What is being Conforntational?

"tending to deal with situations in an aggressive way; hostile or argumentative."

Many people who accuse others of being Confrontational are usually the ones who are confrontational. The Confrontational person will pick at others to the point the person who is being picked on, will reach a level of defending themselves. Then the person who is the one, who is pissed off, angry, mad & or being aggressive starts to blame the person who is defending their self, as being confrontational, when their not.

The Confusion

It's called the blame game. Where the Confrontational person who starts the whole Picking at someone, because they are looking for a reaction, who is trying to turn the tables around to make the person who is defending themselves in a peaceful matter as being the confrontational one, when their not.

No one can make anyone mad but the person themselves. The person who is conformational never accept accountability for their own actions. They always blame someone else for why they feel & or do what they do. So, when they are called out for their confrontational ways, they try really hard to manipulate others into thinking that the person who is being blame is the problem and not them. When their actions of being mad, Angry & Aggressive showcases itself of who is really the confrontational person.

So pay attention to people actions. Because their Actions and words should match each other. Plus their characters showcases their truth. Do they get mad for no reason? Do they get mad and it shows in an angry & aggressive way to the point they feel the need to walk away from someone before they harm the person?

Just pay attention, because they're telling on themselves.

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