The Wicked Always Showcase Their True Colors. well, Let's Exposed One Of Them.

Updated: May 19, 2020

Good Thing The Most High created me to see wickedness, so I can share this with you.

So many of you have heard me speak on these silly, Wicked & lusting dudes who are doing these reaction videos to these Frauds ( "wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain") videos who's copying/stealing/Studying from Me, Teaching my sequence incorrectly & remixing my sequences and saying it's their choreography. Bullying & lying to others & harassing ("the action of subjecting someone to aggressive pressure or intimidation "& lying of someone) like me & others with their wickedness of comparing me in their "reaction" videos & acting as if the dudes whos doing the reacting videos don't know who I Am.

So let me share in details of what I'm speaking of & how this one silly lost soul who is going to show use his Narcissist ways. Who is showcasing his wickedness because I didn't do what he wanted me to do. Silly Dude,

My Disclaimer

Keep in mind this is not Slandering & or Harassment.

Slandering means "to make false and damaging statements about (someone)"

~ I'm showcasing The Facts & Truth Here.

Harassment means " the action of intimidating someone or the state of being intimidated"

~ Not what I'm doing. I'm showcasing Facts & Truth Here.

Intimidated Means "frighten or overawe (someone), especially in order to make them do what one wants"

~ I don't want anyone to do anything that I want. I'm just showcasing The Truth & Facts Here. Everyone has their own choice.

This took place on 10/6/2019

So, I'm watching this dude do a reaction video to my Skin Xoticy video and his reaction was clear that someone paid him to do the reaction video just to compare me with the Frauds whos studying, copying, Stealing & teaching my material, style & sequences.

All his reaction videos are to the these Frauds (That's not a coincidence) on the internet whos lying to the World about who they are, teaching the world how to hurt themselves instead of Dancing correctly & to look as foolishly as they look & call it dance. It's noticeable to anyone who carry True talent and anyone who knows a Fraud from The Truth, to see that these Frauds don't know what they are doing. They're just copying me and pretending as if they know what they're doing when Nope, they don't. And acting as if they don't know who I Am, When Yes, They do.

So this is the dude & I conversation below, who did the reacting video to my Skin video that is seven years wiser from his reaction video. That was weird and interesting to why he picked my video to react to. So, because his reaction video was for attention seeking (as many has changed to clout chasing) for the Frauds to gain attention & to fool others to compare the frauds whos copying me to me, as if the Frauds are better than the one they are copying & stealing from, that is Me. Silly Child who never grew up Him. Just to bring wickedness to my Brand Xoticy & myself in his narcissist A$S ways.

Yes, I reported his being wicked "reacting" to my video self, because he was using my video for his wickedness to fool others as if it was just fun & games cause he does reaction videos all the time to these frauds who jump popped up out of nowhere doing everything that is in my videos.

I saw right through his wicked A$S & so will you. He never asked Me if he could use my video for his wickedness, so I reported it.

So, in his video he claims that he didn't know who I was, He never heard of me before, he says. But according to his reply when I said No to what he wanted from me. Look how he tells on his self. SMH Silly Boy.

So if anyone wasn't clear on a few ways of a Narcissist & or someone with Narcissistic personality disorder, This dude is about to show how those actions are. First, they Act dumb (in this dude case, he Acts as if he didn't know who I Am in his "Reaction" video) Then he tried to seem "nice" to get what he want, when he needed something from me. This is his manipulating way of getting what he wants, He acts as if he's a nice human when Nope he's not. He's pure wicked.

So when I didn't give him what he wanted, he started to show his wickedness that are his true colors, and then started saying lies that these wicked folks are brainwashing folks to belive about me, that showcased that he Does know who I Am Correct? Right!

Look how he destroyed himself and show how he actually is the one who is a Narcissist.

A Narcissist is a liar & will always paint someone else to be who they really are. As we can see from this dudes actions that He is indeed a liar & a Narcissist.

When The Most High show me who folks are, I don't reply as if I'm dumb & or act as if I don't see who folks really are. I reply as I see them. I want them to know that I see them at their core. When I do that, they show their true colors by trying to hide behind their lies & go and tell lies on me to get others to view me from their lie point of view. It's silly but very worth calling folks out for their wickedness and dumb games they be trying to play on folks. Well, they came to the right one, cause by me seeing right through them allows them to show their true colors for the world to see who they really are.

Talk about the Truth coming to the Light. The Most High is So Dope.

If someone has ever told you not to mess with me cause I'm "Crazy". First Off, I'm nowhere near Crazy. That's their lie about me to deflect from their truth, that I know about them. Their liars, they lie about everything. What they are really saying to you, is if you are full of itsh and you're a liar stay Far away from me, cause I can see right through liars. Those kind of folks are not going to tell you all of that because then, they will be telling on themselves onto why I don't F with them. If I don't F with someone is because they've showed me their true colors without even knowing. Well, let me correct myself. The Most High allowed me to be in situations where they've showed me their true colors that displayed their wickedness & core of evil.

So, let's check out this Narcissist dude that's showcasing his wickedness right in front of us all, Shall We...

Please excuse the miss placed letters. I be moving fast most times and make mistakes, However, the words are still readable for clarity.

This is why you should NEVER listen to what folks say negatively about folks No matter how many of them it is saying the same lie. Why? cause its a lie. This dude just showed us all his Narcissistic wickedness & how his friends are behind all of this wicked as well as himself of even doing a reaction video of me, it's like they doing itsh just to get a reply to twist my reply around to cover up their wicked & evils agendas. Well, The Most High said not today. This dude is Just telling on himself & his friends whos spreading lies about me. SMH Fake humans can only Act Fake until you call them out. Call them out and watch how they showcase their true colors of wickedness & evilness.

The Truth will set you FREE!

You're Welcome.

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