The Truth About The Day 12/25

I want to enlighten you with Truth.... to use your own brain to think about.

So, The Most High/Lord is NOT a Man... Meaning The Most High/Lord is NOT in human form.... Those people who are programmed & brainwashed... who are just repeating what the wolves in sheep clothing taught them to believe... Those people need to Ask themselves.... Why do they call The Most High/Lord a Man/Men? What do I mean? Well, Many people say Amen when they think they are speaking of The Lord.

Those people don't realize that the Truth is always in plain sight and that This is a way to inform people who call on Jesus Crucified as their lord and savior... are unaware that The truth of Jesus Crucified .. being a man comes right out of their mouth. This is why humans MUST pay attention to what is being programmed and brainwashed into their souls to repeat, follow and believe. These wolves in sheep clothing... meaning these people who pretend as if they are so damn holy than The Most High/Lord... who are NOT, but have lied & said that they are a Man of God... have taught Sea's full of people to go against The Most High/Lord and to worship Satan as their Lord & savior, Many unknowingly. How? cause many humans have forgotten that Satan has MANY names. Jesus Crucified .. who supposed to have died for people sins (that lie) is one of Satan's names.

So, Seek The Most High/Lord for Truth and conformation and STOP allowing these deceiving A$S people who are Satan's Children deceive you, cause The Most High/Lord is Not A Man/Men... Cool? Cool!


The Day 12/25/ that adds up to the number 10 if you add 1+2+2+5= 10... if you add 12+25 you get 37 that also equals the number 10 if you add 3+7.... we all know that Satan twist Everything around. Now by twisting the number 10 around makes the number 1 because Satan wants to be number 1 so damn bad... Satan wants to be above The Most High/Lord who is 1.

Now, about this deceiving A$$ day, name Christmas. The day that is named after two false gods... Mary & Satan.

So, this day of December 25, has been brainwashed into us from the day we were born. As if this is the day that Jesus was born. Again there are TWO people in the "Bible" named Jesus. 1. is the Servant of The Most High/Lord who came to speak the TRUTH to The Most High/Lord people, who guided the people to seek The Most High/Lord and to worship ONLY The Most High/Lord.... and then there is Satan Oh Deceiving A$S who calls himself Jesus Crucified who lied and said that he died for people sins and that people had to go threw him to get to The Most High/Lord. Now, are you able to see the two Jesus now? If so, Cool... Let's continue.

So, this whole Santa Claws dude is just a remix of Satan Crucified. As he is dressed in red, black and white. The black and white represents the checked board that the freemasons love to use and the red represent blood. For blood satisfices. Satan likes to remix Everything... because Satan is NOT a creator and or innovator. This is why Satan and ALL of the people who carry Satan's wicked A$S spirit are ALL counterfeits of A child of The Most High/Lord.

So, many of our parents have bought the Bull Sh!t of lying. This is why that whole deceiving A$S itsh that Santa Claws is real BS came into place. Our parents were deceived and brainwashed to lie. Lying in any way is a Sin. So, the FACT that our parents have fed us this fake A$S story about some Devil, who is known as a "White" Man.... dressed in red, black and white.... who supposed to give gifts when this dude ain't do Sh!t who take All the credit of the work & spending money of the parents who are deceived.... We were brainwashed and programmed to fall for the lies of Satan from our own damn parents who are and were deceived. Our choice was taken away and that is what EVERY damn Body did... Many of us followed along With lying that caused us to sin. Do you see the trick?

So, Why are people celebrating a birthday that doesn't exists?

Why are people given their children gifts saying that Satan got them these gifts that they paid for?

Why are people lying to their damn children & teaching their children how to lie unknowingly?

Why are people allowing themselves to sin?

I'm aware that because people are so stuck and comfortable in the lies that MANY people will say that they are doing it for their family and that they are doing it for the children. When those people are STILL clueless on the FACT... that they are participating in Satan's wicked A$S rituals. Not realizing that when their children get a gift from under the tree is them Sacrificing their child and or children to Satan and Satan ways. That's the TRICK of Satan. So, because MANY people are STILL spiritually sleep and MANY people Just don't want to gain Truth.... This is why that road to destruction is WIDE.... because people are hardheaded and don't want to get out of the ways of Satan. They've been deceived and now those people who are lying to their children have became the deceivers. Lying is a sin. PERIOD!

The Most High/Lord Gifts comes from The Most High/Lord.... Satan's gifts comes from someone else and Satan just takes the credit. Sounds familiar? What am I speaking of? Well, look around... How many people can you see who is taken credit for anything that doesn't belong to them & or came from them. Those are the people who carry the spirit of Evil & Darkness. Those people are known as Satan's children & or Satan's puppets who are in place to deceive people with their lies.

So, This Day that many people are deceived to celebrate is All a trick from Satan to turn against The Most High/Lord...

Many people should Now, KNOW... that Satan is a remixer.... Everything is A$S fuckin backwards, upside down and twisted when it comes to Satan wicked A$$ doing. Check this out... take the name Santa and remix the letters.... You will get.... Satan.

Wake Up! Cool? Cool!

~ Ms. Monica Wilson | The Earthly Mother, Who is Wisdom | The Queen of The Most High/Lord Kingdom

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