I was given a visual of a girl, the girl's friend & the girls mother talking at a table... I was standing in front of them... & The mother tells her Daughter that she is Fat... The girl got upset & was going to leave to run to cry... I stopped the Daughter. I asked her to take a sit & to stop running when she feels upset, because she didn't want to hear the Truth.... Now, how the girl mother said, what she said was in a belittling way, in away where the mother knew that her words would hurt the girl feelings and send the girl crying.... So. I Said to the girl... You have to allow yourself to hear & accept the Truth. Every time you hear something you don't like... You (speaking to the girl) Have to face reality... Is it that you don't like that someone saw your truth & or is it that you don't want to face Your Truth... The only way humans get mad at someone most times... is because the human don't & or didn't want to hear the Truth, So the deflect and trying to find a way to run from The Truth & or the human who see their Truth. I said to the girl, Are You Fat? The girl says Yes... I said do you want to do something about you being Fat? The girl said Girl says Yes... I said then stop running from the truth & Get yourself together & stop hiding from your truth & Face your truth to be a happier human... Hiding from yourself... and then when someone see (cause you're not invisible) Your Truth... You'll be able to embrace your Truth instead of running from it.


To the Land, So, to know that you are fat & for someone telling you that you are fat... The truth shouldn't hurt You. But because the truth does hurt all liars.. That only shows that (in this case) the girl wasn't accepting reality and wanted everyone to overlook the truth just as she was doing... Not realizing that she's harming herself from the inside out... Unpause.

So the girl's friend... Goes that was so rude of Your Mother to say that.... I said, What part was rude? The girl's friend goes, the part where she said she was fat... I said how was that rude, when the girl said that she was fat herself? The girl's friend goes because That was rude to tell someone that they are fat. I said Let me ask you (the girls friend) something.... Have your friend ever asked You, how does she looks, Every time you see her getting Bigger & Bigger? The girl says I tell her what she wants to hear... I said and who is that helping? because she need to hear the Truth, Not the lies that You're feeding her.. So I said, do you (the girl's friend) See how rude You are... by being the one who's keeping this going by telling her lies? The girl's friend didn't say anything.

So then I turned to the Mother.. I asked the mother, what was the point of her even telling the girl that she was Fat? The girl's mother goes, because she is Fat... So, I noticed that the mother is Miserable… So her goal was to pick on the person who she knows, is weak within to try & bring whoever down to her miserable way of living & Thinking... So Trying to pick at others, who run from their Truth is How the Miserable Mother, finds her happiness.. So, I asked the mother, is there any love within her left? The mother then Try's to run away from Me. First she called me fat too.. I said, but You're fatter than me... So Keep that stone with your name on it to yourself & the next time you want to throw a stone... Make sure you hit your damn self first. She realized that she wasn't going to be able to break Me, because I'm not Weak & or Break able... I stand in Truth.

So the mother just didn't say anything after that... So, I said to her, Stop spreading your misery on others to where you're wrongfully judging others based off of her own damn appearance... I told that mother to go Check Herself...

Father/The Lord/The Most High pulled me away & That was the end of that visual...

I just wanted to share that with the Land... So if there is anyone out there hiding from the fact that You are Fat & or getting fat... Get Up & start working out to remove that Fat that you clearly don't want.... It's not healthy to carry extra weight on you for no reason… Those of you who are not able to hear Your Truth and you will rather run all around the story & try to trick folks into Not speaking the Truth all because You don't want to face the & or Your Truth.... You're only hurting yourself. The Truth is what sets You free... So if you are hiding from the Truth & Your Truth.. You're Not Free.. Your trapped in yourself... Just Stuck.

If you are someone who tells others what you feel they want to hear & or tell others what You, THINK they want to hear (really what you want them to hear) ... Know that You carry bad fruit & that You are a liar.... and You are not helping anyone... Not even yourself....

Too many humans are hating/disliking on each other all because they don't want to hear the Truth & or their Truth. The Truth is NOT how you feel. The Truth is the Truth... The Truth is Unchanging. So, Be truthful & Honest & or Don't speak at all... Cool? Cool!

You're Welcome.

My Thoughts

I really don't get how Folks can talk about folks away from them, but are weak AF to say anything to the human who they talk about to their face... Why? Many times.. cause the human who's doing the running/hiding is weak & is a coward... and don't want to hear the Truth that comes from the human who See's right threw their lies & wickedness... So those kind of folks talk LOTS of Lies about the human who they are afraid of, and then when they see the human they in public, The Coward then Act as if they don't dislike the human for being able to See them. So they pretend as if the human don't see their Truth, by trying to Act "nice" Forgetting that those who are like Me, can still See right threw them & all of their lies. SMH It's so pointless of those kind of folks to be that way... All because someone is too weak to speak truth & or live in Truth.

Those are some STRONG deep feelings to have to talk about someone behind their back & to others but Never able to say those things to the human face, they talk about. SMH

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