Get In To It!

There are Humans who are claiming that their The Most High Chosen One's (144,). When Their Not. However, if you are not awaken fully, spiritually (I'm not speaking, able to read the words in the bible, & give your own understanding as if its facts.) I'm speaking fully awakened.

if you don't have discernment, Meaning you can't tell the Truth From the Lies. No Worries needed. The Most High is showcasing who we (The Chosen Ones) are as you awaken.

Yes, The Most High has been hidden us chosen ones form others to not know who we are, during our past. So Now that we got the approval from The Most High to showcase who we are, that's what we are doing. The pretty dope part about us (The Most High Chosen Ones) is that we have been around so many humans who are witnesses to who we are without us speaking a word. Those humans experiences with us, showcased our Light, Goodness & Truth by us Just doing us & being ourselves. We have been doing our assignments in silence. That is now a testimony for those humans who have been around us. Not knowing who we were at that time. However those who have been around us, Knew there was Something that was different & unique about us. They couldn't place their hands on to what was so unique & different about us, but The Most High allowed those humans to gain knowledge that we're unique, Different & whatever they wasn't expecting from us, they have received that brought clarity into their life.

Until Now. Because we're showing the Land who we Truly are through our unique ways that The Most High Created us to showcase, that others are Not created to provide. We're leaders, leading others to the Truth in The Most High Unique kind of ways.

Yes, We are Real Life Super Hero's. However we're named The Most High Chosen ones. The reason why we haven't started flying around (as many humans have assume that we should be doing), is because The Most High don't want us to be flying around acting like those in the movies who are mocking us Chosen One's Powers. That's Way. Look around, Folks are having a hard time believing us due to the many humans who are Not The Chosen Ones pretending, that are confusing many humans to follow them & their ways instead of The Most High & His ways.

What us chosen ones are assigned to do at this moment is what we are doing. And that is showcasing the Truth in different ways for the gaining of knowledge that the lost ones can comprehend to gain Truth due to how they gain knowledge to obtain the knowledge & not be confused by the knowledge that is given. Why? cause each & every human learns differently, in the unique ways The Most High created them to gain knowledge. So, us Chosen ones are placed All Over The Land teaching, leading & providing Truth while sharing our Gifts with others who are able to gain the knowledge that is given for others to reach Truth & new levels of their greatness.

That's why you see us chosen ones Teaching in ways that others are Not familiar with. However what we the 144, are guided to showcase, teach & share all match each other & speaking the same language that is The Most High Words, Actions Truth & the ways that we are created to teach. We the chosen ones are able to use every piece of our journey to showcase Truth, bc that's why we were created, that's why we had to go through what The Most High placed us through for us to Grow & Learn about who We Truly are. That's why we were hidden. We wasn't just hidden from others learning who we are during our past, but from ourselves until The Most High was ready for us to do what we are doing Now, showcasing who we are to others.

Not to look better & or above Anyone. But to inform others that We are who we are saying we are. Everything that we have been through, our path that we have showcased, All showcases the Glory of The Most High. Our Journey & interactions with others showcases The Most High Glory!

That's why we (The Chosen Ones) have been attacked, discredit, abused, disrespected, Gifts being Watered downed by thief's & viewed as wicked humans due to the wicked ones painting lies about us. when we are Holy humans. religion humans who are stuck in the lies, THINK that they are The Most High chosen ones (the 144,) because that's what their "leader/pastor has brainwashed into their minds to believe, when Nope, their not.

Many humans feel because they can repeat the words from the bible and go against another false group of humans, & because they go to a church/hall every week are viewing themselves as The Most High chosen ones. There are many humans, who want to be The Most High Chosen ones and are going around teaching their own understanding of the words they speak who Think, by doing the job they picked for themselves will turn them into one of The Most High 144 thousand (Chosen Ones) when it won't.

The Most High created his Chosen Ones at the beginning. Meaning we The Most High Chosen Ones, were created before we became flesh. We didn't chose our life, purpose & or Talents. The Most High Created us the ways that we are with some unique Gifts that are created to help others in ways that are fitting to that human. So if you don't know who we, as in myself & other chosen ones. Just seek & ask The Most High to guide you to The Chosen Ones to gain True knowledge that you need. If you are reading this, Welcome, You found one, Me :) You're Welcome.

Keep in mind us The Most High Chosen Ones, are Sharing who we are, is us sharing who we are. There are Many Wicked humans who are placed to turn others away from us that is turn many away from the Truth, So Seek The Most High & Build Your personal relationship with The Most High so you won't be deceived by the many wicked ones that is surrounding us on this Land Cool? Cool!

There are Satan's Puppets & There are The Most High Children mixed with the chosen ones. We all look like humans in the flesh but in the soul/spirit were not the same at all. We can be identified by our actions.

Satan puppets are Liars, Pretenders & Counterfeiters of all of The Most High Creation. The Most High Children & The Chosen ones are Honest, Truthful & Original. So you can be your own judge on who side you & whoever else is on by your & their actions.

If you notice that you have been following the wicked ones who are Satan puppets, then you may want to Repent & turn from your wicked ways & seek The Most High for forgiveness & Start living in Truth & being Truthful. Cool? Cool!

Forget about hurting someone feelings & or carrying what Anyone think & or have to say about You saving Your Soul. This is about Your Soul being saved from The Most High Wrath, Not pleasing the wicked ones that's trying to get you to fit into their wickedness, You Feel Me?

The choice is yours though. That's between You & The Most High.. Just Pay Attention to folks & LISTEN to them when their trying to manipulate You to do what they want instead of what The most High is guiding you to do. Stop being deceived by these foolish & wicked humans right to destruction, (The Most High Wrath) Seek The Most High NOW!

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