There are folks who are calling me a narcissist, but their actions SCREAMS narcissist. So...

Updated: May 19, 2020

Check This out.

So, again I'm going to provide facts on what I speak of. There are so many humans who are blaming me for having some mental illness all because I'm not who they want me to be. Due to them not allowing themselves to learn who I Am for themselves, They've decided to believe these wicked folks who are lying on & about me and just running with the lies as if I have a mental issue or they're saying that I'm a narcissistic or I have Narcissistic disorder. LOL I know it's really silly how folks will just apply what they want onto others when they are just spreading lies.

So, Let me make some things clear cause folks have so many humans out here believing lies who are actually developing mental issues onto themselves for believing lies & viewing (in this case) me as someone of who I'm not due to the lie that they have been told. So, Let's Get Into It.

My Disclaimer

Keep in mind this is not Slandering & or Harassment.

Slandering means "to make false and damaging statements about (someone)"

~ I'm showcasing The Facts & Truth Here.

Harassment means " the action of intimidating someone or the state of being intimidated"

~ Not what I'm doing. I'm showcasing Facts & Truth Here.

Intimidated Means "frighten or overawe (someone), especially in order to make them do what one wants"

~ I don't want anyone to do anything that I want. I'm just showcasing The Truth & Facts Here. Everyone has their own choice.

So as many humans are aware that we are living in the Moment of the Truth showcasing itself. That means many humans are telling on themselves without even knowing that they're telling on themselves. So when they're called out of their wickedness, they try to cover up their wickedness with saying words that they THINK that make them sound and look good to deflect from being called out & showing their true colors.

So, I'M going to show you what I'm speaking of by showcasing how those who so-call say they love me, view me as the lies that they have heard of me. That shows that they don't love me, cause to love me is to know me. And clearly, they don't know me nor do they love me. Check this out.

So I posted a post on @xoticybjammin IG account & this human from another account wrote a comment & then the truth started to showcase itself. Check it out.

Please excuse the missed placed lettering on a few words. I move really fast most times and make mistakes on the letter placement. However, you are able to still gain what the words are. Thx

So because so many wicked humans have placed their lies of me being a narcissist & or having a narcissistic personality disorder. Let's break the two down, for clarity Shall we.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

"It’s human nature to be selfish and boastful now and then, but true narcissists take it to an extreme. They don’t just have extra self-confidence, they don’t value others’ feelings or ideas and ignore others’ needs."

Well, As we all can see, I don't fit that characteristic, what I do is help other reach new levels of their greatness. I'm nowhere near selfish. I'm too given & willing to help others before helping myself most times cause that's how I'm created. Now those who took advantage of me are wicked humans. That has nothing to do with me.


"a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves"

I guess because I share my Spiritual Gifts with others, Many human view that as me admiration myself, when Nope, I'm just sharing my Gifts for the knowledge for clarity.

You see how clueless & wicked humans will call anyone anything just to fit their lies? Well, watch how many try to manipulate others to believing their lie just because they can say these words & use them to get others to believe their lies.

This conversation below took place on 3/8/2020

As we can see, No matter who you are, folks are so hardheaded that they will bite the hand that's feeding them all because their Clueless & lost & don't want to gain what they don't know. It's Really Sad how folks are turning away from the Truth & running with Lies. SMH

I'm trying to HELP folks & folks believing the lies from these wicked ones who they THINK are of Good cause they're feeding them all this BS, when their NOT. Their EVIL Spirits looking like humans. Folks have the nerve to be coming against me with their made-up points of view due to lack of knowledge & the lies that they have chosen to believe. So instead of gaining knowledge that I'm sharing that is TRUTH, folks are lying on me with all this mental illness & narcissistic Mess. It's so disappointing & Sad to watch folks be so Lost.

When folks envy you, they feel as if everything that you say & or do is incorrect when it's not, they just have to discredit you every step of the way. So maybe by listening to someone else that is Another Chosen One created from The Most High saying the same things I've been saying for years, will wake others up who Hate me due to being envious of me. Since that the reason why so many humans don't want to listen to me. SMH

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