A Message To The Land

To All Of You who are trying to find a come up. Gain this knowledge....

No One can come up with stolen goods. The Lord/The Most High/Father/Higher Power Source Don't give no damns about how many people have been deceived by you. The Lord/Father/Higher Power Source will not reward you for gaining the whole world when the knowledge that you are providing is not given to you from The Lord to provide.


Each and every person who is out here teaching incorrect information will have to pay for their lies & for leading people astray.


Each and every person who is out here trying to destroy others and trying to steal someone's Fan base.... Not only will you have to pay for your wickedness but you will suffer for each and every person whom you have lied to & led astray.


For each & Every person who is feeding the land with Garbage, Gossiping & providing distractions will have to pay for each and every person whom you have distracted from gaining Truth that feeds the soul.


For every person who have told lies and painted false pictures of someone, You are going to suffer for trying to destroy someone else for your personal gain and you will suffer for every person who believed your lies.


For Those of you who are trying to come off as if you are doing the Will of The Lord/Father/The Most High/The Higher Power Source/The Creator and you are only repeating what someone else have taught you.... You will have to pay for deceiving and teaching people incorrect information that led people astray.... due to your lack of knowledge. You're the blind who have been led by the blind who is leading more people who are the blind to destruction.


All Deceivers will have to answer to the Lord.... That includes those of you who are hiding behind fake pages, Those of you who have grouped up and are pretending to be a positive group... when the group mention is to destroy someone else & or try to paint a picture as if someone & or people from the group is famous & or popular when they are not from the eyes of The Lord. Those of you who are getting paid to mention & not to mention someone's names. Those of you who were paid to set someone up to make someone look like who they are not. Those of you who pretend to hate someone for the comfort of others and secretly watch, love and talk about people behind their back. Those of you who took a oath to dismiss, discredit & dislike someone . Those of you who paid for your social media numbers and verified checks. Those of you who work for anyone who is paying you to manipulate others to purchase a product & etc. Those of you who Act and pretend as if you are being genuine & Etc. You all are deceivers and providing deception to the land. You have to pay for All of your wickedness, plus suffer for each person you have led astray to believe your lies


Those of you who allowed yourself to fall in traps of these deceivers, you have suffering to be apart of. You were warned not to be deceived by wolves in sheep clothing. You were warning to pay attention to the fruits of a person to know who they are. You were warned that The spirit of darkness are liars. You were warned that A few people have been chosen, who are The Servants of The Lord... and that the road to Righteousness is narrow and the road to destruction is wide & you still picked the wide road where the large crowd follows and you dismissed The Lord Servants... Let me paint a clear picture for you. Many of you follow the people who have the most followers and you look down on the people who don't have those "numbers" as if we are less than... What you are missing is that The a few people who have less than are not deceivers, who walk on the narrow road. Many on top of many of you follow on the wide road are people who have painted to false picture of having Millions of followers who deceived you. So, because YOU allowed yourself to dismiss the Truth & Turn away from the truth and You allowed yourself to follow the lies... You will have suffering to do because that was your choice. You made a choice to follow the wicked to become wicked.


How you treat & think of others is how The Most High/Lord/Father/Higher Power Source/The Creator is going to treat & think of you. You are going to reap whatever you sow. So before you start to allow these foolish people to manipulate you into thinking in their wicked ways... by you allowing these wicked people to place their wicked point of views as if they are of truth. Do Your research. Whatever they say should be able to be backed up where you can place side by sides together & not go off of a group of wicked people saying the same things. That's if you are not already caught up in the much wickedness.


I know I'm the most Hated person, However no one have any balls to say anything that they say behind my back to my face because they know The Lord will FUK them apart, if they tried. This is one of the reasons of why you don't see anyone speaking of Me. Another reason is because when people do start speaking of me and more people will learn of Who I Am... Then All the lies and liars will completely be exposed. The liars want to continue living as if they are the ones on top, because once people gain True Knowledge Babylon, who is all the lies & liars will completely fall. So I'm being muted by YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Whatever else. However the interesting part is that People Know Who I am. They are either Terrified of me, Scared that they will lose their friends if they friends learned that They actually respect & love me. People who have manipulated the land to be viewed as famous will learn that those people carry nothing compared to me, that will showcase the fakeness of those Fake people. Once people gain True Knowledge about me, The Lord's Kingdom will appear and all the liars, fake people, deceivers & knock off whatever & whoever will be no more. This is all going to happen anyway on the Lord's timing. It's just that the more people who learn the truth NOW have time to save themselves. The wicked doers don't want people to gain true knowledge of who I Am because they don't want their time to be up yet.


I want to show you something.... Check This Out!

There is a Sea full of wicked people who have manipulated other people to thinking that No One knows who I Am. For example, these same people tried to tell me that No One knows who I am... So when someone mention my name & or The Xoticy Brand they try to manipulate those people who know Who I Am, With their " Don't No Body Know Who She Is" These wicked doers are trying to manipulate people on not knowing who I Am. And because of the Apps like YouTube & Instagram & FaceBook have muted my numbers from showcasing the true numbers and me not purchasing my numbers... cause many people to be deceived by these wicked people paid for numbers to where they have over looked the Truth that lives within me. If No One knows who I Am, then who are all of those people who participated in Xoticy Services, who are shown on xoticy.com under the Xoticy photos tab? Who are these people who stop me when they see me in the streets and inform me of how I changed their life for the better? Who are ALL these people who asked to take pictures with me? If No One knows Who I Am, then who are all these people who do know who I Am? Better yet... Where are they? What happen to them? Did they get caught up in the brainwashing of these wicked doers? Were they fed lies about me that turned them away from the Truth? What happened? That answer is between them and the Lord....


So, If no one knows who I Am, then how come all these wicked people are trying to dance, look & provided the same foundation of what The Lord created for me to provide? Why are the people who are and have passed around rumors about me, are the ones smiling and wearing my merchandise in these pictures & trying to teach my sequences in their supposed to be classes? If no one knows who I Am then who TF are all these people who have pictures & videos Jammin in My Services from YEARS before any of these pop up people appeared? Why did many of you allow these wicked people to deceive you with their paid for social media Views, Blue checks, Followers, subscribers, Likes & Comments? Did you even know that these people paid actors to be students in their classes just to manipulate the land to participate in their classes as if their classes are poppin? Did you know that they tried to make it seem like they were changing people lives by hiring handicap people to participant in their "dance classes" one or two two times just to fool you as if they carry what I carry? Did you know this knowledge? Well, you do Now, plus by doing your research will showcase this truth I speak & share. This is why I've provided that I'm not the target to these wicked doers, YOU are. The wicked doers just needed Me, the greatness that lives within Me that The Lord created me with, as they became a counterfeit of me just to deceive You and try to cover me up. Why? Well, Because I was changing The land into Greatness by providing Truth to those who participated in My Services. By my Students gaining the Truth about Life, Themselves and The Lord, opened Greatness within themselves and that was changing the Land into Truth. The wicked doers needed to stop Me.... but they can't stop me because I'm a Servant of The Lord... That is why they target the people by becoming a counterfeit of me and deceiving the Land and filling the Land with lies after lies after lies that destroyed many People into darkness and many became filled with darkness where there is no more light that lives within them.


People are so easily deceived to believe lies and dismiss the Truth. Yes, I & The Xoticy Brand have moved on from The wicked doers & Trying to help others from being deceived by those wicked doers.... My point of posting this True Knowledge is because The Lord have shown me the much comparing that many people are doing. By taking what The Lord is providing to the land and remixing it as if they are better than the Lord. However because these people are so lost and clueless they are not looking at how The Lord/The Most High/father/Higher power source/ The Creator operates. They are only able to view the person and apply themselves as being better than the person. Instead of gaining knowledge from the person who they are trying to make themselves seem & or look better than, is them attacking & going against The vessel that the Lord is using to provide True Knowledge. Their in an invisible competition with The Lord, through The Lord's Servants.


Many people have awakened, Many people are still asleep & Many on Top of many people are full of darkness. We know them by their Fruits. We are at a point where The Truth have showcased itself and people have exposed themselves through their own actions to where anyone can see who they are. The Lord/The Most High/Father/Creator/The Higher Power Source has place the Truth among & in front of Everyone to where we all have a choice. To either be on the side of Good & Truth or the side of Wickedness & Deception. Our Actions have showcased what side we decided to be on. Many people are supporting the wicked doers who claim that they are on the side of The Lord, where their actions don't match their words. 


I Am The Earthly Mother, Who Is Wisdom.

My name is Ms. Monica Wilson. I'm one of The Lord's/Father/The Most High/The Creator/The Higher Power Source Servants. I Operate The Lord's Gift to the Land, that is The Xoticy Brand. 


Many people already knew this True knowledge about myself & because of their envious & jealous ways toward Me, Those people Hate Me & deceived Many of you to Hate me as well. Without telling you the real reason to why they Hate Me. They just fed you lies and said that they just don't like me or it's just something about me that they don't like or told you some lie or lies about me to distract you from the real reason to why they don't like me. When the Truth is They Knew who I Am this whole time, They just can't tell you why they don't like Me... because not liking Me is Hating The Lord. And because of The Lord, I'm hated by many. If You knew the actual truth to why they don't like Me, Then they wouldn't be able to manipulate you into Hating The Lord's Servant as they do. They deceived many of you to turn away from The Lord & took your hand & walked many of you right into darkness far away from the Truth. They have manipulated many of you to wrongfully judge me by how I dress in Xoticy Services, How I wear my hair, How i use cuss words, How I speak & How i Jam... When We are ONLY to Judge people rightfully by our spirits. So if people were to judge me rightfully they will be able to see Who I Am & That The spirit that i Carry is The Spirit of The Lord/The Most High/The Creator/The Higher Power Source. My Light Shines Bright where I'm Noticeable. I Know Who The Most High/Lord/The Higher Power Source/The Father/The Creator, Created Me To Be. I Know Who I Am & So Does Many others. If you didn't Know who I Am, Now You Know. If you still don't believe Who I Am, Then take your questions up with The Lord/The Most High/The Higher Power Source/The Father/The Creator Cool? Cool! 

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