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A Different Perpective 

Welcome To un-program Yourself Blog, Written by Ms. Monica Wilson.

This Blog Page is for humans who have been Manipulated, Programmed & Brainwashed to believe the many lies that many humans have been Taught, Deceived, Brainwashed & Mislead by. This knowledge provided on this page is shared for personal use & is not to Attack, Belittle & or Harassed Anyone. The knowledge that is shared can be hurtful to someone who can't handle Hearing, Reading and or Learning to gain the Truth. If you are someone who is able to gain knowledge that is new to you, who asked The Most High to guide you to the Truth, then you are someone who will be easy to deprogram. If you are someone who feels the need to Argue, Compare, belittle, Discredit, and or judge anyone based on your own thoughts, feelings & opinions, who thinks they know everything due to reading & believing lies, without doing any kind of research, by asking The Most High to guide you into the correct direction. Then you will be someone who will not become deprogrammed and will continue to believe every lie that is told to you & the ones that you are telling yourself

 Thank You For Sliding By & Welcome To Your un-programming.