The Parable Of Jesus Crucified

I was speaking with The Most High/Lord today... and during our conversation... The Most High/Lord gave me this Knowledge.... So here I Am, sharing this knowledge with you.

" A parable is a tale about a simple, common subject to illustrate a deeper, valuable moral lesson."

Warning... if you are someone who calls Jesus Your Lord and Savior. Try not to dismiss the Truth of what I'm sharing with you, because it's different than what was taught to you. Please read to gain and not to dismiss, discredit, and or try to disagree or turn away from.

This knowledge is not going against anyone nor is this knowledge to discredit anyone. This knowledge is just the Truth that The Most High/Lord has given to me, to share with those who were sent my way, to gain this knowledge. Cool? Cool!

Before I get into the knowledge.... Keep in mind, that Jesus the Servant and Jesus crucified are two different people. Jesus, The Servant Came to speak the Truth to The Most High/Lord people... Jesus Crucified... is Satan in disguise. Got It? Great! Let's keep reading.

Now, there are two different teams of people on this land. Either you are on The Most High Team... or you're on Satan's Time.

What is the difference between the two teams?

Well, It all comes down to YOUR characteristics... Are you of Good? As in speak, show, share and is of TRUTH... All the time with yourself & with Everyone... or are you a liar. A Thief, killer, destroyer, counterfeit, do & think evil to others?

It's that simple. The Most High/Lord knows the Truth and so do you. So, look at yourself and see who team you're on. Cause you already know. And so do many others, cause your actions are not invisible.

The knowledge of what The Most High gave to me Today! 11/29/2020

So, The Most High goes.... The story of Jesus Crucified is a parable.

I said what do you mean? The Most High goes, The story of Jesus Crucified is a Parable.... The wicked took the Parable and made the story into a person/god/savior and then remixed the story.... to guide people to go against The Truth. That caused MANY people to worship a false Man, who is a false god, who is not a savior, and or is anyone to go through to get to Me. The Most High goes, There are MANY of people calling on this manmade "person", praying to this manmade god, when the story of Jesus Crucified is just a parable....

What is the purpose of Parable?

The Parable represents everyone of The Most High Servants. Who are living Today.... Who have experienced people switching up on us. Lying on and about us... Stealing from us, turning against us and turning people away from & against us. Trying to sell our characteristics & Gifts (talents) as if the thief is creative and or unique/gifted like us. Trying to destroy us. Trying to take our purpose away from us by trying to cover us up. Trying to make plans to kill us.

Who is us?

Us, are The Most High/Lord Servants on this earth! We are the people who are being looked over, treated like complete SHIT! Being discredited, Being dismissed, Getting copied, Being laughed at, called crazy, being lied on and about. Being stolen from... All of what happened in the parable... is what The wicked have done and is doing to The Most High Servants in THIS lifetime... Right Now and have been every since they've learned who we Truly are.

So, in the story of the human being killed on a cross and rose again. Is showcasing how The Wicked THOUGHT that they won. because the wicked was unaware that The Most High gave us Servants... an assignment to be still. To allow the wicked to continue to tell on themselves by their own actions. So as The Most High/Lord is lifting us, Servants... up to the For Real, Top... All those people who tried to destroy us, will see The Most High Glory on how they will be Dropped to the bottom... while we (The Servants) raise to the top. That is the true meaning of the parable of being Resurrected.

No one killed any of The Most High Savants. That is just a lie that was added into the Book to cause more confusion to make the wicked ones look tough. Why? So that those people who were brainwashed to believe that lie... will be tricked to call on Satan as Jesus Crucified instead of calling on The Most High/Lord directly.

Satan tricked ALL of Those people who call on Jesus as their Lord & Savior to go to him first.... and to put The Most High second. This is why you hear Many on top of Many of people saying the name Jesus as their Lord and savior instead of speaking directly to The Most High alone. Why? because those people were tricked into believing that Jesus Crucified is a son of The Most High, who they were tricked to worship. When that is a Sin to worship anyone other than The Most High/Lord. Those people were set up from the jump. Because they made a choice to believe the lies, who has decide to turn away from the Truth, who also dismissed The Most High Servants. . So because those people are wicked people, Evildoers, evil thinkers and sinners.... Cause them to be to be stuck in the lies & full of darkness.

The wicked people takes what The Most High has given us (Servants) and remix everything that we do and or has been given to use, as if what they stole and copied from us, is of their own... and or to use against people to try and guide more people to destruction to perish. For some silly reason, the wicked people think that they are so funny.... and they are really out here... laughing at us, Servants because they are stealing from us.... and using what they stole from us, to make money.... to deceive everyone who believe all their lies. Like I said Many of times before... Zero Fucks Given.

Have you ever heard the saying that The Most High, has the last laugh?

If so, let me try and show you how this last laugh is about to go.

So, these wicked people who have stolen, copied and is using what they stole from us, to make money, be seen and to seek their attention seeking needs as their talent and supposed to be creative material. So, in order for this laugh to happen, The Most High allowed these people to THINK that they will get away with their wickedness & to think that there is nothing no one can do.

Now, in order for these people to get away with their wickedness, They first need to seem as if they are "winning". How? because The Most High allowed EVERYONE who is of wicked and sinners to follow the liars lead. So The Most High allowed these wicked people to tell on themselves, by their own actions. Meaning... EVERYTHING that they have copied, stolen, remixed, lied on and lied about has reached the Light.

Now, EVERYONE is awaken and can see ALL of the wicked people Bull-Shit. How? Cause The Most High has turned on the Spiritual Lights for ALL to see.

EVERYONE who gave an illusion to looking as if they were on the some kind of "TOP" & or claimed to be "winning" is showcasing how they were NEVER on any top & or winning Anything. These wicked people just provided material that they stole from The Most High Servants.

The Most High just handed the wicked people asses to them as I speak.

All wicked people actions are the same and they have told the WHOLE WORLD on themselves.

So that whole Jesus crucified dying for somebody sins... Is a flat-out lie. Those people who are in sin will die for the sin that they are committing PERIOD!

The Most High Wrath is for ALL Sinners and wicked doers. How you treat and think of people, is how The Most High is treating and thinking of You. What you reap is what you are sowing.

So, The parable of "Jesus crucifixion" was used to warn us (Chosen Ones... Servants) On what was to come against us. Now it's our time to raise to The Most High Top.

So, when The Most High/Lord gave this knowledge to me in the spiritual realm... I then was guided to share this knowledge with You.

I know today is My Earth-day and I'm sharing a gift from The Most High/Lord, on the 41st day of my living in the physical realm. That's How Dope, The Most High/Lord is & works.

Yes, I will accept Monetary Gifts.

Due to not having a place to put any other kind of gifts at the moment.

Monetary gifts can be sent to $Monbjammin via Cash App

Thank You in Advance.

~ Ms. Monica Wilson

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