Let's Clear Up Some Things, Shall We...

Updated: May 19, 2020

This took place on 3/5/2020 - The time stamps are listed on each picture below.

Keep in mind this is not Slandering & or Harassment.

Slandering means "to make false and damaging statements about (someone)"

~ I'm showcasing The Facts & Truth Here.

Harassment means " the action of intimidating someone, or the state of being intimidated"

~ Not what I'm doing. I'm showcasing Facts & Truth Here.

Intimidated Means "frighten or overawe (someone), especially in order to make them do what one wants"

~ I don't want anyone to do anything that I want. I'm just showcasing The Truth & Facts Here. Everyone has their own choice.

Now, those whos lying on me, (They know who they are & so do many others) Who many are stealing/copying me, are the ones Slandering My Name & Brand Xoticy & Harassing/Intimidating others to dislike me & the Xoticy Brand for a gig/friendship/perks and to be seen in a social media video. I'm providing All the Facts & Truth Anyone will need, so that Anyone can gain the Truth from all directions, confusion, illusions & lies that are blocking many from gaining Truth. Cool? Cool!

So, There are many humans on this Land who have participated in Xoticy Xperience/Xpeditions (My Purpose that are Services) for YEARS. There are many humans who are All over this Land, who knows about Myself & The Xoticy Brand, Concept, Style, Purpose & Sequences & many don't. If you don't, visit to gain detail knowledge so that you won't be wrongfully judging myself & or The Xoticy Brand.

There are many humans who are aware of the much wickedness in the music, movie & dance industry of Frauds using & studying, My material/image for profit, seeking of attention, seeking of lust & trying to discredit Me & The Most High for profit.

There are humans who've decided to study Me / Xoticy Videos & started a knock off "Brand" / Dance Class, who are teaching My sequences, Style, Concept & have literally copied & pasted my Entire Brand to themselves & are selling The Gift & Purpose The Most High has created within me, for others to reach New Levels of Their Greatness. As if what they have copied from me, is of their own. So, these Frauds (wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.) have studied me & using the material copied from me & Xoticy videos, as if it's their own to decieve others to be destoryed from believing their lies that these frauds are presenting.

Many humans are aware of The Truth/My Truth, due to The Most High putting me on the assignment to showcase Truth so that those who are deceived by these lies, can get out of them, before they are destroyed from participating in wickedness of believing the lies from the wicked & evil ones who are going to be destroyed by The Most High Wrath.

So, what I'm showcasing with you is a wiser Xoticy Participant who have been participating in Xoticy Xpeditions for YEARS, who is know taking dance classes from Frauds, who are teaching My Sequences (incorrectly), My Style, My Concept & Trying to sell My Purpose to deceive others with their lies for their attention seeking ways & to profit from my purpose, material, Style, Concept, Brand & Sequences.

Many humans All over the Land are aware of this & many humans are not. So to those who are not aware & those who need clarity & Truth, This detail Blog will help with gaining of all that is needed to get out of the lies & to witness how easy it is for someone to be deceived & fooled by the wicked ones & how the wicked ones showcase their True colors unknowingly. So, Let's Get Started.

My Spiritual Gift

Now, Let me catch you up on My Spiritual Gift before we jump into all these Facts. If you don't know who I Am, I'm Ms. Monica Wilson, One of The Most High Chosen Ones. There are 143 thousand more of us walking & teaching the Truth of The Most High among this land, in our stylized kind of ways that The Most High created us to do so. In ways that are different from what the wolves in sheep clothing are brainwashing/programming others to believe. Many humans are clueless of the spiritual world. Many humans are clueless of & don't have a relationship with The Most High. Many humans feel because they can say the name God or they go to a place to "worship" their false god they call their savior & Lord, whom they place in front of The Most High & call their savior & Lord God in the flesh & worship that Human instead of Only The Most High, who is the Lord Only. Leaves many humans stuck in the lies that are leading them into destruction that is The Most High Wrath.

So if you are someone who is not stuck in a religion then this knowledge in this blog will be very clear to you. If you are someone who is in a religion, then you will be fighting the Truth every step of the way because you will only be going back to what someone has taught you, to believe every lie that is placed in the bible that the wolf in sheep clothing are teaching, instead of listening to The Most High directly in the spirit.


So, The Most High created me to assist others to gain Truth & to reach new levels of their greatness in the stylized kind of ways that The Most High created me to do so. For me to do my assignments, I have to hold others accountable for their actions inorder for them to grow. Those who are liars Hate me & those who are of Truth Love me.

Hey, it is what it is. Doing The Most High Assignments & being chosen by The Most High comes with a lot of attacks from the wicked ones. As many already have seen, I've been attacked from all these wicked humans by spreading all their lies about me.

Keep in mind The Most High created me & 143 thousand others as the chosen one's before we were created into flesh.

Let's get into the purpose of why you're here & why The Most High want me to share this Knowledge with you in full details.

So, this wiser Xoticy Xperience/Xpedition participant (from the pictures/video below) slides on over to Xoticy IG (@xoticybjammin) account to shout herself out in the comments.

Pause.... Now many humans who are clueless of my relationship with The Most High are clueless that, The Most High speaks to the chosen ones on a personal level. Meaning I hear The Most High, The Most High hears me, The Most High speaks through me to provide Truth, for the growth of others. Nope, I'm not The Most High in any flesh. I'm a Chosen One who The Most uses to do The Most High assignments. So when I write from The Xoticy Brand perspective, that's The Most High wording my mouth, speaking through me, so I say We.

I know that only sounds Crazy to those who are clueless of how The Most High operates & how The Most High Chosen Ones are being used. However, It's The Truth. Unpause...

Look at that, if you didn't know that knowledge, you've learned something new today. :)

Thank The Most High for you gaining new knowledge. That's a Blessing.

So, here's the first picture of the wiser Xoticy Xpedition Participant & Well, The Most High reply.

Please excuse the missed spelled words. I be moving too fast sometimes, trying to keep up with The Most High speaking to me, cause I don't want to leave out anything that is placed for someone to gain Truth. It's still readable for clarity & to gain.

So while reading the pictures below you will be able to see how this human who is asked a question, will deflect from the question that was asked, and start throwing out confusion & Blame toward me, based off the lies that she has heard & believe about me, to trying to take away from the Truth that I'm / The Most High is providing to Her, for Her to get out of the lies. This was her test. However... Keep Reading to gain how she destroys herself.

This photo is from an Xoticy Xperience/Xpedition from Many Years ago in Washington, D.C of the wiser Xoticy Participant below who was participated in.

This video is of the Wiser Xoticy Participant below (conversation in the photos) , participating in an Xoticy Xpedition in Richmond, VA with her friend that will be mentioned in the conversation below as well.

The Sequence, Style, Attire, Floor Techniques, Concept & Purpose is All of Xoticy & Xoticy likeness & Taught by myself, Ms. Monica Wilson (I'm in the front with the pony)

Before watching,

Xoticy is Not for the seeking of lust & or to be lusted over. If you have issues with lust & can not watch Art without lusting over someone, please do not watch any Xoticy videos. Thank You!

Here Starts The Conversation on IG on 3/5/2020 between a wiser Xoticy Participant & Myself, Ms. Monica Wilson & The Most High.

So because she addressed me, The Most High guided me to address her from my personal IG @msbjammin page. So I did.

LOL & Yes, I Like my own post because they are spoken from The Most High :)

So her page used to be open

And when the devil is called out, The Devil Will Flee.

I'm not calling Her The devil, but that spirit that lives within her comes from the devil. The devil is a liar & deceiver and that is what she is showcasing to us all.

So, The point of all of this is that if you have ever seen anyone dressed like myself, teaching a dance class & or sliding on floors doing similar moves like the ones below, or on a stage dressed like myself and trying to dance like they want to be in an Xoticy Xpedition, Keep in mind they have stolen those moves, the style & attire from Xoticy & Myself.

Nope I didn't created the attire that I wear, I just started wearing the attire together in xoticy Xpedition in 2009 & after that the sea full of frauds followed behind & are trying to do the same.

Stop allowing these Frauds to fool & deceive you. They are seeds of The Devil who The Most High will destroy. Cool? Cool!

I'm going to post a few videos., however you can gain more Truth by watching more Xoticy videos on & or &

Xoticy was Founded in 2003, but I say 2004 because that's when I started recording & taking pictures. However, Xoticy EST. to the public in 2009

So do your research to see when these Frauds started their knock off Xoticy Dance class.

Once you gain The Truth, Walk away from wicked humans who are evil.

Video posted in 2010

Video posted in 2012

Video posted in 2010 & reposted on 2012 | Due to a wicked human deleting my video.

Video posted in 2013

Video posted in 2014

Video posted in 2015

Video posted in 2015

Video posted in 2015

Video posted in 2016

Video posted in 2017

Here's a few Frauds showcasing their wickedness.

This instructor who is Not an instructor The Most High created to Teach, but who feel that she can do Me too, has stolen EVERYTHING from Copying and pasting Xoticy as if it's her creation, choreography & have the nerve to call herself a Queen. She's a Silly Girl Her. She is fooling & deceiving so many humans all over this Land to be destroyed by believing her lies & discrediting me & my purpose. There is a sea full of Frauds just like her teaching remixed Xoticy sequences who will also be destroyed by the wrath of The Most High even those who know the Truth & participating in the lies to help spread the lies she & others like her are selling. There pure wicked.

Let's not forget about your Favorite Mainstream Artist, The choreographers & dancers who will also be destroyed by The Most High wrath for stealing, Lying & deceiving others. There is a sea full of Artist, choreographers, dancers & dance studio owners who will be destroyed from knowing the Truth & hiding the truth, stealing & lying to discredit me & my purpose, all for the love of money.

So if you are not trying to be destroyed by The Most High Wrath from believing all these wicked humans lies, then you may want to turn away from supporting these wicked humans, & start spreading & speaking the TRUTH. Cause The Most High is coming to destroy All Wicked, and all these who are deceived by the Wicked.

View this as your last warning to get right with The Most High &turn away from wicked & evil doers, Before The Most High Wrath comes with Fire & destruction. Repent!

You're Welcome.

~ Ms. Monica Wilson | One Of The Most High Chosen One's

If you are really ready to get out of this wickedness, you first need to know the wickedness & wicked ones that's around you, who are your enemies. Here's another Chosen One who can help you with this knowledge from the gifts The Most High has created within him to help those who can hear get out of the lies.

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