What Huamns don't realize, Is That I Can't be Destroyed. That is why Whoever is trying to destroy Me & The Xoticy Brand, have to use other people to Destroy First.

By filling those people with lies about Me. Painting false pictures of Me. Twisting stories around about Me... Becoming Fake Friends with people just to fool others to believe all the lies that are told about Me.

Whoever is trying to Destroy Me, is Doing whatever they have to do, to destroy the view point of My Truth... from others to see My Truth. Why? Because They Can't Destroy Me.

So, they have to Try to Destroy My Character. By doing that, is to feed Anyone who believe their lies about Me, with Lies after lies after lies after lies So those lies can be Spread. The More people who believe the lies, the larger the group becomes. Then the person who is trying to destroy Me, will use the Famous lie that is "If it wasn't true, then why is everyone saying the same thing" And those who are clueless will buy that Bull Shit. Not realizing, that the WHOLE DAMN GROUP just Believed the Same damn lies about Me. It's All An Illusion. An illusion to Destroy the Mindsets of EVERYONE who believed All The Lies About Me.

Who view me through those fake ass pictures, that was painted of Me, by the person who want Me Destroyed. Who Can't Destroy Me. So They Destroyed EVERYONE Else's Mindset & View points & Reality of Me... to the point where Many humans call themselves Hating Me, for No Damn Reason. All Because They were fooled to Believe All Those Lies. That are spread by the Person who Tried to Destroy Me, Puppets.

This is how their destruction of Me, Will NEVER Work.

1. I'm the type of human, who Don't Give Any Fuks about how Anyone views Me. Why? Because if they can't view Me from What I Show, Give, Provide & For Who I Am... then Anything else is just Bull Shit! And Bull Shit! I Don't Fuk with.

2. My Truth & The Truth Always Expose Anyone Lies. PERIOD!

3. I don't do what I do, to Please ANYONE. I'm Created with Some unique Gifts to help Others Reach New Levels of THEIR Greatness. I don't do what I'm created to do, To Be seen & Or Liked by Anyone for the seeking of any damn Attention.

4. I'm NEVER in a Competition with Anyone. I'm in my Damn own Lane, Minding My Own Damn Business doing the assignments that are given to Me by Father/The Most High/Lord to Share & Provide to Others.

5. I Speak Truth, I Show Truth, I Provide Truth. I Am Truth.

6. I Uplift Others. I Speak Life Into Others. My Actions Showcase That Truth... My Presence Showcase That Truth. My Purpose Showcase That Truth. So, NOPE. I don't need to Deceive Anyone into believing Any lie to try and Destroy Anyone... Cause that is NOT of Who I Am.

7. What I Provide is a Gift from Father/The Most High/Lord. That is Oh So Original. So when I see A Large Group of Frauds Stealing From My Purpose... And I'm Guided to Expose they Asses... Because I'm NO Coward. That's What I Did, with The Most High, while others just watched.

8. I Don't Blame. I Share the Truth... and if Anyone is involved of Fukin with Me, as I share the Truth. Then They asses is getting Exposed. There is Big Ass Difference between Blaming someone of doing something & Showcasing what someone has done.

9. I'm Not Fake. Meaning if you fuked with me, Fuked me over, Stole From Me, Tried to Destroy Me & whatever is affiliated with Me. Lied on Me & about Me & To Me.

FUCK YOU! Return what you have stolen from me, because those are Father/The Most Lord Rules & Stay yo ass Over There.

10. I Will Never Let Anyone... I don't Give No FuKs of Who they THINK They are & or how ANYONE View them to being... I Will Stand Up for Myself & Speak The Truth & I will Show the Truth. That is What I Do. Whoever, had No Business Fukin with Me... Period! Now they Know, Not to.

So because I'm No Coward & I'm able to stand against Any weak ass liar & stand with The Power of Father/The Most High/Lord. I Can't be Destroyed. However, as we can see Each & Every Human who believed those Lies about Me from Whoever. Mental & Reality has been Destroyed by that person who tried to Destroy Me. So Now there is A Large Number of People who view me in the incorrect way, all because of some Narcissistic ass Humans & All Those who are their Flying Monkeys Have Fooled the Complete Shit out of SO Many humans about Me. SMH

So, There You Have it. The TRUTH about Me and How So Many Humans has been Lead Astray by So Many Lies. SMH And That's... A Damn Shame. Carry On.

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