Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Have you ever heard anyone say, that we are living in the Matrix?

If so, Do you know what those humans who have said that we are living in the Matrix really mean? If yes, then you must have watched the movies The Matrix to gain the knowledge of what they are really speaking of. If so, Cool! So, then you will be able to follow Me, on what I'm about to share with you. If you haven't watched the movies the Matrix, then you will gain something new today.

So, try to picture two different sides.... Look at your right & left hand. The right hand, stands for the Truth & the left hand stands for the System & people of lies. The left side is all illusions & deceptions, that is known as the Matrix & the right side is how The Most High/Lord created us to live.

Now, if you are someone who is against people who speak and share Truth & don't like how The Most High/Lord has Created us who are of Truth... and or you dislike how Iwe operate... Or You don't like The Xoticy Brand for the power & uniqueness that Xoticy carries... and or You dislike how Xoticy has uplifted, Many of women from ALL over the land. You may not like How & what I speak, Share & Do... Or you view All of us who speak truth as being wired, because We're nothing like you or anyone you may have known or know. Then you don't know Who I Am & What My Purpose is... because you are stuck in the Matrix way of thinking. If the actions of what I've listed matches you or someone you know... All you or they know how to do... is the matrix way of thinking. That is all programmed & brainwashed for you to know If you are that person... Then all you know how to do is look at yourself and blame others for only what you know.

What do I mean?

Well, say someone hate themselves... Who is trying to cover up the fact that they hate themselves... Everything they hate about themselves they are going to say those things are what they don't like about someone else. Who that someone loves about themselves.

For Example...

Say there is a darker tone skin person, who hate their skin tone due to many people who are in the matrix... painting very pinkish/ivory skin tone people to trying to be superior... So because for some reason those humans been brainwashed to think that "light" skin people looks better than them... Those people will hate the light skin person for no reason and then blame the light skin person, as thinking that the light skin person looks better than everyone & or think that they are better than everyone else. All because that's how the dark skin person view themselves to being less than the light skin tone person. People like such blame their hate for themselves onto others. This is why they have a mindset to thinking that they can read minds & tell other people who & how someone is supposed to be thinking. Meaning that whole "Oh she/he think he's better than everyone" saying... when the person whom the envious person is speaking of didn't say anything & or thinks that way.

Due to anyone going against anyone who is sharing the Truth & trying to paint us Truthers, whom Many people who don't want the Truth to come out... tittle "conspiracy Theorist" just to paint a false picture to seem as the people who are sharing the Truth are some kind of theorist, & or crazy person. When being crazy, is someone who dismiss the Truth... all because someone who don't want the Truth coming out, call the tittle conspiracy theories to misdirect the person away from gaining the Truth. This is why when many people hear the words conspiracy theories, they drop everything & turn the other way & won't even allow themselves to gain what is being shown & or given. Why? because it's like they are brainwashed & programmed that when they hear the words conspiracy theories, Many people assume that what is being shown & or given are lies... without doing any kind of research & or using their brains to think for themselves to get themselves out of the Matrix, that has brainwashed & programmed many people unknowingly. The curse, that is.

So anyone who thinks outside of the Brainwashing & programming way of thinking is considered to being a "Conspiracy Theorist". When is reality the so-called Conspiracy Theorist are the people who are trying to awaken people out of the Brainwashing and programming (The Matrix), while those who are trying to dismiss the Truth from showcasing itself & from people gaining the Truth are still trying to misled people by calling people Conspiracy Theorist.

Being "Crazy" means that people who call people crazy, can't relate to the person and or people who they assume to being crazy. So instead on embracing people and not comparing people, & or being envious and jealous of people is where the name calling crazy comes from. Those people who call people crazy are dismissing the fact they lack knowledge.... So due to those people dismissing what they lack. They assume & lie. When those people assume & lie, they make complete asses out of themselves. Why? because they are passing around lies about people just to try and make themselves feel good about themselves, due to not knowing what they don't know. So instead of gaining what they don't know... those kind of people dismiss the knowledge that they lack by calling the person who is providing them the knowledge that they lack, Crazy.

Those people who stand on the left side, who are stuck in the system of lies (the matrix) can't see what us who are in the Truth can see & or do they know what we know. However, we are able to see how stuck those people are in the system of lies & can't see the Truth. They are the ones who we call lost & clueless.

If you have watched the movies The Matrix, Us who are sharing the Truth, will be considered as Neo in this lifetime. We are known as The Most High/Lord... The Chosen One's. That's what I've been trying to share with the Land. But because so many people are stuck in the system of lies, they are unable to see Who I Am, let alone know who we are. I've tried using the Spiritual realm perspective with scriptures, I've tried using the Physical realm perspective by showcasing side by side videos of those Agents stealing from Me & trying to dress & look like Me, stealing my sequences & trying to be counterfeits of me & Nothing was working... because so many people were stuck in the system of lies and couldn't see Truth. So instead of trying to gain the Truth... Those people demised Me, discredited Me, Viewed me as "crazy" & or whatever else name they tried to paint me as. All because they are unable to see the TRUTH of what I speak, Am & showcase. That goes for everyone who is speaking, sharing & showing the Truth of The Most High/Lord.

I know who I Am, I know what I carry & I know why I'm created to do & be who The Most High/Lord created me to provide my purpose. I Know My Purpose. So, because many people stand on the side of the Lies, that is the system, that is The Matrix. They are clueless & lost of the Truth & can't see Anything of Truth due to lacking the protection of The Most High/Lord.


Have you ever heard of Me.... & have seen Me exposing these Frauds (Agents) who's stealing from Me, changing their appearance to look like Me & trying to Jam and teach as I? If so, then you will be able to see that those Frauds are the Agents of the evil spirits. Just as those Agents who are against Neo, in the Movie the Matrix. There is a lot of those Agents walking on this Land. Who all look and do the same things to try and confuse Everyone who is stuck in the system of lies, to view Me in the ways as those agents have painted me to being, that I Am Not. That's why they are all dressing like Me, trying to dance like Me, trying to speak like me & trying to provide a knock-off Brand that is just a copy & horrible A$S paste of The Xoticy Brand. While teaching remixed of what they talent-less A$Ses stole/copied from my videos & my xpeditions... all to deceive the whole land to stay stuck in the system of lies, that is again The Matrix.

Those Agents Job were to try to keep all of (The Land) who are still in the System of lies, to stay stuck under those Agents illusions. Everyone who is still stuck in the system, believing these Agents Lies, will Never be able to break free to be able to gain Truth, Unless they start using their own damn brains to think for themselves & Stop allowing these Agents to Think for them & Stop following the crowds of Agents who look like People & seek The Most High/Lord Now!

So, in order for Anyone to gain Truth and or to be able to stand on the side of Truth as I Stand & those who speak and show Truth. Then Those people need to start thinking for themselves and stop being influenced by these Agents (Supposed to be Influencers) who many people are allowing these fake influencers to think for them, by placing lies in the minds of many that is deceiving the land to follow their wicked A$Ses and the wicked A$S system ways.

So, pick a damn side to stand on NOW & break Free from the damn Matrix that many humans are stuck in unknowingly. That side you chose should be of Truth, that is of The Most High/Lord.

How do you know if you are stuck in the system of lies (The Matrix)?

Have anyone told you something and when you repeat what was said... all you can say is you heard someone say something & or someone told you something... to where you just believed that person & or people... and or you do what others want you to do because they want you to do it & or you want to fit in into groups so you do what others are doing to fit in?

Did you believe lies from someone and or a group of people because so many people was saying the same damn lies? If you turned on someone all because others didn't like someone? That's you not being able to think for yourself. You have allowed those Agents to do the thinking for you, to distract you from the Truth. That's you being mentally Dead. Those people who are mentally Dead, depend on others to provide them with "information" thinking that they are being helped, when Nope. Those people are being stuck to stay in the system of lies and unable to Think for their damn self. They become the Sheep, just being a monkey see & monkey do kind of person, on their way to their destruction, due to be filled with lies.

So, in order for Anyone to gain Truth, You first need to step out of that damn system of lies, that is the Matrix. Once you step out of that damn system of lies, then you will be able to gain the Truth that I've provided for you, that I've shared with you, for YOU to Grow & reach New Levels of Your Greatness. Cool? Cool! Until then You will always go against Me & The Xoticy Brand & everyone who is of Truth because we are standing on two different sides, due to you being stuck in the system of lies & us who are full of Truth are standing on the side of The Most High/Lord.

So, Once you jump your Ass out of the system of lies and far away from those stupid & dumb and wicked A$S Agents, who look like people... who many people are fooled to love so damn much, then you/they will be free from that Dumb ass system of lies.

Once you gain Truth, I'll be over here at so we can Jam Cool? Cool!

Who Am I ?

The Most High/Lord Has created me to be The Earthly Mother who is Wisdom. My Assignment is to guide you to the Truth & Help you Reach New Levels of Your Greatness, while protecting you in the spiritual Realm.

Proverbs 4:6 "Don’t turn your back on wisdom, for she will protect you. Love her, and she will guard you."

I'm a Servant of The Most High/Lord As well as The Queen of The Most High/Lord Kingdom. My Parents named me Monica Wilson. You can call me by Queen Ms. Monica Wilson or The Earthly Mother is also Cool with me.

To You Agents,

Game Over, You Lost.

The Matrix has been broken and people are jumping the Fuck out of that stupid Ass system of illusions.... & all you stupid ass Agents (influencers) will now learn how to live at the very bottom & many will perish, That's Your Fault.

Even though you Agents told us who you are by calling yourself some damn influencers, with your stupid ass distractions, many people were blinded by you telling on yourself & missed the Truth that stood in front of them. You Agents were Never EVER able to Destroy Me, you just confused those who were deceived by your stupid ass bullshit. As We All Can See, you Dumb AS$Ses just destroyed yourself.

This is The Most High/Lord Last Laugh. No One Fucks with a Chosen One, No One. There is a list of you Agents/frauds/Liars who's made a career off of stealing from My Ass & trying to turn into me by being a counterfeit of me & The Xoticy Brand who I've listed over at

Here's a few clips of a few of these stupid A$S Agents (influencers) telling on yourself of the Truth that I speak. Even though this is just a few clips, there are Much More & many more of you dumb asses showing the Truth, that I've provided of SO MANY MORE of you stupid AS$es Telling on your stupid A$S selves. So press play to gain some more Truth today.

Here's this talent-less Ass fraud who deceived the whole damn land with her/he none dancing ass. And so many of you believed this stupid ass Fraud lies and then had the damn nerve to call this demon some fuckin queen. SMH

Wake Up.... those of you who are still stuck in this Silly A$S Wicked A$S System, with these Stupid A$S Agents who have been lying to you this WHOLE time. Wake Up!

Many of people allowed these dudes who pretend to be females to just steal from people and lie to everyone and many people are ok with these frauds deceiving them. It's so sad to just watch people be ok with being lied to.

These Frauds are ALL OVER THE WORLD Stealing from me, studying me, Trying to showcase my Talent and Artistry as if it's their own. It's so disappointing to watch people allow themselves to be fooled by these foolish ass, stupid ass dummies.

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