I want to share this with you all.

So, I have taken humans who have never been outside of their hometown to places they have never been before.. And those humans, as such, who I THOUGHT were my friends.. got Mad at Me (in secret) because, I was the one who took they A$sses they have never been. So instead of embracing the Gift I was given them, They used Me taking them somewhere they said they wanted to go, as a way to Hate Me.

Now, how Freakin stupid is that? I'll share.. Very Stupid! That's why I cut all those who called themselves, My "friend," who were never My friend, TF Off. That's why I don't have any friends Now... I don't fuk with Fake A$S people. I've removed myself from all they Fake A$Ses.. I like being around Real & Honest & Truthful Humans.. Not Fake A$S people who Act one way, Hide another way & be a whole different human to others.

All those folks who Claimed that they loved Me... Where they at? My Point... Fake A$S People. SMH

However, I don't Hate Folks.. I just see How Fake Folks are... Thanks to The gift of Decrement, The gift Father/The Most High/Lord has given Me to see right threw these Fake A$S People. You don't like Me... Stay yo Fake A$S over there, fara way from me. Don't even look at Me. If You don't want to hear what I have to say... Don't read my post and don't ask me Shit! It's That damn simple... But Fake A$S People, will Act as if they care but don't. They will ask question, Just to "seem" nice but don't care what you have to say... They don't listen to you, when you speaking... They just standing there Acting As If They are listening and or even care, When Nope. Their just painting a Fake A$S picture as if they Fake A$S care.. SMH They will be all in your face and go talk hella Itsh! behind yo back and then smile in yo damn face... With their Fake A$s...

Those were the folks who called Themselves My Friend.. LOL SMH

Their Actions are telling on themselves.. So, now you see how I had to CUT All they A$Ses TF Off.. Great! LOL

So, Don't take Me not having friends as an issue, As if no one likes Me... LOL Cause as we can see.. this sea Full of Folks Studying & Stealing from My A$S... Oh... They Like Me LOL... I just don't have anyone around Me, who I consider as a friend... Why? Cause I see how folks are around Me.. & I also see how they are around others and the two don't match. I'm A true Friend and I've learned that if no one is a friend like I'm a Friend then they don't need to be My friend. Period!

I'm a Good A$S Friend, Because I'm a Good A$s Human. Good comes from Me.. I Love. I'm just not Fake.. So, because I'm Not Fake... I don't Fuk with Fake...

Me removing myself from all those Fake & Wicked A$S "friends" Was just Father/The Most High/Lord Separating Me (good) from the Wicked. The Lords/Father/The Most High Will being Done. That's All.

It is what it is, folks are who they are.

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