Those Who Have Started to Awaken

Those of you who are starting to awaken and you're watching Movies about us Chosen Ones & Father's/The Most High/Lord Plans.. & how we (father's chosen & select ones) were all cured. Keep in mind, that in these movies & TV Shows, The Storytellers are playing many different roles. For example… One Storyteller could be playing Father/The Most High one minute... and in the same scene and or sentence, they're also playing Satan… Or one could be playing an angel & a demon.. At the same time... So You have to Pay attention & Listen to Gain the knowledge. Once you get it.. You'll see the full Picture of the movies & or TV Shows... Many humans knew that Knowledge & Other didn't have a clue of what I speak of.. So for you all who didn't know.... There you go.. New Knowledge for you to gain... You're Welcome.

The TV Show... Once A upon A Time, does a Great Job on showcasing who I Am in the spiritual Realm... In Their Perspective of The Spiritual Realm... I'm Showcased as Every Good Light that is showcased in that TV Show. Pretty Dope TV Show & on how they viewed Me.

A Lot Of Truth is showcased in that TV Show.

Before watching, Anything... Thank Father/The Most High/Lord for Showcasing The Truth To You for YOU to Gain True Knowledge that is shared with You. As well as Thank father for protecting you from all of Evil & Wickedness. Cool? Cool!

Into The Badlands, The TV Show is Another TV Show that is Providing Father's/The Most High/Lord Plan and who Father's Chosen Ones & selected ones are & Purpose is.

Many on top of Many humans Know Who I Am, from the spiritual realm.. & They Know who The remaining Chosen Ones & Selected ones are as well.

And Many humans Don't Have a clue. That's why these movies & TV Shows are trying to share that knowledge with the Land. However, many humans are still Asleep Spiritually. So, when those humans awaken & if those humans awaken... There is knowledge that has been in their face the whole time to gain, if it's not too late once those humans awaken. for them to view & Gain from, for confirmation on what is actually going on. Remember one person plays Many of humans in these TV Shows & Movies... Cool? Cool!

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