Xoticy Purpose

Updated: May 19

You are aware that Xoticy Xpedition is where born women come to Jam in my stylized kind of ways correct? If the Xoticy participant/student want to show the taught sequence She learned during her Xoticy Service to an equally yoked partner, That's Cool

However, Xoticy Xpeditions are for born women to reach new levels of Her Greatness in a Jammin' & Sliding Xoticy kind of ways. While Jammin' in my Services, The participating women will gain knowledge about herself, to where Her confidence will become recharged & or found.

Yes, My Service be like that. Pure Fun. Thanks to The Most High!



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Created by The Most High, Our Lord, Our Creator in Heaven.
Services & Sequences are provided & Taught by Ms. Monica Wilson.
Music Sold Separately. 

Xoticy®  is Taught for personal use only. Teaching, Studying, Showing, Taking Credit of Xoticy®, Receiving Profit for Martial, Sequences (known as the choreography) & or Mimicking Xoticy® likeness is prohibited for use.