Hi Land,

I'm Honored that You, want to read my Testimony & Learn Who I am. I'm The Queen of The Kingdom. Who Is The Earthly Mother created by Father/The Most High/Lord, Ms. Monica Wilson.



I'm Not going to just provide You with Knowledge, of Who Father/The Most High/Lord Created Me to be. I'm going to share my path with  You. So that You can see that what I speak, has happened. I'm going to share with You my Testimonies, Purpose of Creation, The Spiritual Battle/War I was Fighting & Share with You, on How Father/The Most High/Lord used Me to Break

The Curse.  That us/The Land was under...... It's pretty Dope how Father/The Most High/Lord, has given us (The Land) This Moment, for us,  to gain Knowledge of Truth... & Well, You're Here, To learn The True Knowledge

of Who I Am.

Father has provided This Moment of us (The Land) to Stay in our homes. To gain This Knowledge Right Here.... As the Wicked try's to destract The Land, with this "disease" titled, Cov-19.......   Hoping You wouldn't have Gained this Knowledge, of Father/The Most High/Lord Truth.

So, Are You Ready To Gain This Knowledge? If So, keep reading

I have been providing the Truth To You. I'm just sharing the Truth with You, and Many of You didn't want to listen to Me... for some silly reason of yours. 

So, let's start with providing You, with a vision of Your surroundings from the Spiritual Realm Perspective. You will still be able to follow along.  Because You are Living in the Truth. In the Physical Realm, as in your life


I, Your/The Queen/The Earthly Mother have been trying to provide You with the Truth. For whatever reason Many of you didn't want to listen to me. Many of you Turned on Me. Many of You Prevented others from learning Who I Am. Many, on top of Many Other things... And Many of you were running from Me. It's Dope to have you here with Me, right now. I was always guiding You, to the Correct Direction. Every Time..... So, Let's start at Your Surroundings. I did post something like this on Twitter/@msbjammin However, This is Not the same. If you've read my Twitter/@msbjammin post. You're going to Love this read as well. I get a little more in detail and some other stuff. If you haven't read my tweets to the Land, You may want to Slide on over

there after gaining this knowledge



The Land...

with 20% of The Land, Full of Light... & 80% of The Land, Full Of Darkness. The Ones in Darkness, Are Witches. They're known as The Wicked Ones. And As a Group, The Darkness are The Wicked, who are Satan's Puppets in the Spiritual Realm. Who were, allowed to Place the Ones Full of Light...

under a Memory course. 

The Memory Curse ,  has the ones, who are Full Of Light ...  to Not be able to Remember who the ones, Full of Light.. Are. There is A King & A Queen on the Land. Who are Separated Who are Full of Light & were under the curse, as well.  If the Queen & King would have kissed, the curse would have been broken for them, with true loves kiss. However, due to free Will.. That kiss haven't happened yet.  Now that the curse is broken and The Land is waking up... Leaves Many to being confused..... The Truth is being spread out on the Land to Gain. To Learn, To Be Aware of, To Receive, To Apply & Obey. The Memory Curse, had the ones, who are Full Of Light... Not Remembering who They are..... Who the Wicked were & many are still pretending to be.

You (The Land) can call us, The Ones Full Of Light, or The Light Ones. I'm going use The Ones Full Of Light



So, The Ones Full Of Light, are living on this Land. The Land that actually belongs to Us... The Ones Full Of Light were living As Slaves on Their Own Land. The Ones Full Of Light are of, All Shapes, Sizes & Skin Tones, All over The Land, In All Different Fields of Work, Education, Talent, Skills & Other...

20% Of The Land, Who are Gifted... Talented... Honest..... Truthful... Loyal... Caring.... & Respectful who are of Good. Are Spread over The Land. Many of The Ones Full Of Light... is being Tricked, Due to the Spell/Curse from the wicked ones.  Tricked into becoming Dark & Tricked into staying Asleep... So because so many Foolish Humans, went Dark. Who are the Lost ones. That left, the Land with 10% of The Ones, Full Of Light. 10% who light has dem & 80% of The Ones Full Of Darkness. The Wicked Ones who are Witches were trying to keep The Ones who are full of light, from waking up..... The Wicked Ones, Know Who us, Ones who are Full Of Light Are.  Many from the Land, view us as, Father's/The Most High/Lord Chosen Ones & or The 144 Thousand... are along with the selected ones on the Land, You... Who are the ones who Father/The Most High/Lord Awakened & filled with the Truth & light...  


So, Those Ones Who Are Full Of Darkness... The Witches. And as a group, they're The Wicked. And in the Spiritual Realm, Their Satan's Puppets.

There are those who are on the Land who are Lost, Who doesn't want to believe anything unless they are able to see with their own eyes & or have heard from one of the wicked ones platforms, who are programmed to view the lies and illusions as truth. Those lost ones, are the Ones who say that they Love Father/The Most High/Lord who they also can't see.

As a group their the Luke Warm

The Darkness, Who are Witches... Purpose on the Land... Is To Keep The Ones who are Full Of Light, from Coming out of The Curse, that the Wicked was allowed to provide. Once Father/The Most High/Lord guided me, Your Queen/Earthly Mother to Break The Wicked Ones Memory Curse. The Wicked Ones, Are Now Being Exposed & Exposing themselves. By The Wicked One being Exposed and The Land believing the Truth, & Knowing the Truth More of The Ones Full Of Light, Have Broke Free From the Memory Curse. The ones who are awakened from the curse, are able to see The Exposed Wicked Ones for who they are, and for the rooten fruits that they carry. It's  A lot to take in.. Because many humans looked up, & believed the wicked ones, who have been trying to keep Many from awakening.... Only the ones who Repented their sins & follow Father/Lord/The Most High are been awaken from the curse... Us Chosen Ones Have Gained Who We Are & The Purpose of our Creation in the Spiritual & Physical Realms The Chosen Ones are known as The Lord's/Father/The Most High, 144 Thousand. Who are spoken of in comic books, Movies, TV Shows & Other, as Your Super Hero's.  

The Wicked Ones, Purpose on this Land, was to be & do Wickedly. The Wicked ones Goal, was to Keep us Ones, who are Full Of Light, From Awakening & Remembering Who We Are. Now that The Land is Awakening, & Many are Woke... And the curse is broken, The Wicked are Exposed & Naked.

Many humans have decided to place their love in Money, who have lost their Faith in Father/The Most High/Lord. Who have allowed the love of money to turn them wickedly & Far away from Father/The Most High/Lord

So, While The Land who is no longer under the Curse, Who has Father's/Lord/The Most High Light within, You are now able to see, The Spiritual Battle/War that I, was showcasing to you, with the wicked... in the Physical Realm attacking Me. Of Me Showing You,  My Purpose. While still providing you the Truth. So, because many of you, were still under the curse. And still listening to those who's doing all the lying, You weren't able to see Me, for who I Am. & or Hear me. So, many of you followed the wicked ones & You started to attacked me. You didn't even remember who You are. To know to listen to Me to gain from me. As the wicked tried to point out everything that they want you to think, that is supposed to be "wrong" about me to them..  all because the wicked ones are distracting you with lies about me, to deflect from you gaining Truth from Me. Because you gaining the truth of me,

Showcases All Of Their Lies. Those wicked ones never wanted you to learn about their lies. They really thought that they were going to destroy me.

When Nope, they can't destroy me, cause Father/The Most High/Lord Always has the last laugh. And many of you tried to destroy me, due to all the lies that you have believed from those wicked ones. SMH

So I, Your/The Queen/Earthly Mother... want to ask The Land, for your forgiveness, for Me being disappointed in You. Because of your actions from being under a curse, of your unknowing. I never hated You, I never disrespected you, & I never lied to you & or turned my back on you. I just wanted You to Wake Up & reach Your new levels of Greatness. I'm Honored to be the one Father created to do His Will, on Breaking us (The Land)

free from that curse. Father/The Most High/Lord has a funny & Great way of doing things, as well as a Funny sense of Humor



Once, Father/The Most High/Lord strengthen me enough to where I was able to handle Waking up from the curse & knowing who I Am. That carry one of The Most High/Lord/Father Important Title, I'm Created to Lead the Land with. All I wanted & tried to do was to wake You (The Land) up from the curse. I tried & tried & tried... All in the midst of fighting those wicked witches in the spiritual & Physical realm, All while providing the land the Truth.  The Wicked know, Who I Am, & Many of the lost ones,  who got into the wicked witchcraft & saw that I'm the Bride. I'm The Queen of Father's/The Most High/Lord Kingdom. The Wicked Ones saw, that I'm The Earthly Mother. And just like any envious & or jealous human, reactions will showcase itself in anger, Hate & disrespect. The Wicked Ones, started to showcase their anger of  knowing who I Am.  By attacking me, who have turned many of You, against me & away from me.


The Wicked tried to hide me from You, by dressing like me. Copying The Xoticy Brand that Father/The Most High/Lord Created for the women on the Land, Trying to dance like me. Trying to Teach like me, Trying so Hard to dismiss, Discredit Me. Stealing from me &  Tried to Copy & Paste me to them, as if they Carry All of what Father/The Most High/Lord has created Me, with & or to Do. All to deceive You, as if they can do me too. The Wicked never wanted the land, to Know Who I Am. Because they are Not Me.  However, The Truth is Unchanging & I Am, Who Father/The Most High/Lord Created Me To Being, Who I Am


I know, I was Hard & Very Truthful to the Wicked Ones by cussing (not cursing)  out the Wicked Witches who I've Exposed. Who tried to & many have fooled/Deceive many of You. By Showcasing My Sequences, in a untalented, distasteful, unpleasing & in a lusting matter. Who have been lying to the whole Land about Me & on Me... Have You, ever wanted to know why many people on platforms are Not speaking of me? That's because those platforms, are Witches & those Witches only speak about each other, to keep the clueless, sleep & distracted. With Their lies & Wickedness by trying to keep You, from Knowing who I Am... Cause once you learn who I Am, & Following Father/The Most High/Lord Laws. You will become awaken from the curse. I've provided the Truth to the Land. I also provided a list of names, of those wicked ones, who I've Exposed & still exposing. That list of those Wicked Ones/Frauds/Liars is over the number of 500 people, & still counting.  The link/button is available below, You can click the button, once you continue to gain this knowledge


Many of the wicked wanted me to lose my Purpose & have Tried to Trap Me into their wickedness... Many have tried to get close to me just to see how far they were allowed to try to harm me. Many just stole from me, Many Lied on & to me, Many Hated me, Many Tried to Trap Me, Many Tried to Control Me, Many tried to destroy me. A Few Love me & Many don't want to hear, see & or be in the same room as me.  Why? Cause they know Who I Am. They don't want to believe, I'm Who I Am, But they know & Many are brainwashed into viewing & treating me for who I Am Not Many blame Me, for how Father/The Most High/Lord Created Me To Be, The Land Queen/Earthly Mother, Who carry the Bride Gene. And That's keeping the Wicked Ones Bitter on Hating me

because of Father/The Most High/Lord.



So, because the Wicked Ones, viewed Me as being better than Them. The Wicked, then Painted false perspectives of Me, so that You (The Land) could have viewed Me from the false pictures the wicked ones, falsely painted of me. All so that You, (The Land) will stay from The Truth.  This land is full of Wicked Witches & their All pretending to be about You. When Nope, the Witches only care about themselves & trying to destroy the people on the Land, to Try & take over Our Land. The Wicked Ones, were able to trick the land for a time, with their wickedness. However, their time has run out. The Wicked are Now Exposed & Getting Exposed. The Wicked ones are perishing... In the moment, The wicked are becoming the Last... While us, who have been bullied by the Wicked, are being place to being the First. The Witches are Done. It's Over. As in No More Wickedness & or Wicked Ones. The wicked ones spells & curses have No power. None. And all those who've believed the lies from those wicked ones, who were doing the wicked ones dirty work.. are now realizing that they were on the wrong team. Hating someone who actually Loved them. Trying to destroy someone who only want them to reach new levels of their greatness. 


Father/The Most High/Lord created me to be of Good. I Don't Think I'm better than Anyone. I'm just who Father/The Most High/Lord, Created Me to Be. That's why the Witches try to brainwash others into thinking anyone can be who they want to be. Because the Wicked Ones are pissed, that they are not who they want to be. So, they try to trick others into being just as wicked as they are. Misery loves company

The Witches on the Land, were trying to Cook up a Curse, to keep The Land from Breaking From The Memory Curses. Now, that the land is awaken, & the curse is broke. The Wicked... are being destroyed & Perishing, Faster & Faster & Faster each second of the days. The curse that Father/The Most High/Lord used me to Break... was the Wicked last try of trying to keep (The Land) from remembering who We (The Land) Are & from Waking up. 


The wicked were trying to get their ingredients by trying  to suck up the land energy through, those Witches dance classes of telling those who were clueless of being lead by witches, that the wicked ones, wanted to feel their energy. That was the witches sucking up the students energy. The energy sucking is what is viewed as, witchcraft. Talk shows that are speaking of pointless things, just to distract You. Are energy suckers. Youtubers being the blind following the blind, with their copy & paste whatever's, just to distract You. Those YouTubers are energy suckers as well, Witches. Those Witches are No different than the Witches, Concerts & Etc. That are sucking up folks energy in large crowds.  The Wicked tried to get the last ingredients that they needed. They thought by using Father's/The Most High/Lord Transformation into the Kingdom, by The Land being placed to stay in our homes... That the wicked ones are calling Cov-19/quarantine. Just so the wicked could have tried to suck up all the land energy & replace it with Fear & distraction. As their Energy Sucking. Father/The Most High/Lord  wasn't having that.

So, Father/The Most High/Lord used me to break the curse & destroyed the wicked spells & curses that was placed on The Land. 


I was raised by a Wicked Witch.

Father/The Most High/Lord didn't make me aware of me being raised by a Witch, until Many Years Later. However, Father/The Most High/Lord have been showing me who She is, by her actions toward Me. Her lying on & to me, Her Stealing from Me, Putting me in "special Education" that was taught by more Witches, Who goals were to try and keep me at a very low level without providing me with the tools I needed & wanted & asked for, to grow & move forward. As they tried to keep me from My Purpose. All because many of those teachers KNEW... Who I Am & what My Purpose is. And many of them were fooled by the decepition that that witch has given them of Me. So, the Witches tried to destroy & stop Me from breaking their curse, from a very young age. I never went into Darkness to do Wickedness, However I have been tricked, just like You.  However, because Father/The Most High/Lord didn't create me to be wicked... I've always walked away from The Wickedness.... However, by placing me Around the Wicked Ones. Left the Wicked Ones confused to Why Father/The Most High/Lord has placed Me in their surroundings... The Wicked Ones, never understood How I've escaped from their plans of Wickedness they thought they placed on me, to try to destroy me. Many of the wicked ones got close to me... & a few very close but Nope. Father/The Most High/Lord wouldn't allow their wickedness to destroy me. Just kept me spelling words incorrectly... Here & there as Father/The Most High/Lord kept me away from the wicked ones programming & Brainwashing "teachings". The Teachers I've had, were also the friends of the witch who supposed to have raised me. The Witch who supposed to have raised me but just bullied me, has brainwashed So many humans with her lies, spreading lies saying that I supposed to have done and or said whatever... that I have never did and or said. The reason of her doing that was to get as many humans on her team, under her control to turn against me. So, because she carried a title of being my "Mother" folks just fall for her wickedness & all of her lies that were ever said about me. The sad part is that because of that, I don't have any family in my eyes anymore. because they all except one, has turned on me & haven't tried to push me away & or felt as if I was forcing myself onto them. Who tried to destroy me & Hold me back. They would call each other and pick at me, start trying to make disagreements with me just to blame me for their picking on me, to try and paint a picture as if I'm the problem, when No, I'm NOT. Trying to bring up conversations to get me hyped and use my excitement as if it's of some kind of attack.  Many Tolerated me because of the title Family, but really didn't want me around. They allowed each other to bully me and be wicked toward me, as their joke, their way of "playing". I just won't allow anyone to try to detsroy me. So I call out their wickedness and we all know that anyone who is full of lies can't handle the Truth. So because of my relatives making a choice to follow the lead of the witch who supposed to have raised me, but only bullied me my whole life and only did things for me at times to brag about them, & or to make sure others knew that she was doing something for me, to make it seem as if she care and use that as me being some kind of ungratefulness.  So because of the much abuse I've experienced with many relatives, I made a choice to not be affiliated with those relatives who has treated me in their wicked ways. I will rather be where I'm wanted & with those who want to be around me, then anywhere & or around anyone who don't appreciate me & or genuinely want to be around me. I know why Father/The Most High/Lord took My Dad out of the physical realm. For me to Shine. I'm Grateful to carry my Dad DNA of not taking No Bodies Bull Shit. They made a choice to turn against me, Not me against them.


As my Purpose is moving forward, I'm getting better & better with these words.  The Lord placed me in the midst of the Wicked to strengthen me...

By placing me with the Witches, was for Me to know,  the ways of a Witch, to prepare me for My Spiritual Battle/War in the Physical Realm that I've just Won. Father/The Most High/Lord has placed me in the middle of those Witches, for me to know who they are at  face value. The Dope part, is that Many of You on the Land, were witness to the Spiritual War/Battle I've fought in the Physical Realm. Many of you were so clueless of what was going on, where Many of you, got trapped into darkness. That caused Many of you to turn against me & start using, my misspelling words incorrectly, as a down fall. With The lies that were told to you about me, for you not gaining The truth & or learning who I Am from Me. So, do you see why the Witches, placed me in Special Ed? That's correct.. They've Tried to Keep You from Gaining The Truth & of Who I Am & Tried to keep me from breaking their Curse. As we can see, Father/The Most High/Lord plans are always different & The Truth, Will Always come

to the light. As it Has


I've Shared, that in the year of 2016, this curse could have been broken, with True Loves kiss. Father/The Most High/Lord, allowed me to Feel & See The Man Spirit who is created with Me & Me with him. However, he was still under the Curse. When he saw me, He was breaking out of the curse, little by little. The closer he got, The more he wanted to know, Who I Am... And Why did he feel the way that he feels, when he sees me & or think of me. The Witches who were keeping him under the curse... got together and tried to keep him far away from me. The Wicked ones... who he, viewed as his friends. When Nope. Those "friends" of His, are just a group of the Wicked Ones, doing wickedness. Who tried to stop the curse from Breaking & tried to stop him from awakening...  To have kept Him away from True Loves Kiss to break the curse. Father/The Most High/Lord Glory of answering My Prayers, Kept The wicked ones from "winning" The Wicked put in a lot of work & Failed, Anyway.  

 Not carrying about those wicked witches, I grabbed His hand and the Joy that came over Him was pulling him closer to Me,  wanting to know why he feels this way about me. He even went asking around, not realizing he was asking more Witches, and more witches kept him going in the incorrect direction. That was to be far away from Me. So, because he viewed Those wicked ones as "his friends" whom he was tricked into trusting. He valued their word as truth & their actions as if they cared for him. When Nope. The wicked distracted him & tried to make sure, He stayed distracted, from awakening. & from thinking of Me. Father/The Most High/Lord, had other plans... That I will never be able to leave his Heart. He will always find Me, We're Created to be together. Even under the curse, He Knew. But wasn't sure because the curse distracted him from knowing who we are. He's My Spiritual & Physical Husband. One of Father's/Lord/The Most High/Lord's Kingdom Kings. Father/The Most High/Lord has allowed us to see each other a few years after we've connected. He looked at me and wanted me to know that he is watching me. I saw that, he started to not care about those witches knowing that his heart was connected to mine. Father/The Most High/Lord guided me to stay away, because when he awaken completely & knows who he is,

He will find me & we will live the way

Father/The Most High/Lord created us to be & Live.. 


You the Land, are invited to our wedding When

Father/The Most High/Lord Will, for that moment, be done. 

The Wicked are Not invited & or allowed inside the Wedding & or Kingdom.  



The Process

For those who are just now to awaken, This is A lot to process.

So, make sure you're processing All of that Father has shown & has given to you... So, You can move forward and not be stuck in the ways of the wicked, from the curse you were just broken from.  Father/The Most High/Lord has awakened You...  All Praises are Owed to The Most High/Lord/Father.

I'm to be respected.


The Wicked Ones, In the Music Industry started making songs about me, Saying my name in their song, & or speaking on the situations that involves me, to  let each other Know, that they Know Who I Am. I saw them tell the Land, that God/Father/The Most High/Lord is a woman. That God/Father/The Most High/Lord is a dancer. Saying things like

"I came to give it to You".  And I did. I just kept Jammin & providing The Land with the Truth & sharing my Gifts as you all can see

If you are not of wicked, then you are One who is full of light 

Who have endured till the end. The awaken of the curse.



All these Stories about A Queen & A king & Curses and Witches..

Were Trying to show us, who many of us are & what Realm

we were actually living in. And how we were under a curse & had no memory of who we are. And that the Land we stand on, is Ours from Father/The Most High/Lord who created for us. Those stories, were trying to help us to remember who we are. The wicked ones were using our stories as Fiction,

to keep us from awakening.  

I'm aware that many humans have viewed me speaking the Truth, as being rude, having "negative energy" & or being "negative" because the Truth & hearing The Truth, hurt those kind of humans to their ears & Soul. When their incorrect. The Truth is Not Rude. A Lie is. So, when someone says that a "dancer" is doing My sequences "nicely" and their doing My sequences & Style incorrectly. I don't lie & I'm not going to start. I'm going to continue to share the Truth... It's interesting how many humans, who are copying Me, don't want to gain corrections from Me, for doing My Sequences & Style incorrectly. That's between Them & Father/The Most High/Lord on why they tried to discredit me, when I'm the reason, why their trying to do what I do, the way that I do Me, in the first place.  The Spirit of Father/The Most High/Lord, guided me to share this knowledge with the Land. I'm the one who can judge My sequences & Styles on Whoever. Not an outsider who is trying to be & or teach My sequences & or someone who feels that "nice words" makes everyone feel "good" even when "nice words" they speak, are lies.  Not even anyone who have training in other dance genres, who are trying to use those techniques from those dance genres to compare to My Sequences & Xoticy Techiques when they don't apply to each other. I'm Truthful and I love guiding others to reaching New levels of their greatness. Lying will only lead others into darkness. I Don't Do That, as we all can see.  Me being Truthful, is not Rude & or Negative. The Land who are of Good, Knows that I Don't have Negative Energy.

The Wicked are the ones with Negative energy and lies.

Cool? Cool

So, Here You are, Gaining The Truth of Who I Am.

My Life Experience & How Father/The Most High/Lord has been protecting me the whole way. That's What's Up for you to come and gain Truth from Me.

I appreciate You, for gaining this Truth. 

~ Your/The Queen / Earthly Mother, Ms. Monica Wilson

Twitter/Instagram: @msbjammin | @xoticybjammin

I'll continue my testimony as we move forward.  Cool? Cool!

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