Terms, Conditions, Policies, Waiver & Agreements Apply

Acceptance Of User Agreement with Xoticy® Brands

knowledge, Services, Taught & Written Materials, Brand Foundation/Template, Taught & Watched Sequences, Concept & Likeness are provided by Xoticy® & Ms. Monica Wilson & cannot be used

outside of personal use by a viewer, guest & or participant.


This User Agreement and Privacy Statement is set in place for website visitors of xoticy.com, Service purchasers, video & or show watchers & Participants of Xoticy® Services, including all import and output laws, restrictions and registrations which all are subject to revision and change from time to time with/ without notice. Services are subject to change, cancel and or reschedule for any reason given by Xoticy® at any time. Any access or attempt to use this website (xoticy.com) & or Ms. Monica Wilson & or Xoticy® likeness & or material for any unauthorized profit or illegal purpose is strictly prohibited.


Xoticy® reserves the right to terminate registered accounts, & purchased participants, participating in any Xoticy® Services. As well as, asking the participating participant to dismiss themselves (remove themselves respectfully) & allow Xoticy® to take other actions if Xoticy® reasonably believes the necessary steps, need to be taken to comply with the honest & Far laws in which is to protect

The Xoticy® Brand & rights.


Xoticy® Participants must be the born & living gender of the requirement of the Xoticy® Services. Living as their natural-born gender who is 18 number of years on this Land & wiser, who can hold their own weight & apply the given directions & corrections to participate in any Xoticy® Services.


Pre-Registration/ Save Your Spot

Xoticy® Service Admission Ticket Pre-Registration/Save Your Spot Purchased is limited to one interested Xoticy® participant per admission ticket for the correct age group & Xoticy®  Xpedition Service. The interested Participant who completes & submit the Xoticy® Pre-Registration/Save Your Spot Purchase agrees to purchase the Xoticy® Service Admission remaining balance once the purchase Service link is sent to the Xoticy® Interested participant Pre-Register/Save Your Spot email address. 


Purchase Admission

Purchasing the Xoticy® Service Admission Ticket for the desired Xoticy® Service is available only on xoticy.com. Once the Xoticy® service Admission Ticket purchase transaction is completed, there are no refunds & or credits that will be available. All required fields on the registration form must be correct & completed when purchasing the Xoticy® admission ticket. The admission ticked must be printed and given to the Xoticy® representative to check-in into the Xoticy® Service.  


Xoticy® Service Admission Tickets expire after the completion of the Purchased Service. No Shows/ Late Comers will not receive any credits & or refunds. No Exceptions


Xoticy® Service Xpedition Age Groups

Xoticy® Services are separated by age groups from 18-29 years of age & 30+ years of age & wiser.

Xoticy® Participants must purchase the Xoticy® Services that fits their correct age group & Born Gender. Xoticy® participants are not able to enter/participate in any Xoticy® Service & or event that does not fit the Xoticy® participant, correct age group & or born gender. Xoticy® participants who disrespect the policy of the Xoticy® age groups, will be eliminated from participating in any Xoticy® services/events & will not receive a refund, account credit & or transferable credit. No Exceptions.


Checking into an Xoticy® Service

Xoticy® Purchased Admission Participants must have their Printed Xoticy® Admission Ticket, along with their Active photo State Identification card in order to check-in to participant into any Xoticy® Services. The full name on the Xoticy® Admission Ticket & the provided photo Active State Identification/Passport/Drivers License must match the full name on the Xoticy® Admission Ticket.


Xoticy® Accomplish Award

Xoticy® Accomplish Award is for the Xoticy® participating participant who completes the Xoticy® purchased Service (Not The Purchaser). For each Xoticy® Xpedition completed, the Xoticy® participating participant will receive 2 points for each completed 135 minute Xoticy® Service Xpedition, completed by the participating participant. Xoticy® Accomplish Award Points are turned into Perks once the Points are applied to the participating Xoticy® participant account. The Xoticy® Accomplish award points will apply to the participating participant account within 7 business days after the completed Xoticy®  Service. 


Perks (Points)

Perks can only be used to purchase admission Services for any Xoticy® upcoming services. If a Xoticy® participant disrespects the terms of the Xoticy® Accomplish Awards Policy. The Xoticy® participant will lose all points and will be removed from participating in any Xoticy®  services moving forward for being dishonest. Once Discount Perks are received, The Discount Perks will be taken from the next

Xoticy® Boutique Merchandise Purchased  Total. 



2017 Cancelled Xoticy Service Account Credits

Xoticy® Account Credits for 2017 Cancellated Xperience are only given to participants who are listed on the cancelation list, who've experienced a canceled Xoticy® Service from 2017.

Account credits do not expire before use. 


If an Xoticy® Service is to cancel, An account credit will be given in the amount of the purchased Xoticy® Service purchase admission ticket. Account Credits can only be used by the Xoticy® participant who xperienced the canceled Xpedition Not the Purchaser.



Xoticy eGift Cards/Gift Cards

Xoticy®  eGift Cards/ Gift Cards can not be used to purchase other eGift Cards/Gift Cards. Xoticy® eGift/Gift Cards expire within the current year of the Xoticy® eGift Card/ Gift Card purchase.

Missed Purchased Xoticy® Services admissions will not be credited to the Xoticy® eGift Card/Gift Card. Xoticy® eGift Cards/Gift Cards must match the Xoticy® Participant State Drivers License/Passport

name at purchasing to use the eGift card/Gift Card.


All sales are final after the completion of the transaction

No Refunds.


Xoticy®  participants must Have, Live, Accept, Carry and Give Organic Respect & be honest &

Truthful to all Humans at all moments.


Xoticy® Participants/Viewers/Guest are to respect the Xoticy® Service space, location, Brand, staff, instructor & oneself at all moments.


Xoticy® Participants must clean & pick up after themselves at all moments.


No Solicitation
Solicitation & Promoting outside of the
®  Brand, during and around any Xoticy® Services & or Events & or Service locations is prohibited.


Personal Items
Participating in
® Services, The Xoticy® participate Personal Items must be placed in a bag, or purse during any Xoticy®  Service (Items must be placed, where instruction are given)


Conversation During Xpeditions
All personal conversations with other participants must be placed at a volume of zero, during any
®    Service for the respect of others to gain what they have come to Xoticy® to receive.


Xoticy®  participants must respect each other and keep themselves from letting out none related sounds (Gassing Folks Up is not allowed) during any Xpedition. Having fun with the joy of oneself & others, to show excitement for oneself is allowed.(Gassing up others & showing

excitement are very different from each other)


Dress Wear
Xpedition Footwear must be of the required footwear of the style of the desired
® Service.


Lose jewelry, Glasses, Watches, Lose Hair accessories, & other items as such must be removed before the start of the Xpedition. For the safety of all students/participants & the protection of oneself.


Completed Xoticy® Service
After each
® Service is completed, Xoticy® Participants must leave the Xpedition area. If the Xoticy®    participant is scheduled to attend the following Xpedition, The Xoticy®  participant must again check-in, for the following Xpedition. unless given other directions.


No Smoking of any kind is allowed


Only Xoticy® purchased participants are allowed in the Xpedition location Service.

Xoticy® Participants must participate in the purchased service.

Sitting down to watch any Xpedition, is not allowed.


None order Outside food must be placed in a spill-proof container. 

Hydrated Drinks/Water must be in a water bottle with a spill-proof lid. (no logos)

No Alcohol Drinks are not allowed.


No electronics are allowed for usage during any Xoticy® Service. Xpedition.

No recording of any kind during any Xpedition No Excepirions.


Xoticy® participating participants in recordings footage of any participant, must give their permission to the recorder to record their image if outside of  Reps Xoticy®.

Interviewing Ms. Monica Wilson
Only Xpedition related questions are allowed when asked. (No Personal/business/brand questions are allowed to asked during before, and or after any Xoticy
® Service/Event.

On The body
Lotions and or oils should be applied on the body four (4) - five (5) hours prior to the start of the purchased Xpedition, for the Xoticy
® participant safety.


Usage Of Participants Image
Posting Xoticy
® related footage to/on the Internet must have Xoticy® name listed.

(ex. Xoticy® , @xoticybjammin #xoticy)

Services taught & watched from Xoticy® are for personal usage only & can not be used for profit,

credit & or show without written permission & Confirmation of Xoticy®.



If a Xoticy® participant is being disruptive during any Xoticy® Service, the Xoticy® participant will be asked to leave the Xoticy® Service Location. The Xoticy® Participant must leave the Xoticy® Service location in a peaceful and respectable matter when asked to leave. No Refunds & or Account Credits

will be given. No Exceptions. 



Participating in an Xoticy Service

Xoticy® and or any other affiliated Brands such as Let's Get It! Heels, Performance Ready®, Xoticy® Xpedition, Lap/Chair Xpedition  and or representatives & or Ms. Monica Wilson, is Not responsible for any injuries, lost damaged and or stolen items. This includes any personal cost of any participant, including professional athletes. Ms. Monica Wilson, Xoticy®, Xoticy® representatives & locations are Not, liable for any cost & or any splitting of cost of any kind. Xoticy® Service Participants are responsible for their own cost, injuries, lost, damaged & or stolen items.

Xoticy® Taught / Viewed Xoticy® Material

Xoticy® Material Taught during any Xoticy® & affiliated Brand Services is for personal use only. The Xoticy®  Brands taught material during any Xoticy® service, & or watched from Xoticy® provided Sequences, cannot be used for profit, Show & or credit purposes. Using any Xoticy® material taught & or Shared & or viewed from any Xoticy® Xpedition/Xperience/Footage is prohibited for use outside of personal usage, for the privacy of the participant/viewers home.


Before Participating in a Xoticy® Service

The Xoticy® Participants must stretch at least one (1) hour before participating. 


Xoticy® Participant Image Usage

Participating in Xoticy® Services gives Xoticy®, Ms. Monica Wilson & affiliated Brands the right to use the Xoticy® Participants personal image, & record during the Xoticy® Services for Photos, Videos & or  interviews/Xomonials for Xoticy® promotional use to share. 


By making a purchase and Jammin' in Xoticy® Services, the Xoticy® participating Participant accepts & agrees & is aware, that the Xoticy® participant cannot use Any material taught and or likeness/Concept from Xoticy® & Ms. Monica Wilson & affiliated brands outside of personal use.


By participating in any Xoticy® services hosted by and or at Xoticy® locations, The Xoticy® purchaser/participant has read, agreed and follows Xoticy® (and affiliated Brands) Participation Guidelines, Terms, Conditions, Policies, Waiver & Agreements.



Private Policy

How Xoticy® purchaser/participant information is used with Xoticy®


The Xoticy® participant information is used for identification purposes.

Xoticy® use a third party software to receive credit card payments.


The information of the Xoticy® purchaser will be used for the sole purpose to verify and to check into services with Xoticy®, as well as for business usage. Affiliated brands are included.

(Let's Get It!® Performance Ready®, Performance Xoticy® Xpeditions, Lap/Chair Xpedition)


Xoticy® does not sell participants & or other information.

Music Usage 

Xoticy does NOT own any rights to any music used for entertainment purposes, during any Xoticy Services & or Events.  Music is sold separately.  





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