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Where interested Performers come to gain the tools needed to prepare, to audition for Ms. Monica Wilson to perform Her Sequences. 

There are tools provided here from Ms. Monica Wilson to pre-prep you before an upcoming audition for
Ms. Monica Wilson..


Many Humans are clueless to knowing that this "Virus" is actually The Most High Wrath on the wicked, liars & sinners.


Revelation 6:7-8 (7) "When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, "Come!" (8) I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hell was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth."

Plague Definition: "an infectious, epidemic disease caused by a bacterium, Yersinia pestis, characterized by fever, chills, and prostration"

So before participating in this lesson, Make sure you are following The Most High laws, that your soul is of Good from you repenting All your sins & turning away from the wicked ones, wickedness of the world, your own wickedness & your love for this world.  Seek The Most High & Build Your Personal Relationship with The Most High NOW! Cool? Cool! 


So if The Most High allows you to live in The Kingdom, Then We'll be Jammin Together. :)

I'm Looking Forward To Jammin With You Soon Luv. 


Here are some unique tools to help you prep. 


Accountable & ADVISE



If you only like someone for what they can do for you, That's YOU using others for your selfish reasons. That's Not Love that you carry. You carry oportunity & selfishness. 


I don't have nothing for you. I can challenge you to reach New levels of your Greatness. So, if you're looking for a handout, Want me to do what you want, Nope. I won't. Just Accept me just as I, You. I just want you to do you to your best & keep growing, 


If whatever you do, is for the purpose of someone else & not what's in your Heart to do. Why do it? If you're only doing it for the human, where you will not apply your best to doing whatever. Someone who don't care about what they are doing. Should be brave & strong enough to say No/No Thank You, or whatever you say. Just make sure your words are clear where the other human hears you & know what you are speaking of. Stop playing yourself and blaming your games on other humans.  Cool? Cool!


If someone told you to Not work, dance, talk, follow, listen, say, Don't say & or whatever about someone else. Keep in mind, that whoever applied Toxic into your life, & YOU actually followed their Toxic Lead & invited their Toxic into Your life & behavior. That human set you up to fall. If that's you & you did that to me. With all the bullying, Spreading rumors, Lying, Copying me, teaching my Sequences, Using my brand template, Concept, Layout , Not speaking the Truth & whatever wickedness you've involved yourself into, when it came to me. You see why I don't want to work with you? Cool! However, just as The Most High to forgive you, by Repenting (ask for forgiveness) all your sins and walk away from those sins and wicked ones & wickedness, to do & Be Good. I'm the same way as The Most High. Ask Me for forgiveness for whatever you did, doing & etc.  just as loud as your wickedness & disrepect was/is & I'll Forgive you, If you don' ask me for forgiveness, don't come my way & stay out of other folks hears with your lies & toxic, Cool? Cool! 
If someone tell you someone toxic mess like I heard, Someone Said, I saw, & or All that mess is to keep YOU from reaching Your Greatness. Those humans Know that I can get You to new levels of Your Greatness, That's why they fed you with all that Toxic about me & brainwashing you to believe that they can do me too. SMH. All So you wouldn't like me & view me as those wicked ones. They don't want You passing they A$Ses up in Growing.  
Yeah, their wickedness fooled so many of you just to keep You from passing them up in Jammin'. I tried to help, but many humans were hardheaded & got caught up in the wickedness & didn't want to listen to me anymore, due to what they heard. SMH
So yeah. It's Best for You, if you're Not that human. Cool? Cool! 


 Follow the lessons & challenges provided here, to guide you to reaching a New level of your Greatness in a unique stylized kind of ways.


Due to us being Quarantine, Here's a Lesson to Prep you for my upcoming Auditions, Online Version.

Ladies & Fellas. Keep in mind you must be the born & living Gender The Most High created you to be.


Music Notes: I (Ms. Monica Wilson) am no longer a listener to the selected music. Due to their wickedness. Many humans know what I'm speaking of. However, the sequences of mine below, will allow Me, to see around about what level you fit into, on the Performers level list of Mine, to provide the visual that The Most High has provided me with, for the Growth of others & performance of the provided sequences. 

So, watch the video, without stressing yourself out. Learn the sequence at your own level. 


Relax & Take Your Time. This is Not a competition. Or who can learn This Sequence the fastest. This is about You, being able to learn this sequence, the details as much as you can. by watching Me. While we're in the situation we're in, I'll keep us Jammers busy & Ready as much as possible. . Cool? Cool!


Lesson Notes:

Take your time. I will like to see you jam this sequence, & if we're still in this situation of being quarantine,  I'll give you another lesson to keep you building for Growth until audition time, Cool? Cool!


The Challenge 

Keep in mind looking at the screen is a different direction from the direction that we're actually facing.


My Assistants:

Students who want my assistants, for my Pre-Prep Lessons, while we're in this quarantine situation. Post your video & Tag #MsbjammL1 so that I can take a look, when I login in my accounts. I'll give feedback. 


Social Media 

#msbjamminl1 #PFMMWA Prepping For Ms. Monica Wilson Audition


What I'm looking for when it comes to selecting Performers?

I'm looking for performers who can pay attention to my details, Follow given directions, Able to obtain, gain & apply corrections & who is willing to allow me to guide them to a new level of their greatness.. Who has the passion to Jam & the ability to perform my sequences in it's correct ways. Who is respectful to all, who is able to focus on themselves without the distractions of others & who is able to think for themselves.  I will like to start from a clean foundation, so I will like if the performers are not involved in any group/cliques & or under anyone's management/Agency at the moment.

No Exceptions


Studio Affiliation: I am NOT affiliated with Any dance studios at this moment. Please excuse the wiser affilation that are posted on wiser video footage, that is no longer Anymore. 

Lesson 1 - Ladies

we're starting with sequence When I Grow Up. 


















Lesson 1 - Fellas

we're starting with sequence Turn Up The Music.


















Audition: Focus on my details.


Excuse Note: If you are someone who, Think that I want you to dance like Me. You're incorrect. I want you to learn the Sequence I'm providing & pay attention to the details & follow my directions, so we can reach a New level of Greatness. Cool? Cool


MW Personal Notes: Whatever you're Thinking maybe incorrect, if you're telling yourself you don't want to & or can't'. You Can Do This. You're Actually Better than you know. I'm helping You Get Ready to Audition for me.  You must have yourself together. Ready to be pushed past your comfort zone & into the unknown. So you can reach your New Level. 


Participating in Dance Classes Notes: Due to the much instructors all over the Land, who has been copying, stealing & lying dealing with my style, material, Sequences, Brand & etc. Is why there are Not any instructors that I have seen that is Great enough to help you reach a New level of your Greatness. Someone who steals, lie & remix my material & teach my style  & says it's their own, & Act as if they don't know who I Am, is Not an honest human. So  because of many humans Not being honest & teaching what they studied from me,, I don't want anyone to be lead in the incorrect direction to be taught by someone who is a Fraud., that can't help you when it comes to my sequences. I know the Truth hurts a lying soul, however I'm truthful & this is what you get, honesty. Participant in beginner Ballet Barre & Beginner Jazz Classes to Challenge yourself to move up levels in those Genres until I have some instructors to provided to you, who can challenge you into a new level of your greatness. 



are welcome. My Cash App #Monbjammin Thank You!


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Audition Notes:

If you mess up during the audition. You must try your best to pick up where you left off. That is not the time for you to freestyle & take away from those who's working hard reaching new levels of their growth. Focus on performing the provided Sequence & all of its details. Cool? Cool! I get it, we all mess up here & there, However your mess up should Not effect anyone else to lose their focus. Stay in your place, focus & provide the given directions, details & Sequence.


To Come.




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