What To Do To Gain The Opportunity to be apart of my space again.

There are many people who have treated me like complete Shit. Always they had no idea of who I Am. Many have listened to the incorrect people and others just allowed their envious & jealously to view me as I'm Not.

So because Father/The Most High/Lord showed me that many people's hearts are saddened because they wish they have Never Treated me & or viewed me in ways that are Not of Me. Who will never treat me in such a way like such ever Again.

So, because Father/The Most High/Lord has given me a choice to allow these folks in my space & or not, I decided to Only allow those who Apologized to Me publicly, for Everyone who they have lied to about Me to gain the Truth. To either be in my space by Participating in my Services, A greeting in public & or other of my choices. It all depends on how I want to accept the person. However, each person who has disrespected me via any kind of post & or video, & or whatever. Their apology needs to be in the same format. Just like many have seen when Those persons disrespected Me, they should be able to see their apology to me as well if they are truly repenting of how they have treated me. That's only if those humans heart is of repentance on how they have treated me & or viewed me as, and will never do that again.

Those people know who they are because they have Repented & made a promise to Father/The Most High/Lord to be of Good & Truth moving forward and to be of Good and honest to and with me.

As far as becoming my friend & getting on a personal level with me, as many were before... Let's just keep it at Those persons following me, participating in my services, invites & Supporting for now. Cool? Cool! Thx

For those who are making apolgy videos & post

You can @ me by using Twitter/Instagram @msbjammin & Xoticybjammin

If you stole anything from Me and want to return it & or was given profit for using my material without my permission. All profits can be returned to My Cash App for now.

My Cash App is #Monbjammin

Please don't interrupit my peace & just allow me to be & Do me in Peace, as I do you.

You can speak to me in public, just don't interrupt me from being in my zone. You'll know when I'm in my zone or not.


Many dancers have did the upmost disrespect to Me, Not realizing the importance of my Purpose when it comes to guiding them in the correct direction. I want you all who have repented to Father/The Most High/Lord, who have been forgiven to live in the Kingdom to know that, If you audition for Me & you fit what I'm looking for, Then I will hire you. If you can't provide what I'm looking for, Then I won't. You will only be judge if you can provide my Sequences in the way that Father/The Most High/Lord has provide the sequence to be performed as, or Not. If you participate in my Services, you will be given the corrections and direction for the betterment for your growth. How you treated me, I never will and never have treated you. This is your new start to gain who I Am and to embrace Me for Me.

~ A Servant of Father/The Most High/Lord | The Earthly Mother | The Queen of Father/The Most High/Lord Kingdom, Ms. Monica Wilson

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