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This is about You Beyhive Members

So basically all these frauds who are listed on are apart of the beyhive... LOL So these foolish stupid & sick ass frauds are the faces of the worst narcissist who is the leader of a foolish ass a cult on this land, who are grown ass bullies who THOUGHT.... their "Master" had their back. LOL When Nope. Her foolish ass is falling & being destroyed right along with each & every fraud whos telling on themselves through their own damn wicked ass actions. That Demon of a "Master" of these frauds has Fooled the Complete Shit out All those lost ass, foolish & silly ass frauds. That's their Fault on how stupid they all look & for even signing up for some stupid ass shit like that. Have Any of these Beyhive every asked themselves, Why does their "Master" want to be Me So Damn bad where many of their job is to copy & steal from Me & harasses My ass & spread lies about me? & why the fuk does Anyone want a "Master" who is trying to destroy someone else but have a group of foolish asses who their "Master" don't give no fuks about... to do Her dirty ass work (fight the battles that their "Master" created), just to look STUPID ass fuk for a wanna be Me... SMH A "Master" who Hate their damn self to the point that their happiness comes with trying to destroy someone who Her wicked & foolish ass is trying to be. & you foolish ass Beyhives are Actually out here bullying folks for this foolish ass fraud.

To You Beyhive Members

WTF is Wrong with ya'll? That's just so damn Stupid ass fuk of ALL of you to sign up to be a damn puppet for a Wanna be Ms. Monica Wilson. SMH Trying to do my sequences & All y'all look dumb ass fuk at that. Check this out.... You can't serve two Masters. So, you may want to repent & turn away from Her wicked Ass... Cause I'm sure by Now, Many of you have realized that Your "Master" wants to be Me but can't be & will never be. & you are only being control to do & be Stupid... And I'm sure you've realized the biggest mistake you have made to work for the spirit of Satan/The Devil. I Just wanted you foolish Asses to know that I see you & all of your wickedness toward Me. Plus you all told on yourselves. SMH Now you have to pay for the wickedness that YOU have done for your foolish ass "Master" You should know how Stupid you look all because you THOUGHT you were on Top with a queen, When Nope, You're at the bottom with a Fake ASS queen Who DECEIVED The Whole Damn World. SMH

The Back Story

So, That Wicked Witch who carry the spirit of Satan/The Devil who has brainwashed the Whole Damn World to believe the Lie that she's some damn queen, has a group of lost & clueless souls called the Beyhive going around fuking with Me, while deceiving and destructing all of you at the same time... All because their "Master" Wants to transforming into a wanna be Me. By stealing & trying to perform my sequences on her stages as she look Stupid ass fuk trying to dance like... As she try's to dress like me from head to toe... where her foolish ass have NEVER looked that way before in her life.

So, in the dance industry dancers love my sequences & they LOVE dancing with Me & LOVE My energy However all of a sudden the WHOLE damn Dance Industry turned their back on me & ganged up to go against me out of No Damn where. At first it started off where.. Many of them started to do random videos of them dressing in Xoticy attire, trying to remix my sequences. that showcased their entry into the Beuhive a cult. Maybe because I just overlooked them, they moved on to Teaching dance classes & starting pop up dance brands that is just a copy & horrible ass paste of trying to do Me that is noticeable because... their so-called Brands & dance Classes of them doing a copy of what I've already done is all posted After My Videos & performances. . And there is a SEA full of those Frauds out here teaching My remixed sequences, Trying to dance like Me, Teaching their classes like me, Talking about they building folks confidence.... when they asses Don't have Any Damn Confidence cause if any of them had Any Confidence within themselves, they asses Wouldn't be out here all up my ass trying to sell what they foolish asses stole from Me & The Xoticy Brand as they foolish & silly asses are showcasing the TRUTH that I Speak from their own damn actions. Just telling on themselves. So, I guess they Master THOUGHT that she could break Me, but she clearly Don't know how Father/The Most High/Lord created My ass to be... LOL Not a fake ass queen/master & Her group of lost ass souls will Ever Break Me.

So, These foolish ass Beyhive have been going around telling folks that I have some mental illness because I'm Exposing they asses and pointing out how STUPID they All Look for join that STUPID ass a cult with that Fake ass "Master" Who is Satan/The Devil is the spiritual form. So because I'm Not breaking... those lost ass souls tried to break me by spreading lies about me. So, of course more and more of these Frauds popped up wanna be Me's & The Xoticy Brand, has came from nowhere trying to dance, dress & speak & be My Ass. So then Their Master decides to dress like me from Head to Toe as well. That showcase the TRUTH I Speak in her recent Tour. Wearing the same damn boots I wore in one of my videos but she TRIED to out shine Me by getting a matching jacket to go with her boots, as her none dancing ass tried to mimic what I do in my freestyle videos. Then when I posted My Roller skating video.. Her wicked ass took her ass to the skating rink and why the fuk did her wicked ass video hit all over the damn Land for all to know... Because her ass wanted me to see that she was trying to do me too... but because she don't carry my talent, her ass just rolled by looking Stupid... SMH Then her clothing line photoshoot her ass is mimicking my poses and wearing a wanna be Xoticy leotard with her ass hanging out... Not one of Anyone ever saw That wicked witch ass being out until her ass started to TRY and dress as I. And ALL of what I Speak is Researchable because her foolish as THOUGHT she was bullying Me by stealing from me and trying to all of what I have already done... But she just ended up telling on herself. Oh Foolish Ass.

So because So Many of Dancers "Goal" is to dance for That Wicked Witch... they foolish asses will do ANYTHING, as we can see to be apart of her wicked ass a cult. And if that means Turn their back on Me, Steal from Me, Try to Destroy Me, Try to Kill My career & spread lies around about Me.... These foolish asses has done All of that but STILL Failed. Cause Can't NOT One of these wicked Asses Destroy the Creation of Father/The Most High/Lord Purpose.


So, all this Spirit/Father/The Most High/Lord TRUTH I've been sharing with the Land.... was to inform the land of The Spiritual war/battle in that is happening in physical realm... That is showcasing itself for the Whole Land to see. So because The Beyhive Master... carry the evil spirit of Satan/The Devil and have Deceived those lost souls to do Evil & Wickedness... Their actions are showcasing how The Wicked ones operate by Stealing, Lying, killing & Trying to Destroy Me.... Just so that those who DON'T believe in the spiritual realm, can see the spiritual Battle/War playing out with The Spirit of the Devil that is these Foolish Asses wicked ones Master, The Wicked Witch Who is Fighting against Father/The Most High/Lord Spirit… Through His Servant... who carry the Spirit of Good. Who is guiding those who are listening to the correct direction and that is To Father/The Most High/Lord... That Savant is ME. So that repented souls can enter the Kingdom. However because these Wicked Ones are doing the deeds of Satan…. & going against Father/The Most High/Lord by Harassing Me, Stealing from Me, Lying on Me & About Me & Trying to Destroy Me. I'm placed to Expose All They Wicked Asses. Cause it's ME They foolish asses is fukin with & I'm over it & it STOPS Now! Unpause

So because so many humans are brainwashed to view this wicked ass witch as some fake as queen, There are So Many humans following her ass right to the Lake of fire to burn for Everlasting Life. So because Father/The Most High/Lord said to Exposes the Wicked... Well, Here you all go... The Beyhive is a group of Wicked asses, who are in a cult who are grown ass bullies taking orders from a Wicked Ass Witch who is trying to Destroy Me... so that her foolish ass can try to transform into Father/The Most High/Lord Gift of Greatness that is ME to continue to Lie & Deceive ALL Of YOU. So I called all they wicked ass out and listed all they foolish ass names who are out here stealing from me, Lying on me, Fooling all of you to try and get all of you to view me from the eyes of all of their narcissistic asses ways. The spirit of the Devil Deceived the WHOLE Damn world and by the looks of it, That is True. These STUPID asses, Master has Deceived they asses into THINKING that, the wicked witch is actually a damn queen. SMH She fooled The whole damn world to be brainwashed to like her oh Weak & Whack ass... by paying folks to say her name in their personal interviews, movies, tv shows as if everyone like her fake ass, when NOPE. It's all a damn Lie & a Fake ass illusion. The wicked ass witch Got all these dancers wanting to be on stage with her where they have to pay for their own damn way to dance with her and don't get paid enough to just walk around the stage and TRY to dance as I... SMH Her fake ass illusions DECEIVED the WHOLE Damn WORLD. Got folks worshipping her wicked ass as if her ass is Father/The Most High/Lord... Who is the One to ONLY be Worshiped But because no one paid any attention to know that she's the Spirit of the Devil,... They just kept allowing their asses to be deceived. And all these foolish ass Beyhive are the face of the wicked witch dirty work of Stealing, Lying, trying to kill my Purpose & Trying to destroy Me. Damn... Damn... Damn... So, there you have it... You are now all filled in. You're Welcome

. ~ Ms. Monica Wilson | The Queen of The Most High/Lord Kingdom & Earthly Mother

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