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Why is Ms. Monica Wilson Going TF OFF on these Dancers?

Well, I’ll share that Answer with You. So, I don’t Fuk with Nobody… I don’t bring ANY Negativity To NO Body, No Drama Nothing… I provided Truth & I share Truth for others to Grow and reach New Levels of Their Greatness. I’m Too damn Fun, Funny & Full of Wisdom… I don’t get Mad… I get disappointed in how Foolish A$Ses... Allow themselves to be Foolish.


My Disappointment on how folks allow themselves to be Foolish... Has NOTHING, to do with taking on Anyone’s Problems…. Those Foolish A$ses Problems.. Are Their Foolish A$s Problems, Not Mine... I’m NOT taking on ITSH! Of Anyone else... I Had to make That Truth very clear Cause there are some Foolish A$Ses & Lying A$ses out there, Who are Trying to Manipulate You, As if that’s what I’m Doing… When Nope… They lying A$ses is & trying to brainwash You… Once again with their foolish A$S lies…. Unpase

So, Negativity Don’t Come from Me, Because I’m of Good. I’ve shown and have provided the Truth to You. It’s like when some Foolish A$s Human start Fukin with Father/The Most High/Lord. So, that Human & or those humans will have to feel Father//The Most High/Lord Wrath for bringing their Problems, Wickedness, Foolishness & Lies… In father's Direction... The same Goes with Me… You Fuk with and bring all the Itsh! My Way… Just as these Foolish A$Ses, who I'm talking To have…. Then whoever Will Feeling My Wrath as well. Theses Foolish A$Ses, who I’m speaking To, Started fuking with Me First. Not me with them…. Them With Me. So I’m Providing Their Foolish A$Ses with The Truth & I’m Showing The Truth to All of them, At the same time.. They Foolish A$Ses Came At Me As a Group, So, I'm Sharing The Truth To Them As A Group... . So because My Wrath is Me using My, Social Media Platforms to showcase & speak The Truth… You, the Land…. is Able to be Witness, of what My Wrath Looks Like. Where what I have to say to ALL of These Foolish A$s, Wicked A$Ses... who've Decided To Pick ME, To Fuk With.... SMH So, That’s why I’m Going TF Off..... on All these Foolish A$Ses, Wicked ones, Silly A$Ses Frauds…. Who Fooled & Deceived TF out of YOU, (the land) with their Lies & Wickedness…

The Reason why there is a List of Frauds at who’s Stealing from Mie, Because I Don’t Talk About Folks behind their back… I Want All These Who’s Fuling With Me... to KNOW what I said To Them & I wanted them to KNOW who I’m Talking To... So I Listed their Names... All I got is TRUTH…. My Wrath is TRUTH… These Foolish A$Ses wanted to Fuk with Me & wasn’t Aware on My Wrath of Truth… Well… Here it is.

To the Land

You’re Welcome for providing You The TRUTH. Now, Do you get my reason of My Wrath Now? Cool!

So, instead of Trying to Paint being what these lying A$s wicked A$S Frauds Lied to You.... About Me... How about You ask these Frauds Why they started Fuking with Me, in the first Place... I'm Not The Problem.. I'm the Fukin Solution. I’m Not The One To Fuk With….You, (the Land) just see My Wrath.... From what These Foolish A$Ses Has tried to do To Me & The Xoticy Brand, all to fool You... A Whole Damn Group Came At Me... A Sea Full of Wicked & Foolish & Clueless A$Ses, Started fuking with Me.

A whole Damn Group.... Who came Against Me.. LOL That Truth should speak Values to Many of You... I bring Fun, Peace, Love & Joy!…. Not this Foolishness, these wicked A$Ses Wickedness, Who's Stealing & Lying to The Whole Damn Land... Where they wicked A$Ses, TRIED painting Me to being..

ALL of This, with These Frauds Being Exposed is because They Foolish & Wicked A$Ses, decided to Fuk With Me.... Father/The Most High/Lord Provided Me to be able to see The Core Truth of Others.... I keep that between Father/The Most High/Lord & I.

So, When You, Fuk (as in pick at me, steal from me, lie to & on me, & whatever other wickedness) with Me... My Wrath is Providing The Truth no matter what.

So, Because this Sea Full, of Foolish A$s Frauds... Who Decided to Attack Me. I've placed the Truth for Their A$Ses so that they can remember that I See their wickedness...

So, because The Truth... Showcase Their Lies... That's Their Fault...

Maybe Next Time... They A$Ses Won't fuk with Me. They should have learned that Lesson that by Now. So, there you have it Land. The answer to why I'm Sharing the Truth.

Now, turn away from wicked doers & Evil & darkness. Cool? Cool!


Have Anyone ever said, & or heard someone say that They Like Fukin With Me?

Not Fuk with Me... Fukin With Me? Do You Know what Their Fukin with Me... Means?

If Not, I'll Share... Now, you can say You fuk with Someone as in your Trust Them.

There is fuk with Someone, that means That you rock with that human... as in hang out with. There is Fuk With... that is to Pretend to like, But Really Don't Like & or Hate... To Pretend to Care, when Nope, they Don't Give No Fuks.

But those who Fuk With You, will Act/Pretend as if they really do like you. Many will even use the words like I Love You.. To Make it seem Real.. But Nope.. Don't have a Freakin Clue to what Love is... cause there is NO Good within Them. Their Wicked....

There are those who take Advantage of You. Tell Every Lie they can about you, & On You to Everyone You may know, & or who is in your field so when that lie comes around, others will THINK.... that it's True, when Nope... That same damn lie was passed around and came right back to folks to manipulate them to believe the lies. All to Try to destroy You and try to hurry up and use all what they can from what they stole from You.... before someone Catch them & they have to pay for their wickedness...

So, Because the Foolish A$S & wicked A$Ses... All stole the same Itsh! Someone is going to get caught... and then someone is going tell the truth... & then More & More & More Humans are going to be speaking the Truth.... & The truth keeps Coming & Coming . The more Truth that is shared The more Lies & liars are Exposed... That's happening As I Speak.

These wicked ones have "meetings" just to talk about Me/Someone & then they start playing games on You & with You, Without You/someone knowing.... behind your back. Then Fake The Funk, As if they Like You... So, when I Say these Wicked A$S, Foolish AS$S Frauds are Fukin With Me, That's the Fukin With Me, I'm speaking of. Their Actions Are Showing The Truth I speak & have showcased...

The Truth is shining The Light on ALL wickedness.... OF Theses Foolish A$S, Wicked A$S Lies & Liars... All The LIes….. This is the Vision Father/The Most High/Lord has given Me, When Father/The Most High/Lord Destroyed Yo Wicked A$Ses, Who are apart of that Group of Fukin With Me.

The Visual

The Truth is shining The Light on ALL OF Theses Foolish A$S, Wicked A$S Lies & liars

This is the Vision Father/The Most High/Lord has given Me, When Father/The Most High/Lord Destroyed these Wicked A$Ses, Who are apart of that Group of Fukin With Me..... Father/The Most High/Lord is So Good!

That visual Father/The Most High/Lord Gave to Me, (That I've shared with you) of Me Sitting On My Throne... Wearing My Crown, As The Actual Queen of The Kingdom. With My Servants Surrounding Me... With All of those... Wicked A$S Dancers, Who's Fukin With Me in front of Me..... Father/The Most High/Lord sit they Wicked A$Ses On Fire.....As I & My Servants Watched their wicked A$Ses Burn, Scream & Cry... I swa them

Matthew 13:5050and throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The point Of Me Making A Frauds List with their listed Names on it & will be listed on it... Me Sharing & Speaking the Truth.... is Father/The Most High/Lord Visual, that was given to Me... Playing itself out in the Physical Realm ( For The Whole Land To See).

All of You, in that Wicked A$S Group,

Who are Against Me.... Now, This is Me... Breaking Your Wickedness TF Down... By Providing The Truth... Those who Father/The Most High/Lord Save from Your Wickedness, Where the ones set to be My Servants... While All Of You Destroy Your Damn self.. So, Now... Do You see Father's/The Most High/Lord Will Being Done...In the Spiritual Realm, showcasing itself in the Physical Realm? Cause it's right in front of your Face.

To The Land

The wicked one who's fukin With Me... Find it Fun To Fuk With Me. They Love Darkness, Foolishness, Evil, Wickedness... Because They are the Wicked, Father warned us about, Through Father's Servants from Before. So, Now in the Physical Realm... You, (The Land) Are able to See who the Wicked ones are... Well, I'm listing those Who Like Showcasing Their wickedness by Fukin with Me. Who are Telling On Themselves... That is Father's Plan... & Father/The Most High/Lord Servants & Selected ones are sharing The Truth from All Four Parts of The Land... The Truth is Coming From EVERYWHERE... The Lies are All Exposed. The Land has Awakened & The Truth, was applied in the Souls of & On The Land.

Father/The Most High/Lord Kingdom Is Arriving... Only A Few will Live in Father's/The Most High/Lord Kingdom. Ruled by Father/The Most High/Lord's Servants... Who are Leading the Selected Ones, in The Kingdom. While the wicked is Not Allowed in Father's Kingdom.

Everyone is Reaping, What You Sowed.



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