Have you ever heard anyone say that we are living in the Matrix?

If so, Do you know what those who have said that we are living in the Matrix really mean? If yes, then you must have watched the movies The Matrix to gain the knowledge of what they are really speaking of. If so, Cool! So, then you will be able to follow Me, on what I'm about to share with you.

So, picture two different sides. Look at your right & left hand. The right hand, stands for the Truth & the left hand stands for the System of lies. That is all an illusion & deceptions, that is known as the Matrix. Now, if you are someone who is against Me & how I operate, The Xoticy Brand, what I speak, Share & Do... Then you don't know Who I Am & What My Purpose is because you are stuck in the Matrix. Due to anyone going against Me & trying to paint Me to being "Crazy" means that you & I, are standing on two different sides. I'm standing on the right hand that is the Truth, while those people who are against me & all that comes with me, are standing on the left side, that is the system of Lies. Those people who stand on the left side, who are stuck in the system of lies (the matrix) can't see what I see & know what I know, but I can see that they are stuck in the system of lies & can't see the Truth. If you have watched the Matrix, I will be considered as Neo in this lifetime that we are living in. The Chosen One. That's who I Am. That's who I've been trying to share with the Land. But because so many people are stuck in the system of lies, they are unable to see Who I Am. I've tried using the Spiritual realm perspective with scriptures, I've tried using the Physical realm perspective by showcasing side by side videos of those Agents stealing from Me & trying to dress & look liek Me & nothing is working because so many people are stuck in the system of lies and can't see Truth. So instead of trying to gain the Truth Those people demissed Me, discredited Me, Viewed me as "crazy" & or whatever else name they tried to paint me as, all because they are unable to see the TRUTH of what I speak & showcase.

I know who I Am, I know what I carry & I know why I'm created to do & be & I Know My Purpose. But because many people stand on the side of the Lies, that is the system. They are clueless of the Truth & can't see Anything of Truth.

Have you ever heard of Me & have seen Me exposing these Frauds (Agents) who's stealing from Me, changing their appearance to look like Me & trying to Jam and teach as I? If so, then you will be able to see that those Frauds are the Agents. Just as those Agents who are against Neo, in the Movie the Matrix. There is a lot of those Agents walking on this Land. Who all look and do the same things to try and confuse Everyone who is stuck in the system of lies, to view Me in the ways as those agents have painted me to being, that I Am Not. That's why they are all dressing like Me, trying to dance like Me, trying to speak like me & trying to provide a knock-off Brand that is just a copy & horrible A$S paste of The Xoticy Brand. While teaching remixed of what they talentless A$Ses stole from my Xoticy videos all to deceive the whole land to stay stuck in the system of lies, The Matrix. Those Agents Job is to keep all of You (The Land) who are still in the System of lies, to stay stuck under those Agents illusions. Everyone who is still stuck in the system, believing these Agents Lies, will Never be able to break free to be able to gain Truth, Unless they start using their own damn brains to think for themselves & Stop allowing these Agents to Think for them & Stop following the crowds of Agents who look like People.

So, in order for Anyone to gain Truth and or to be able to stand on the side of Truth as I Stand. Then Those people need to start thinking for themselves and stop being influenced by these Agents (Influencers) who they are allowing to think for them, by placing lies in your mind & deceiving the land to follow their wicked A$Ses and the wicked A$S system ways. And pick a damn side to stand on NOW & break Free from the damn Matrix that they are stuck in unknowlingly.

How do you know if you are stuck in the system of lies (The Matrix)?

Have anyone told you something and all you can say is you heard someone say something & or someone told you something & you just believed that person... and or you do what others want you to do because they want you to do it & or you want to fit in? Did you believe some lies because so many people was saying the same damn lies? If Did you turn on someone all because others didn't like someone? So, That's you not being able to think for yourself. You have allowed those Agents to do the thinking for you, to distract you from the Truth. That's you being mentally Dead. Those who are mentally Dead, depend on others to provide them with "information" thinking that they are being helped when Nope. Those people are being stuck to stay in the system of lies and unable to Think for their damn self. They become the Sheep, just being a monkey see & monkey do, on their way to destruction.

So, in order for Anyone to gain Truth, You first need to step out of that damn system of lies, that is the Matrix. Once you step out of that damn system of lies, then you will be able to gain the Truth that I've provided for you, that I've shared with you, for YOU to Grow & reach New Levels of Your Greatness. Cool? Cool! Until then You will always go against Me & The Xoticy Brand because we are standing on two different sides, due to you being stuck in the system of lies.

So, Once you jump your Ass out of the system of lies and far away from those stupid & dumb and wicked A$S Agents, who look like people who you love so damn much, then you will be free from that Dumb ass system of lies.

Once you gain Truth, I'll be over here at so we can Jam Cool? Cool!

Who Am I ?

Father/The Most High/Lord Has created me to be The Earthly Mother who is Wisdom. My Assignment is to guide you to the Truth & Help you Reach New Levels of Your Greatness, while protecting you in the spiritual Realm. Proverbs 4:6 "Don’t turn your back on wisdom, for she will protect you. Love her, and she will guard you." I'm a Servant of The Most High/Lord/Father As well as The Queen of The Most High/Lord Kingdom. My Parents named me Monica Wilson. You can call me by Ms. Monica Wilson.

To You Agents,

Game Over, You Lost. The Matrix has been broken and people are jumping the Fuk out of that stupid Ass system of illusions & all you stupid ass Agents (influencers) will now learn how to live at the very bottom. That's Your Fault. Even though you Agents told us who you are by calling yourself some damn influencers, with your stupid ass destractions, many people were blinded by you telling on yourself & missed the Truth that stood in front of them. Not Anymore. You Agents were Never EVER able to Destroy Me, you just confused those who were deceived by your stupid ass bull shit. As We All Can See, Dumb AS$Ses. SMH This is Father/The Most High/Lord Last Laugh. No One Fuks with a Chosen One, No One. There is a list of you Agents/frauds/Liars who's made a career off of stealing from My Ass over at

Here's 2 clips video of you stupid A$S Agents (influencers) telling on yourself of the Truth that I speak. Even though this is just a few clips, there are Much More & many more of you dumb asses showing the Truth, that I Speak out there and SO MANY MORE of you stupid AS$es Telling on your stupid A$S selfs. My Truth is posted at the Top & You liars are posted at the bottom.

Here's this tanteless Ass fraud who decievd the whole damn land with her none dancing ass. And so many of you believe this Fraud. SMH

Wake Up those of you who are still stuck in this Silly A$S Wicked A$S System, with these Stupid A$S Agents.



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